Monday, November 14, 2016

PWZ's Mission Has Been Met---For Now

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." ... George Orwell

The mission of this blog has been met.  My primary focus was to make every effort to ensure America did not elect another progressive---especially in Hillary Clinton.  If the need arises, I will post now and then. After all, there are no angels in politics regardless of the political party. It's important to keep their feet to the fire. And I certainly will.

The stats of this blog over the last four years include, but have not been limited to, the following:

  • 951 post published
  • 334,529 page views
  • Some our the more popular posts:  "Hillary Clinton Has More Smoking Guns Than The Gunfight At The OK Corral."..."Al Sharpton: Race Baiting For Dollars."..."Hillary Clinton's Legacy Is More Stained Than Monica's Blue Dress."..."The Iran Deal Is The Obama Administration's Biggest Clusterfu#k Yet."..."Hillary Clinton The Perfect Progressive Politician: Good At Nothing; Bad At Everything."..."The Folly Of Confidence In Government Vetting."..."Trump Is Water Skiing In The Wake Created By The Tea Party."..."Obama's Transformation Of America Is Creating Wounds That Will Far Outlast His Presidency."..."America's Love Affair With Bold-Faced Liars."..."Media: Please Stop Pretending Your Honest, Ethical And Objective."..."Hillary Clinton: Falsehoods Wrapped In A Fable."..."The Enemy Is Already Within"...
  • Countries that PWZ reached during these years:  U.S. of course,  followed by Germany, Russia, France, Canada, UK, Ireland and China. Others included: Poland, Netherlands, Romania, S. Korea, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Australia and others
In closing, I want to thank my readers throughout the globe. But keep your eyes open, PWZ's overall mission will never be complete. It's the nature of politics.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Democrats Blaming Comey When HRC Is To Blame

Woman who deleted 30,000 emails than took a hammer to her phones demands transparency ...Razor's Tweet


How fascinating have these last few weeks been prior to the national election?  This fascinating:

  • Democrats blame Comey for the problems and scandals created by Hillary Clinton.
  • WikiLeaks proves---beyond a reasonable doubt---that the Clintons are corrupt.
  • Hillary Clinton is the first person running for the office of the U.S. presidency who is under FBI investigation---including the Clinton Foundation.
  • Donna Brazile, now acting head of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and worked for CNN,  attempted to rig debates by feeding the Clinton campaign questions.  We now know for a fact one of those questions was used.
  • Top aid Human Abedin, married to disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, appears to have placed "thousands" of emails on devices belonging to both Weiner and herself.  This came to light when the FBI was looking into Weiner's alleged sexting a 15-year-old girl.  (This was one of the reasons for the FBI re-opening the Clinton email case).
  • Several months ago, FBI Director Comey accused Hillary Clinton of being "reckless" with her emails and private server.  In fact, the FBI found at least 10 people maintained Clinton's private server but none had any security clearances (while she was Secretary of State).
  • Bill Clinton was honorary chancellor at Laureate University where he was paid almost $18M over five years.  The head of the for-profit university donated at least $5M to the Clinton Foundation.  The College Scoreboard reports that Laureate's 5 campuses have graduation rates comparible to ITT, one school as low as 33%.  The average student graduates from this university with almost $44,000 in tuition debt in government loans.
  • As a sidebar, reports two weeks ago show that Obamacare (ACA) is literally collapsing.  Most are facing 25% increases in premiums.  The average deductible for the Silver Plan is now $6,400.00.  In 11 states, premiums will be rising over 40%. In addition, provider networks are leaving the system.
The bottom line is that all of this and more are Hillary Clinton's fault. She said she committed some mistakes. One problem: when you repeat mistakes over and over again, they are not mistakes. They are decisions.  As Michael Goodwin of The NY Post  wrote recently:  "The victim card is a Clinton family heirloom...and truth is always the enemy."

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lots Of People Living In Glass Houses Are Throwing Stones

Last night, before Hillary answered a single debate question, the FBI granted her complete immunity ... WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Allow me to get one observation out of the way first.  The video and audio of what Trump said about some women was inappropriate, tasteless and crude.

Now you know how I felt about the revelation of that private conversation.  Let's  take a look at the hypocrites voicing their outrage over that leak:

  • Putting aside her countless scandals and corruption,  Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton.  Most know his history with many women.
  • Hillary Clinton's closest advisor, Huma Abedin, has been married for years to the one and only "Carlos Danger" also known as Anthony Weiner.  He had a habit of texting women (some alleged to be under age) his privates.  Abedin has indicated she plans on divorcing him. Question: What took so long?  He's been exhibiting this perverted behavior for years.
  • Mark Cuban, a businessman and on "Shark Tank," expressed his displeasure with Trump.  One small problem. He aired "Girls Gone Wild" on his network.
  • Robert De Niro, a fine actor. made a video where he ranted against Trump. In fact, in it, he said he'd like to punch "Bozo" Trump in the face.  Interesting coming from an actor whose made his living in Hollywood long known for making films sexualizing women and exploiting many women.  Does "Casting Couch" ring a bell?
  • And need I write how the Kennedy men treated many women? For that matter, how many politicians have mistreated many women?
  • Hollywood's left-leaning players have saturated the culture portraying women as sex objects---with occasional sexual violence against women---for decades.
The fact is there isn't a human being on this planet that wouldn't be embarrassed by some of the things they've done in their past if those were revealed. The perfect person doesn't exist.  For that matter, anyone subjected to the attacks now  against Trump wouldn't survive (of course, with the exception of many progressive democrats. Need I mention Bill Clinton's name again?  The only reason he was caught was the discovery of the stained "blue dress."  Prior to that---he, like his wife, lied repeatedly to the nation on national television).

Months ago, I wrote a piece entitled, "There Are No Angels In Politics."  Perhaps I should have written, "There Are No Angels In Life."  Both would have been true.

Not long ago, I also wrote a piece entitled, "The Media Only Pretend To Be Honest, Ethical and Objective."  I think I was wrong. They no longer pretend. Or as David Burge Tweeted out recently: "I hope we can all agree, that no matter how bad Trump and Clinton are, the media are worse than all of them put together."   Amen to that.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Basket Full Of Deplorable Basement Dwellers

Hillary did mean Bernie Sanders' supporters are hopeless basement-dwellings losers, but in a good way ...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)


Before I begin, hat-tip to Rich Zeoli  of WPHT, the Big Talker 1210 AM for giving me the idea for the headline to this post.

Two weeks ago in a video to her supporters,  Hillary Clinton was wondering why she wasn't ahead 50 points in the polls.  Since she asked, I'll answer.  In addition to her countless scandals and her impulse to lie,  she managed  to insult a majority of Americans. 

Last month, she referred to half of Trump's supporters as a "basket full of deplorables."  In short, she called them "racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  She followed that up by calling Sanders' supporters "basement dwellers. "   She said millennials are children of  the "Great Recession" and are living in their "parents' basement."  And while there is some truth to her observation, her intent was to convince Sanders' supporters they bought into a false narrative and false promise.  In other words, they were generally very stupid.

It's actually Trump who should be ahead 50 points in the polls if it wasn't for his sabotaging his own campaign.   If you recall,  Trump came out of the convention with a slight bump in the polls. But then he thought he should take on a Gold Star Family---the Khans (their son, Capt. Humayun Khan was killed fighting in Iraq).

But Trump recovered and started climbing in many polls especially in the all-important swing states.  Again, he couldn't help himself.  He went on a rant about a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado.  Twenty years ago, he called her "Miss Piggy" for her weight gain. The problem was even the main stream media was taking a closer look at Hillary Clinton's enabling of Bill's history of inappropriate relationships with many women.

The fact is both of these two candidates are flawed. In my opinion,  Hillary Clinton's legacy is more flawed than Trump's.  After all, she's the politician and was First Lady, NYS Senator and Secretary of State. In all of those positions, not only does she have few accomplishment (if any)  but she left the State Department a total mess.

On the other hand, there's The Donald.  As Noah Rothman of Commentary  pointed out: "But only one of these candidates is disciplined enough not to interrupt their adversary when he's making a mistake."

Some advice to Trump:  Keep your eyes on the prize.  And your opponent is Hillary Clinton (yes, the media too).  Focus, focus, focus---if you want to take a seat behind the president's desk in the Oval Office.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trump Should Enjoy A Buffet Of Low-Hanging Fruit At All The Debates

"Hillary wants real-time fact checking during the debate, but not on the 27 times she said she never emailed classified material." ... Josh Earnst Tweet (parody)

By all accounts,  Hillary Clinton should do well at the debates, beginning tomorrow night. She will be well prepared.  She certainly has the experience albeit with few accomplishments. Nevertheless,  she should have many facts at her disposal as well as knowledge of policy...domestic and foreign.

Trump, on the other hand, might not have a grasp of the issues.  But what he does have is the ability to pivot on questions. More importantly, he has a buffet of low-hanging fruit to pick from. Very similar to what Romney had with Obama but Romney didn't have the "killer" instinct. He never went after the jugular. He wanted to be viewed as a "nice" guy and being a nice guy debating any opponent is a formula for defeat. And that's what we witnessed.

If I were Trump, I would go after Clinton's incompetence, failings and lack of accomplishments. These should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Failure after failure in foreign policy from the Russian reset to Libya (Benghazi included) to Syria (red lines now lines soaked in blood) to N. Korea to the abject failure of the Iran Deal (she supports it to this day).
  • Clinton's total lack of transparency on almost all issues including her health.
  • Iraq and Syria being infiltrated by ISIS.
  • Clinton's ever-growing e-mail scandal.
  • The failure of progressive policies----domestic and foreign----for the last 8 years including her tenure as NYS Senator and Secretary of State.
  • Hillary Clinton is perhaps one of the most corrupt politicians seeking the Oval Office.
  • Targeting her pathological lying and untrustworthiness----both shown by every poll taken in the last year.
If Hillary Clinton or the media's moderator try to use "gotcha" questions,  all Trump has to do in response is to remind the audience that it's those type of questions that lead to the mistrust many Americans have of most politicians and the media.  Trump has to focus on leadership. He needs to provide a vision.  Hillary Clinton lacks both.

As one observer noted, debates are not SAT tests.  In many respects, it's how the debaters come across on TV.  Nixon found that out when he ran against JFK.  Those listening to the debate on radio believed Nixon did well.  But those who watched the debate on TV preferred Kennedy.  Whether we like to admit it or not, this is about celebrity TV.  And Trump has the advantage. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton rarely comes off well on TV.

Peggy Noonan said it best: "Trump's advantage?  Americans love to say they think outside the box.  Trump lives outside the box.  Hillary is the box."

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gen. Powell Took Aim At The Clintons---Bullseye!

Twitter HQ:
"Don't let #DickingBimbos trend!"
"It's overloading our servers!" ...Josh Earnst  Tweet (parody)
As many know by now,  Colin Powell's e-mails were hacked and dumped into DCLeaks---the same website that published racist and homophobic e-mails of the DNC (Democrat National Committee).  It was those e-mails that resulted in DNC Chair Debbie Waserman-Schultz resigning. The dump showed how the DNC and the media conspired to stop Bernie Sanders.

Returning to Gen Powell. Many of the headlines focused on what Powell wrote about Trump. In that e-mail he called Trump a "national disgrace" and an "international pariah." It was clearly his opinion.  However, the e-mails he wrote about the Clintons were about his experience with the Clintons.  Big difference.

His e-mails included, but were not limited to, the following:
  • "Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris..."
  • "I would rather not have to vote for her, although she's a friend I respect...with a husband still d**king bimbos at home (according to the NYP)."
  • "H.R.C. could have killed this two years ago merely by telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me into it. " {Referring to the Clinton campaign that tried to drag him into the private e-mail server scandal.  In other words, the Clinton campaign attempted  to throw him under the bus too but he managed to avoid being another Clinton casualty).
  • "Dumb. She should have done a 'Full Monty' at the beginning...They put the personal systems in the basement a few months later...She didn't need any advice from me, she was already doing it...I warned her staff three {times} over the past two years not to try to connect it to me. I am not sure HRC even knew or understood what was going on in the basement."
If these e-mails are any indication,  the report that WikiLeaks plans on publishing more of her e-mails should indeed be delicious.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Lies Are Not Working Anymore

Truth is not the center of Hillary's approach to politics ... Letter to the editor of The NY Post by Robert Shaw.

It's certainly interesting that Hillary Clinton and her enablers in the media accused Trump of name calling throughout the primary (he did have pet names for all of his opponents).   Yet, she resorted to not only attacking Trump but many Americans with her tasteless, contemptible and inappropriate "basket of deplorables" comments last week {"...the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic---you name it."}

But that's not the best part of the story.  Prior to Clinton's health collapse, her knee-pad presstitutes kept encircling the wagons as they've done for the past 3 decades.  As I mentioned in a previous post, despite the evidence to the contrary regarding her history of poor health, the media kept attacking her critics.  We witnessed that after her numerous coughing fits.  But after her collapse, Clinton actually did us a favor.  While most of America was aware of the media's conspicuous bias,  they learned they were conned.  To give you just one example. This from USA Today:  "As usual, keeping the public in the dark is not working to Clinton's advantage...What might have been a brief flurry about what is likely to be a minor health issues {they really don't know that yet---no one does except her personal physician} has instead become a full-fledged media and political frenzy that confirms the widely held and damaging sense she can't be trusted." 

So even the media has awaken from their long 30 year coma regarding the Clintons.  Michael Goodwin of the NY Post summarized it best:  "...The Washington Post, CNN and others  added their voices to the Clinton chorus, demonizing any who mentioned her coughing fits as cranks...In fact, the deniers were suckers."  They were suckers because it was the Clinton campaign that kept even them in the dark about her health issues.

So all the "kooks," "haters" and even "conspiracy" theories have been vindicated...vindicated because Hillary Clinton and her campaign was not transparent.   Even the latest poll from Politico shows most Americans don't believe her regarding her health. {The Clinton campaign said they will be releasing her current health evaluation}.

But it still leaves us with this fact: The Clintons have a pattern of always first reaching for a lie.

Postscript:   Since this was posted,  Hillary Clinton's doctor revealed she does have pneumonia. Key words:  "Clinton's doctor."  We need to have independent health review.

Also, Colin Powell's e-mails were hacked.  They show he trashed both Trump and the Clintons. They also show he was concerned about her health also.