Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama's Gun Control News Conference; At WACO: 25 Children Were Killed; Lance Armstrong: A First Class Prick

President Obama said nothing about keeping guns out of the hands of Eric Tweet during his press conference today

  • Pres. Obama just completed his news conference surrounded by several children.  He plans on signing 23 "executive actions." Those have not been outlined yet. He did say he wants an universal background check. Personally, I have no problem with that measure. He wants military style assault weapons banned. I believe that will need Congressional action as well as a definition of "assault" weapons. He wants to limit capacity to 10 rounds. Finally, he wants law enforcement to enforce existing gun laws. I doubt anyone will argue with that point. 
  • He didn't mention a word about Hollywood's violent films or violent video games.
  • After having listened to the news conference, I asked myself this question: Slo Joe Biden worked on this for over a month?
  • I have a sense progressive will complain Obama did not go far enough.

  • When the president said we have a responsibility to protect our children (he's right), I betcha those children don't know that---at WACO--- 25 children were killed by the siege, some as young as 1 year of age.
  • Also, I don't for a minute believe the administration when it said they received letters from children. What child of this generation do you know who writes a letter? Children today don't even know what a pencil and paper are. 
  • CBS in Las Vegas is reporting over 60,000 people plan on attending a gun show.
  • Did those children on the stage today know they were surrounded by armed guards carrying legal assault weapons?
  • After reading what Lance Armstrong did in several news reports today, I came away with this conclusion: the guy is a first class prick. Forget the lies and deceptions, he tried to ruin the lives and livelihoods of former colleagues and friends according to USA Today.
  • Because of ObamaCare, the American Association of Medical Colleges is reporting we will be short almost 100,000 doctors in less than 7 years. Something I predicted right after the law was passed. Didn't take a genius. If you add over 30M people to patient rolls, the next question had to be: where will the doctors come from?
  • Heritage also reported ObamaCare will add $1.79 per hour to the cost of each full-time employee. That's why many employers will only be hiring part-time staff.
  • I love Boeing but they need to get a handle on the Dreamliner.