Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Already Being Cloaked In Bubble Wrap

Did You Know Hillary and Bill Clinton Were Born Under The Same Sign? What Sign? For Sale...Leno

  • Let's be clear. Four years ago, Hillary was the anointed one until a young, articulate man decided to run for the presidency. He also happened to be black. Yet, even with the massive Clinton machine behind her; it began to wither. Many abandoned her. Obama beat the Clinton machine. Chicago trumped Arkansas.
  • It's now certainly clear that Hillary is being promoted for her alleged "greatness" when there is little evidence of it (even during her tenure as a senator). And even though the Benghazi scandal points to serious failed leadership on her part (several hearings into Benghazi have reinforced that claim), it's now Hillary's turn according to those supporting her, many of whom had abandoned her 5 years earlier. Who cares? It's politics and no one knows it better than the Clintons.
  • It's also becoming increasingly clear Hillary's gross incompetence is not stopping those who want her to run for president of the United States. 
  • For example, this week Hillary was honored with the inaugural Warren Christopher Public Service Award in Beverly Hills, CA. Warren Christopher served as Bill Clinton's Secretary of State. How convenient. (By the way, Susan Rice was also honored this week with the Louis E. Martin Great American Award. That's not a report from The Onion. It's absolutely true). This reminds me of someone who won the Nobel Peace Prize four years ago without earning it. 
  • And further evidence of the wagons circling to protect Hillary, most of the networks failed to cover the Benghazi hearings this week (Fox News covered most of the hearing).  They preferred to divert and distract attention from the hearings by running stories over and over again of the Cleveland abductors and the LOCAL murder trial of Jodi Arias. In fact even the print presstitutes buried news of the hearings in back pages. For example, The Philadelphia Inquirer today, put the story on page 7A today. Also, when Hillary testified last January, the NY Times buried that story on page 11. And even though her outburst---"What difference does it make?---appeared apathetic to those Americans killed in Benghazi, most of the media praised her performance. MSNBC charged this week's hearing as a "new vast-right wing conspiracy" mimicking Hillary's charge of the impeachment hearings against her husband almost two decades ago.
  • It's certainly understandable that the Democrats want Hillary to run for president. Again, that's politics. But watching the presstitutes shielding her is a disgrace and shameful  especially from those who continue to call themselves journalists. We watched them do the same thing with Pres. Obama five years ago. And we will witness them doing the same thing with Hillary Clinton. They have already begun cloaking her in bubble wrap.