Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unreliable, Spineless + Feckless Republicans Fold Yet Again; Only $500K Will Get You Access To Obama; Chicago's Horrific Murder Rates Now Blamed On Global Warming

Humiliated Team Of Cuban Doctors Forced To Continue Treating Long Dead Fidel Castro...The Onion

  • How much more proof does anyone need that the current crop of Republicans are spineless, feckless, unreliable and ineffectual? First they lose an election to an incumbent who had one of the worst records of any president in American history. And recently, they exhibited their weakness with the confirmations of Chuck Hagel and John Kerry. But even more disturbing, these spineless twits always talk a big talk before a vote, then fold like a cheap umbrella when the actual vote is taken. Even putting aside Hagel's disturbing history toward Israel, this guy was unable to put together one meaningful declarative sentence during the confirmation hearings. Is it any wonder that Pew polling found only 22% of Americans who identify themselves as Republicans? Who wants to be a part of any losing team? I write a lot about the failure of leadership in the White House and Congress, but the Republican party is just as bad.
  • Take a few minutes to read my previous post on John F. Kerry, America's premier back-stabbing prick.

  • Do you have an extra $500 grand laying around? Well, if you do, you can get direct access to Pres. Obama and company. Organizing for Action (a group I wrote about several weeks ago) is now selling access to the president for a cool half-mil.

  • If you didn't think the global warming crowd could get any more stupid, Hugh Hefner put that observation to rest. Hugh Hefner blamed the high murder rate in Chicago on global warming this week. And the liberal Center for American progress blamed the murder rates on "income inequality."
  • If you believe everything the administration is proclaiming about sequestration (budget cuts), you should go out and get emergency supplies and food today.
  • Yesterday I wrote about Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and a liberal icon taking the Obama administration to task for using scare tactics with the sequestration. Well, he doubled down yesterday. He said Obama is showing a kind of madness I have not seen in a long time.