Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Lies Are Not Working Anymore

Truth is not the center of Hillary's approach to politics ... Letter to the editor of The NY Post by Robert Shaw.

It's certainly interesting that Hillary Clinton and her enablers in the media accused Trump of name calling throughout the primary (he did have pet names for all of his opponents).   Yet, she resorted to not only attacking Trump but many Americans with her tasteless, contemptible and inappropriate "basket of deplorables" comments last week {"...the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic---you name it."}

But that's not the best part of the story.  Prior to Clinton's health collapse, her knee-pad presstitutes kept encircling the wagons as they've done for the past 3 decades.  As I mentioned in a previous post, despite the evidence to the contrary regarding her history of poor health, the media kept attacking her critics.  We witnessed that after her numerous coughing fits.  But after her collapse, Clinton actually did us a favor.  While most of America was aware of the media's conspicuous bias,  they learned they were conned.  To give you just one example. This from USA Today:  "As usual, keeping the public in the dark is not working to Clinton's advantage...What might have been a brief flurry about what is likely to be a minor health issues {they really don't know that yet---no one does except her personal physician} has instead become a full-fledged media and political frenzy that confirms the widely held and damaging sense she can't be trusted." 

So even the media has awaken from their long 30 year coma regarding the Clintons.  Michael Goodwin of the NY Post summarized it best:  "...The Washington Post, CNN and others  added their voices to the Clinton chorus, demonizing any who mentioned her coughing fits as cranks...In fact, the deniers were suckers."  They were suckers because it was the Clinton campaign that kept even them in the dark about her health issues.

So all the "kooks," "haters" and even "conspiracy" theories have been vindicated...vindicated because Hillary Clinton and her campaign was not transparent.   Even the latest poll from Politico shows most Americans don't believe her regarding her health. {The Clinton campaign said they will be releasing her current health evaluation}.

But it still leaves us with this fact: The Clintons have a pattern of always first reaching for a lie.

Postscript:   Since this was posted,  Hillary Clinton's doctor revealed she does have pneumonia. Key words:  "Clinton's doctor."  We need to have independent health review.

Also, Colin Powell's e-mails were hacked.  They show he trashed both Trump and the Clintons. They also show he was concerned about her health also.