Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit: The Political Establishment's Worst Nightmare

The only people left who believe in regional supergovernment are celebrities and ISIS....David Burge Tweet


I'm not going to pretend I understand everything that just happened in Britain's decision to divorce itself from the EU.  I do understand this:  It's going to be a nightmare for the political establishment.

The three conspicuous lessons I've taken away from the majority of the British people are these:

  • They want to re-embrace their sovereignty.
  • They are fed up with open borders.
  • They want a better economy that will lead to more and better jobs.
Sound familiar?  These reasons and more are why Trump is currently running for president.  The contempt many people now have for the political elite is more widespread than we even thought here in the United States.  Apparently,  the British feel the same way we do. And don't be surprised if this spreads across the rest of the EU.

In addition,  this development cannot be good news for Hillary Clinton.  After all, she represents the elites in the political class. If anything, Brexit illustrated the electorate is not happy. Moreover, if anything, Trump's rise during this political season shows---people are angry.

While it will take years to determine what the consequences of Brexit will be upon the EU, we already know what the impact will be in America.  We've seen it during this presidential campaign season.  For many, the nightmare has just begun.