Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama's Pathological Disdain For Anyone Critical Of The "Religion of Peace."

President Obama lectured the country from an Islamic mosque in hopes of teaching religious tolerance, especially to those bitter-clinger types...WH Press Secretary (satire)

Yesterday, Pres. Obama visited a Mosque in Baltimore. Personally, I don't have a problem with his addressing Muslims at a Mosque. However the choice of this particular Mosque is disturbing. It  had at least one member who plotted terrorism against Americans. In fact, it's been under surveillance by the FBI since 2010. In addition, in his speech, he perpetuated a long standing myth---the myth of Islamophobia.  According to FBI data, crimes religious attacks against Jews far outnumber attacks against Muslims in America by 4-1.

While Mr. Obama lectures us on religious tolerance, his inattention to the persecution of Christians and Jews is truly disturbing. Last year, Kristen Powers, writing in USA TODAY, noted Obama's disinterest in the suffering of Christians in Iraq.  Also last year, Obama met with Muslims in Malaysia but failed to meet with representatives of persecuted Christians.

Unless you read the foreign press----especially the Israeli press----you wouldn't know the obscene number of attacks against Israelis by Palestinians in just the last several months. Israelis have been stabbed, shot and even mowed down by vehicles operated by Palestinian terrorists. And these attacks don't even include the thousands of rockets that have fallen upon Israel in the last decade. Just last week, Palestinian President Abbas' advisor justified the "right" to spill innocent blood.   Yet. the Obama administration remains largely silent regarding these acts of terror against Israel. (The IDF---The Israeli Defense Force---reports on these attacks daily. They can be accessed on Twitter by simply keywording "IDF").

The Obama administration is not alone in its sins of omission.  Our own media fails to report on many of these terror attacks. For example, I've often wondered how many Americans know that there have been almost 28,000 terror attacks globally since 9/11 alone? How many American know in just the last 30 days almost 1,500 people have been killed in 125 attacks? How many know that in addition to religious attacks,  gays and women are murdered on a regular basis by Islamists?\

Europe is also a hot bed of violence against Jews and women. In France,  1 in 10 Jews have been physically attacked where over 50% of Muslims hold anti-Semitic views. Frontpage Magazine. Just a few months ago, news broke of gangs of Muslim men who roamed streets of Cologne, Germany, attacking over 100 women.

It's become increasingly clear tolerance for the Obama administration has always been a one-way street---a pathological disdain for anyone who is critical of the "Religion of Peace." 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Weeps As Iowa Recedes In Her Rear View Mirror

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, resulting in another 6 weeks of Hillary's lies...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

In my previous post, I didn't think the Iowa Caucus was such a big deal with few exceptions. I still feel the same way even though I know there's some disagreements on that observation.  Nevertheless, there were some interesting outcomes. These included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Hillary may not believe it but she got smoked by Sanders.  What other conclusion can one arrive at when she was leading Bernie by about 30 points just 6 months ago in most polls? In addition, she won on coin flips. You read that right---on 6 coins tosses  all in her favor (by the way, the odds of getting 6 coin tosses in your favor is very suspicious. But it is a Clinton after all).
  • Rubio came in 3rd but acted like he won, Good move on his part to take to the podium so early to give the air of winning. Even some of the networks agreed with him.
  • Cruz  won but not really by much considering it was a caucus.  Nevertheless, it gives him momentum and more donor money going into New Hampshire (the same can  be said for Rubio).
  • Trump didn't win. The fact is he didn't expect to win. He said so himself earlier in the week. In addition, regardless of what many pundits said about his skipping the last debate---that it wouldn't hurt him---I believe it did. And I believe he knows it did. I don't see him skipping any future debates.
  • Regarding the rest of the Republican field? Yes, New Hampshire is beyond the horizon and anything can still happen. But don't count on it. I believe the field we see now----Cruz, Trump and Rubio will be the horses left in this race for the foreseeable future.  
  • And the Democrats will be stuck with Hillary and Bernie.
Hillary should feel good not losing to an aging, hippy Marxist but I'll flip anyone a coin that she's weeping as Iowa recedes in her rear view mirror today.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Iowa Caucus Doesn't Matter That Much Except For The...

Dear every media person tweeting, "I just talked to an Iowan": They're totally fucking with you...David Burge, Iowa Hawk or the most famous person living in Iowa today

This is not meant to be a hit piece on Iowa. I like Iowa. In fact, I drove through it many years ago. The handful of people I met in the entire state were great Americans.

But the media and political frenzy over the Iowa Caucus has me scratching my head.

History clearly shows Iowa Caucuses have a minor impact on who gets the nomination nod. Some examples:

  • Republicans: With the exception of GW Bush, winners included Rick Santorum (2012), Mike Huckabee (2008),  Bob Dole (1996), Bob Dole (1988),  George H W Bush (1980).
  • Democrats: With the exception of Mr. Obama, John Kerry (2004), Al Gore (2000), Tom Harkin (1992), Dick Gephardt (1988), Walter Mondale (1984), and Jimmy Carter (1980).
So what's the point? 

For one, it gives the media lots of news during the news cycle especially since the arrival of cable news.  Let's be frank. It's hard to make Iowa that interesting without the intrusion of politics every 4 years. Also, unless you're a big Iowa Hawkeye NCAA football fan and fond of rows and rows of corn, what else is there to report on?

It can also be a boost for the candidates. After all, the media does much of the publicity for the candidates. Even more importantly, it can increase potential donors enabling candidates to move on to the primaries.  In other words, like almost anything having to do with politics, it comes down to money.

Just ask Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders And His Marxist Minions

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."...Charles de Gaulle

Allow me to set aside a current pervasive issue. I don't give a damn about the squabble over Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump. All of that is a diversion from what really matters in America today. In my opinion, we need to elect someone who will repair the damage done by the Obama administration and the progressive political class. That also includes the harm done to America by the Clintons and their ilk.

That leads me to Bernie Sanders.  Who knew there are so many Marxist sympathizers in America? Hat-tip to Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institution who recently penned a piece entitled, "History-Hiding Liberal Media Can't Bury Commie Sanders' True Colors." In his piece, he pointed out the following regarding Sanders:

  • As mayor of Burlington, VT., Sanders hung the Soviet flag on his office wall.
  • As a student at the University of Chicago, Sanders belonged to the Young People's Socialist League.
  • After leaving college, he moved to Vermont and headed the American People's History Society---a mouth piece for Marxist ideology and propaganda.
  • He honeymooned in the Soviet Union.
  • In 1985, he traveled to Managua to celebrate the rise of power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. He called their revolution "heroic."
  • In 1989, Sanders spoke at the national conference of the US Peace Council---a front group for Communist Party USA.
  • Sperry added if Sanders were applying for a Cabinet position, he wouldn't be able to pass an FBI background check.
Those are just a few examples of Bernie's real agenda---an agenda that would take America even further to the Left of Obama's policies.  So excluding Martin O'Malley, the Democrats are running a Marxist sympathizer as well as a conspicuous corrupt politician for the Office of the President of the United States.

It's for this reason and others, I don't give a crap about the debate regarding the Fox News debate tonight. I care about the direction this great nation will take within one year from this month.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Republicans: A Party Of Political Cowards

Republicans stalling Obama's agenda by speaking, moving in slow motion...The Onion

Last October, I wrote a piece entitled, "The Republican Party Is No Longer An Opposition Party."  Prior to that, I labeled the Party a "mirage.' I don't believe much has changed since then. In fact, even in the middle of a primary campaign,  establishment Republicans continue to appear spineless and feckless. For these reasons and more is anyone surprised Donald Trump is doing so well?

Just take a moment to review the behavior of the establishment Republicans in the last 16 years:
  • They rarely, if ever, came to the defense of G.W. Bush when he was hammered daily by not only Democrats (their job anyway) but when the media slammed him over and over again.
  • The establishment Republicans continually criticized the Tea Party simply because the Tea Party folks were (are) conservative and Constitutionalists.
  • After winning two landslide mid-term elections, they folded up their promises and just walked away. For example, how many times did we hear the establishment proclaim their primary intention was to get rid of ObamaCare?  Never happened with the exception of Ted Cruz taking it on. And when he did, he was slammed by the establishment.
  • During that period, all we got was watching tears streaming down John Boehner's tan-fried face. He couldn't even stand up to Pelosi and Harry Reid, the most miserable prick in Congress.
The examples of this behavior on the part of the Republican establishment are countless. Just as disturbing, the same people are attacking Trump for not being a conservative. Yet, when genuine conservatives do emerge, the elites in the party immediately draw their swords and try to cut them off at the knees. It's the height of hypocrisy----a warped standard they accuse Democrats of being (rightly so).

The fact is genuine conservatives face only one type of opposition----the progressive political class. How else can one explain the behavior of a so-called "opposition" party like Republicans?

It's becoming increasingly clear to me and millions of Americans,  Republicans are a party of political cowards.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has More Smoking Guns Than The Gunfight The OK Corral

It's never the Clinton's fault---even when it is clearly the Clinton's fault...Tweet by the best selling author Brad Thor

It's undeniable. Hillary Clinton has an aversion to the truth. How often have we watched her proclaim her innocence as her countless lies are revealed? Too many times. And yes, most politicians are a tad loose with the truth. It reminds me of what Oliver North once said: "I wasn't lying. I was presenting a difference version from the facts."

The difference?  Clinton is a pathological liar. Even the late, great William Safire said of her: "She's a congenital liar."  He said that in 1996!  Pathological, compulsive or congenital?---It's still about deception.

Her campaign has been plagued by one scandal after another. But this week, her deceptive behavior took another disturbing turn.  According to the inspector general for the intelligence community reported this week Clinton's private server contained e-mails with information that is beyond "confidential" or "top secret." (Known as "special access programs" or PAC's).  Last year, Clinton proclaimed there were no classified e-mails on her PRIVATE server.

This revelation clearly shows she placed the nation's security in jeopardy by placing PAC's on her unsecured private server. This alone---regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation into this and the Clinton Foundation---should disqualify her for the presidency and as the nation's Commander In Chief.

But even as I write this today, Clinton has not suffered any consequences with the exception of her polling to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire where he's leading her by a 2-1 margin. Nevertheless, it's becoming even more increasingly clear her legacy is beset by more smoking guns that the gunfight at the OK Corral.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Disconnect Between The People + Political Class Is Wider Than Kim Kardashian's Ass

ISIS kills dozens in Turkey + Iraq
A thousand refugees had a rape spree
Iran captures 2 US ships
And today the WH talks about blocks of cheese...Razor's Tweet

It's clear the political class---especially the progressive political class---has open contempt for the will of the people  It's for that reason among many why Donald Trump remains so popular. And perhaps nowhere was this more evident than in Mr. Obama's State of the Union address earlier this week. We witnessed a president hail his accomplishments as most Americans were scratching their heads and shouting: WTF is this guy talking about? So where has this contempt been conspicuous? A few examples:

  • After 10 US sailors were arrested by Iran, the president didn't even mention the incident in his address. More disturbing, Iran released images of our sailors under arrest. Yet, the administration actually tried to convince us it was not a hostile event. And added the sailors were well treated. The back-stabbing, pompous ass----John F. Kerry--- thanked Iran for their cooperation in resolving the matter. In other words, he thanked Iran for embarrassing our nation in addition to highlighting the ultimate indignity any military personnel would feel with those images being published. And, as those images were sent around the globe, Obama actually said the state of our union is strong. 
  • Obama announced more executive actions on gun control that resulted in gun sales  going through the roof. In fact, one political cartoon of a gun shop showed an image of Obama on it's wall with the caption: Sales Employee of the Month.
  • S.C. Republican Governor---Nikki Haley---does the official response to Mr. Obama's SOTU address and proceeds to bash Republicans.
  • The political class tells us that we should have no concern about importing thousands of  refugees as Germany learned what happens when a country actually does import and poorly vets those refugees. According to reports, hundreds went on a rape and sexual abuse rampage in Cologne last New Year's Eve. And just last week, two refugees were arrested in Houston and Sacramento on international terrorism charges. One was a refugee. Don't forget, the Boston Marathon bombers were refugees too.
  • What does it say about an administration that continues to empty Gitmo of terrorist scumbags (many of whom who have returned to the battlefield) as Iran takes our sailors hostage?
  • After two mid-term election landslides, the Republican Party continues to flip its base the bird.
  • Democrats are on the road to nominating a fake, phony and corrupt fraud in Hillary Clinton. The irony is she is supported by millions who know she's corrupt but must like being made fools. Moreover, she's supported what they pretend to oppose (perhaps many are seeing the light considering how well Bernie Sanders in doing in the polls lately).
  • Yet, even as Bernie gains more traction, what does it say about a constituency that actually believes a socialist will do a good job considering it's failed everywhere, every time.
  • What does it say about another progressive run city like Chicago that already has over 100 shootings since the beginning of the New Year?
  • What does it say about Philly's new progressive mayor whose first impulse was to lecture Philadelphian's about not blaming Islam for the police officer shot last week. He said this even though the shooter admitted being a self-avowed Islamist and claiming adherence to ISIS?
  • Yet, even though most polls show the nation is going in the wrong direction (only 23-27% say it's going in the right direction), many Americans will still support those directly responsible for this transformational chaos and insanity. Clinton comes first to mind.
  • We have a media that pretends to be  honest and ethical as it continues to report false narratives.  Even more disturbing, it protects corrupt and vile politicians only because they support the warped and often dangerous ideology of the progressive political class. 
It's becoming increasingly clear the disconnect between the people and the political class is wider than Kim Kardashian's ass.