Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voting Guide For Democrats + The Progressive Political Class

Traumatized Nation Terrified To Make Its Voice Heard In Another Election...The Onion

I decided to do a favor today for all those Democrats and the progressive political class who plan on voting next Tuesday. It's time for The Political War Zone to publish a voting guide.

I'm going to keep it very simple. By all means vote Democrat:

  • If you like big government even if it remains incompatible with freedom and liberty.
  • If you like restrictions on our rights as revealed by our government spying and threatening Americans and members of the press.
  • If you like a lawless administration.
  • If you like the IRS intimidating Americans who happen to be members of a particular political class. In other words, a government and administration that wields the power of government against ordinary citizens.
  • If you like the first thing your government does is reaching for a lie.
  • If your an African-American and are satisfied with official unemployment in your community remaining at 11% and unemployment among your youth ranging from 30 to over 40% in some demographic areas.
  • If you like the number of actually unemployed Americans approaching 19 million.
  • If you like more bad people owning guns rather than more good people owning legal firearms.
  • If you like the U.S. losing its geo-political prestige, strength and influence across the globe.
  • If you like the U.S. being intimidated by the likes of Iran, Russia, and N. Korea. Or an administration that prefers to bully Americans rather than rattle its sabres against its enemies. 
  • If you like an administration---that by its own admission---had no strategy against the rise of ISIS.
  • If you like an administration that's come up with few original ideas or policies.
  • If you like phony exploitation wars against women, minorities and class. 
  • If you like the rise of terrorism across the globe because the current administration keeps erasing its own red lines.
  • If you like the world's leading health care system ravaged by Obamacare.
  • If you like Americans living in record-high poverty.(44M+)
  • If you like a record-high number of Americans receiving food stamps. (46M+)
  • If you like to watch the middle-class keep shrinking resulting in the previous two points above.
  • If you like the president of the U.S. spending more time attending fundraisers, taking countless vacations rather than governing. In addition to giving plumb government jobs and contracts to big donors. 
  • If you like terrorist released from detention then found fighting for ISIS or some other terrorist group.
  • If you like political correctness trumping reasonable common sense in decision making.
  • If you like an administration and government awash in confusion, scandals and incompetence.
  • If you like thugs like Al Sharpton continuing to have influence within the highest levels of our government.
  • If you like the current national debt quickly approaching $18T and interest being paid at that debt of almost $3T amounting to just under $8,000 per citizen.
  • If you like more and more Americans losing their life-long pensions.
  • If you like pumping billions of taxpayers money into failed school systems.
  • If you liked billions of taxpayer's money wasted and lost on green initiatives.
  • If you like an administration and government that never accepts responsibilities for its failures and manages to blame others.
  • If you like giving amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants as they jump ahead of those immigrants who follow the legal pathway to citizenship.
  • If you like voter fraud.
If you like all of that and more, then by all means vote for Democrats. Hope this helps.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ebola Reveals The Arrogance + Selfishness Of Some In The Medical Community

...If I return from West Africa, I would of course quarantine. I'm not a narcissistic anti-human sociopath...John Nolte Tweet 

  • Two weeks ago, I wrote my first piece addressing Ebola {"Ebola: As Experts And The Government Trip Over Their Own Rhetoric, Who Are We To Trust?"}. In short, I pointed out we all have a responsibility to ensure we don't instill hysteria in the general population. (I noted fear is good. It makes one alert). But we also have a responsibility to report the truth about Ebola to the public. And it's precisely there where we have the problems. In the last several weeks, we've been witness to 1-misinformation and several changes in the protocol regarding treatment and quarantine and 2-medical personnel returning from W. Africa who themselves have not followed the protocol guidelines. Namely, they were to self-quarantine themselves but decided to violate those protocols.
  • We initially saw this behavior with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News Chief Medical Editor at NBC News. She allegedly decided to leave her self-imposed quarantine in Princeton and get some take-out at a local restaurant in Princeton, NJ.
  • Dr. Craig Spencer reportedly told the NYPD he quarantined himself in his Manhattan apartment after returning from a tour in W. Africa treating patients with Ebola. It was later discovered he actually decided to go bowling, taking the subway, jogging and visited at least one restaurant. 
  • And perhaps the most conspicuous example has been the behavior of nurse Kaci Hickox. She returned from W. Africa and was placed in quarantine in a tent outside of University Hospital in Newark, NJ. She claimed she didn't like the way she was being treated while being quarantined in a tent and all. She claims her rights were violated. Yes indeed, she happens to be a nurse who just returned from W. Africa performing a noble task taking care of patients with Ebola. Kudos! But where was she staying in Africa?---at the Marriott? And regarding living a tent, thousands upon thousands of people live in tents either camping or in emergencies or even when they happen to be homeless. Or as one observer remarked: "Are health workers who travel to Africa to save lives willing to jeopardize lives upon their return?" Great question. And today, upon her return to Maine, she told Matt Lauer of the Today Show that: "I don't plan sticking to the guidelines. I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me even though I am in perfectly good health..." {Her quarantine in Maine would end Nov. 10}.
  • While there remains a lot of misinformation and disorganization {largely from the administration and the CDC regarding Ebola}, Nurse Hickox should understand that breaking the current established protocols could place others in jeopardy. In fact, states and local municipalities do have the legal authority to protect the health, safety and welfare of people within their borders. Most states have laws in place to enforce the use of isolation and quarantine. On the other hand, citizens should and must confront authorities if they believe those same authorities are in any way violating the patient's rights under The Constitution. I believe NJ had the legal authority to quarantine this particular patient. But we can leave that to the courts to decide if it ever goes that far.
  • The point of all this is simple in my opinion. In the case of a vicious disease like Ebola, arrogance and selfishness by some patients can have a devastating effect on the rest of society. And we have the right not to be exposed to this deadly virus. Medical personnel should take this disease more seriously.
  • Of course, if the administration had effective protocols in place months ago, we wouldn't even be discussing this. But since the viral WMD is here, the medical profession has a responsibility to uphold their oath instead of whining like a child that's just been placed in time-out for misbehaving. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Vampires In The Political Class & Media Keep Sucking The Life-Blood Out Of America

Bill Clinton says he feels like a retired race horse. Now you know where they get Crazy Glue... WH Press Secretary Tweet

Regular readers of this blog know I occasionally bring up my experiences with Eastern Europe when it was under Communism. I saw first hand how Communism just sucks the life-blood out of good people. Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, you could always notice the conspicuous depression on most of the the faces of many people walking on the streets. They would always appear to be in a hurry, not smiling and just looked bummed out most of the time. That's what big government does. It's incompatible with liberty, freedom and a future sense. It's depressing.

All of that changed when Eastern Europe managed to remove the jack boots of Communism from the necks. They were smiling again. They were happy. They knew their lives would finally have some meaning. They knew they and their children would finally have a future.

I'm not accusing our government of being Communist. They are still far from it. But progressive political ideology and Communism are first cousins. In America today---under this administration---we see how the political elites (including the media) don't believe in individual liberty. Their entire focus is on the "collective," the community. For progressives, their political ideology trumps the welfare, well-being and security of the nation. We've seen that play out most recently with the debate on Ebola, travel bans and quarantines. Common sense indicates that you don't contain a disease by spreading it around. Yet, this administration decided to import it into our country. We've seen it in the behavior of an elite class that refuses to be quarantined thereby threatening the health of the public. We've also observed this behavior in an administration that has long refused to acknowledge the depth and seriousness of Islamist terrorism.

And if you think I'm delusional, allow me to relate a recent news story. When Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of NYC, I wrote several pieces warning New Yorkers of the misery to come. In the past, I listed some examples (feel free to archive those pieces on de Blasio and company). They haven't stopped with spreading the misery. But this time, it can pose a danger to the rest of America. NY City Council passed two bills last week that would ensure NY remains a sanctuary for illegal aliens. That's not a big story. Many cities have already decided to walk on this side of insanity. No, NYC government has taken a leap into sheer stupidity. They want to offer sanctuary to illegal aliens even if they are convicted of violent crimes, including members of gangs and those on terrorist watch list. That's right. You read it correctly. Moreover, the law adds obstacles for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The city won't honor any ICE detainee requests. And even when ICE agents get warrants, the city will ignore those warrants. This is an example of progressive politics gone bat-shit crazy. Yet, the outrage is conspicuous by its absence. In fact, I would venture to say this might be the first time you are reading this story. NY Post Today

The real danger is the progressive political class will take steps to even commit societal suicide. They'll even cross the line into lawlessness just to spread their warped ideology. One of the only problems with that type of governing is that they take the rest of us along for the ride. That's the transformation Obama promised. Unfortunately, many Americans didn't give any thought to what the consequences would be. We now know what they are.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yo! Stop Designating These Terrorist Attacks As "Lone Wolf" Attacks

Obama placed a call to the Canadian Prime Minister to offer advice regarding Canada's "workplace incident." I guess they got disconnected...WH Press Secretary

I'm convinced that if the attack that took place in Ottawa yesterday had taken place in Washington, D.C., the Obama administration would have designated it as a "workplace violence" incident. In fact, Pres. Obama himself referred to it as "senseless violence." He still doesn't get it. He adds new meaning to clueless.

As I wrote in a posting last month, the enemy is already within. Canada learned that lesson yesterday. Last month, Australia learned that lesson when they thwarted an ISIS beheading plot across Sydney. And Britain learned the lesson when two Islamic thugs beheaded a British soldier on the streets of London last year.

But even more disturbing is the continued designation by the media and the political class of most of these incidents as the work of "lone wolves." Let's get get off the political correctness high horse and call these incidents what they are: terrorist attacks by Islamist. A few examples should make this point clear:

  • Earlier this week, two Canadian soldiers were run over by yet another radical Islamist in Quebec. One soldier was killed. 
  • Nidal Hassan, the Ft. Hood Islamist shooter, was communicating with high-level Islamist prior to his taking out 13 innocent victims and injuring about 32.
  • Alton Nolan, the alleged beheader of Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma last month had a long history of sympathizing with terrorists. His Facebook page corroborated his allegiance.
  • In 2006, an Islamist fanatic drover his car into a crowd at the University of N. Carolina. A letter he left for police showed he did it as retaliation against our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. In that letter, he praised fellow Islamist in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine (his use of "Palestine" not mine).
  • Also in 2006, authorities foiled a terrorist attack at the Sears Tower in Chicago. The plotters were U.S. citizens but thought they were being funded by al-Qaeda (it was actually an FBI sting operation).
  • There were also the 2007 against Ft. Dix as well as the 2007 JFK plot. Other plots included attacks on NYC subway system. Of course, there was the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
All of these Islamist plotters and more felt they were part of the warped "community" of global-radical Islamist. They should not be designated as "lone wolves." The only thing this designation does is romanticize a barbaric movement that is aimed at destroying Western civilization. We've seen this "romanticizing" of Islamic thugs with recent reports of young people trying to join ISIS overseas. In other words, by referring to these savages as "lone wolves," the misguided and naive fools among us feel they are joining something cool. 

So, yes, the enemy is already within. But let's not reinforce their barbarism by trying to make their vicious butchery of innocents sound cool.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stop The World. I Want To Get Off As It Appears To Be Spinning Off Its Axis

Obama Informs Nation That Anarchy Will Reign During Search For New Attorney General...The Onion

With the current news developing about the shooting in Ottawa today, it certainly looks like the world appears to be spinning off its axis. Pres. In fact, Pres. Obama himself admitted the world appears to be spinning out of control. In just the last several months, we've seen the following:

  • The rise of ISIS including Westerners joining ISIS. Its seizing territory in Syria and Iraq.
  • Al-Qaeda and its associates spreading to more parts of the globe.
  • The Israel-Hamas crisis.
  • The Ukraine-Russian crisis.
  • China's use of military crackdowns.
  • Global Ebola outbreaks and associated hysteria, panic and fear (largely created by the media).
  • One scandal after another within our own government.
  • An administration grossly failing in foreign policy as it often exhibits failure, appeasement, withdrawal and defeat.
  • A serious deterioration of government competence that has severely damaged  confidence and trust in government.
  • Political correctness infiltrating every part of our culture and our institutions including our own military. The Fort Hood shooting was a classic example as well as this administration's posture toward global terrorism.
  • Two political parties who are unable to govern (this also extends to many local and state governments).
  • Climate change hysteria.
  • Illegal immigration and it's impact on our own national security
  • A main stream media that keeps steering the news away from the truth.
  • A progressive political class that relies on lies, deceit, hypocrisy, intolerance and bigotry. If it didn't, it would be in the trash heap of political history long ago.
  • An American economy that has left many corpses in its wake in the last 7 years.
  • Many parts of the globe still in a recession.
  • Vehicle manufacturers who can't seem to produce a vehicle without serious and sometimes even dangerous defects.
All of this and more is certainly not a new phenomena or a new challenge facing our nation. I'm certain Americans experienced the same feelings during the Civil War, WWII and even after 9/11.  But what appears to be lacking today is strong leadership from the president of the United States and Congress.  In addition, we have government leadership---or lack thereof--- that's unable to get a handle or control many of these events and crises. It's reason enough to understand why we need new leadership.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We Should Fear Government Incompetence & Dysfunction More Than Any Disease, Even Ebola

Effective managing of govt: Bush  38%-Obama 35%. And that's with the media on Obama's side...John Nolte Tweet

  • I've always maintained that fear of any disease is a good thing---contrary to what many in the media have been trying to tell us in the last several weeks. For example, let's examine the fear associated with Ebola. I can't tell you how many times I've heard pundits and others proclaim with warped reassurance: "We're only treating three patients with Ebola in the U.S." While that's true. It's also true that a single case of a contagious disease can result in an outbreak especially if the disease is new to the overall community or population.
  • Just this week, David Dausey, dean of the School of Health Professions and Public Health at Mercyhurst University reminded us, "Common-sense epidemiology is that you keep sick people away from well people." Dausey supports a temporary travel ban to and from countries affected by Ebola. Moreover, quarantines are not new. We've used them throughout history to help curb outbreaks of such diseases as yellow fever and cholera. 
  • So fear is a good thing. It keeps the community alert. It inspires a community to take action. It helps minimize damage.
  • It's also why we should fear government perhaps even more than we fear any disease. We should certainly fear a government and a political class that routinely shoves common sense aside for purely political reasons. We should fear them even more when they pursue political correctness over the health and welfare of an entire nation.
  • This administration---along with its enablers in the media---is no stranger to using these tactics, including outright lies for political gain. And yes, one might argue, that's the nature of politics. But when these tactics are used at every level of government, with every decision the government makes, the outcome is massive distrust of that institution. 
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote recently regarding this very phenomena:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Nation Keeps Driving With The Check Engine Light On

Every time the CDC opens its arrogant and ignorant mouth, I want to buy ammo and canned goods...Tweet by John Nolte (of Breitbart)

The "check engine line" is on. We all know what that means. Something just might be wrong with our vehicle. Most drivers will take their car in for service as soon as they have the time. Others will neglect the warning and continue driving with the light on. This administration has been driving with the check engine light on for six years. Unfortunately, it's the scenario that has befallen the entire nation. 

Winston Churchill once said, "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. ..It's inherent virtue is the sharing of misery." Churchill could have made that statement about the United States today. And while progressive ideology may not meet all the criteria of socialism, it comes damn close---too damn close.

We've witnessed this failure, malfeasance, dysfunction and incompetence throughout most of the entire federal system of government in recent years from HHS to Veterans Affairs to the DOJ to the IRS to Congress to the executive branch. It appears we've reached the point where our government can't do anything right. With the current Ebola crisis, they can't even reassure the nation appropriately. For example, how do you explain the government and the director of the CDC telling the public that you cannot get Ebola while riding on a bus? Yet, from the other side of their mouth, they warn individuals who have experienced a high risk of exposure to avoid getting on public transportation. Put that in your WTF? file.

John Podhoretz reminds us that throughout all of these scandals and crises, we have an administration that has not been able to come up with one original policy or strategy. (The House is currently holding a committee meeting on the response to Ebola in the U.S.---it's about damn time considering Ebola is not a new disease. Considering we imported a vicious disease into the country. Let's stop importing Ebola into America). We have an administration and Congress that appears to be directionless. Just as disturbing, we have a government that turns everything it touches to crap.