Thursday, September 18, 2014

The United States: A Leaderless Nation

White House Sends Obama To A 3-Day Management Seminar At The Washington Marriott...The Onion

  • In May of 2013, I wrote the following: "Over and over again, we watch this administration react to each crisis over and over again without any clear strategy." Not much has changed since I wrote that observation. In fact, just several weeks ago, Pres. Obama admitted that himself. 
  • At the time, the Obama administration was faced with the Syrian crisis. In response to Obama's erasing his "red line," I noted: "In Syria, it now appears the presidents leading from behind may lead to radical Islamist infiltrating the Syrian rebels." While I didn't know much about ISIS at the time, I didn't realize how prescient I was when I wrote that statement. In fact, several months later, we found out there was no "good" or "right" side in Syria.
  • I'm not pointing those earlier statements out as evidence of my knowledge of geo-politics. It's quite limited.  I'm referring to it to illustrate how disturbing it should be to every American that the administration plans on helping Syrian rebels again. This time to fend off ISIS. And while I'd support almost any action to destroy these homicidal maniacs, I have little faith in supporting any Syrian rebel group.
  • At the time, it also became clear to me and many other Americans, the problem with leading from behind is that no one follows you. And that outcome is playing itself out today.  For example, John F. Kerry recently proclaimed we have a coalition to help us destroy ISIS. Yet, many are asking: What coalition? We've seen evidence that many former coalition members (George W. Bush had approximately 46 coalition members referred to then as the Coalition of the Willing), no longer trust this administration. While it would be foolish to count on most of the Middle East countries & Turkey, even European allies have been hesitant to provide any direct support. Furthermore, relying on J. F. Kerry's rhetoric would be a mistake. He has a long history of tripping over his own rhetoric. In addition, contrary to the opinion of many Hillary Clinton supporters, she didn't leave him much to work with.  Victor Davis Hanson noted last May: "Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left office with American foreign policy in shambles." 
  • I've often referred to the Arab Spring as a myth created by the administration and the complicit media. However, one thing is certain, we entered an Islamist Spring a long time ago.  Contrary to Obama's claim that al-Qaeda  is on the run, not only are we witnessing the rise of ISIS, but al-Qaeda and its affiliates have spread their barbarous tentacles to Syria, Libya (remember Benghazi?), Nigeria (Boko Haram), Yemen, the Philippines and a host of other countries. On top of all this, Putin's Russia is also spreading it lethal wings. Geo-political weakness by America has always invited thugs to fill the vacuum we've created. And all of this---including an array of domestic problems---is the outcome of a leaderless nation. 
  • Allow me to add, it's not only the fault of the Democrats and the current administration. The Republicans have also been AWOL (John Boehner---where the f*ck have you been?). In fact, I've often referred to the Republican Party as a mirage, an illusion. 
  • America has always been the guardian of liberty and freedom. Can we make that claim today? One thing is certain: Most Americans thirst for leadership.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Thoughts, Some Questions And Perhaps Some Answers

HR Sends Out Reminder Email About Not Scrawling "Revenge" In Blood In Conference Room...The Onion

With all that's happening in the world today, I find myself often confronted with a plethora of thoughts, questions and---on occasion---some answers. Just wondering how many of you feel the same way:

  • Where the hell are all those anti-war folks? Proves-once again-most were (are) fake, phony and frauds. During the Bush administration, it was never about being anti-war, it was about being anti-Bush. 
  • Celebrity culture has a huge contingent of people who are anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment but you would never know it by the films and TV shows they produce.
  • Have you noticed that the heroes to progressives include many homicidal maniacs and dictators like Che, Castro, Chavez, Hamas and now even ISIS? In fact, I did a little research. There's actually a store that caters to Che items. They sell 2.6 million tee shirts a year.
  • Why did Pres. Obama ignore the threat of ISIS when he knew about their actions for more than a year? The same can be said for Boko Haram. Oh, yes, most of those young girls Boko Haram kidnapped are still missing but haven't seen Michelle and celebrities post too many hashtags lately.
  • If I learned anything in my lifetime, it's this: it's much easier to get into wars than to get out of them.
  • Has any "journalist" ever asked Obama and many Democrats why they lied about Obamacare? 
  • Also, if Obamacare is the answer, why are there so many Americans still uninsured? USA TODAY estimates that there are still about 30 million Americans uninsured.
  • Is VA care for vets improving? Haven't heard too much in the last month.
  • Whenever Donald Trump talked about running for president---did you laugh like I did?
  • Anyone ever ask anyone in the mains stream media (the presstitutes as I prefer to call them) whey they are so conspicuously bias?
  • Most of the Middle East is imploding especially Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen yet Israel has nothing to do with it.
  • I wonder how many people realize that Islamist are not only cleansing Christians,  but also cleansing other Muslims?
  • Didn't Obama pledge to unite everyone?
  • Do progressives and those who advocate for Americans paying more in taxes know Americans are leaving high tax states in droves?  
  • Billions were poured into Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and the country is still largely devastated. Anyone ever ask what happened with all the aid and money?
  • Why was there very little looting in Japan after their earthquake?
  • I'm convinced Republican women are tougher than Republican men.
  • Anyone seen Al Gore lately? I don't miss the lying prick but just wondering.
  • Do those advocating for raising the minimum wage know they will be replaced by robots? In fact, in many places, it's already happening. Ever see what it now looks like in an automobile factory? And check out 3-D technology. It's already printing firearms, engine parts, and even human organs.
  • Are czars still on the WH payroll?
  • Anyone ever ask Pres. Obama why he still tolerates such high unemployment among African-Americans?
  • Has Pres. Obama ever accepted any responsibility for all his cluster f*cks?
  • I believe no one has been held directly responsible for what happened in Benghazi and in the Fast and Furious scandal. Actually, the same can be said for the IRS scandal.
  • When Democrats throw out the "war on women" card, I often wonder if they've forgotten about: Edwards, the Kennedy's, Bill Clinton, Spitzer, Weiner and a host of others. 
  • When Democrats throw out the "race card," I often wonder if they ever looked at themselves in the mirror.
  • Has anyone ever asked Obama why he demonizes the rich (fair share and all) yet holds hundreds of fundraisers with those very same folks? In fact, he even golfs with them---like a lot.
  • Why do progressives place their ideology ahead of the welfare of the nation?
  • If I ever bumped into Pres. Obama, I'd be inclined to ask him why he put such a putz---John F. Kerry---into the position of Secretary of State when everything Kerry touches turns to crap.
  • And if I had the opportunity to ask Pres. Obama just one question, it would be this: Mr. President, why is your first impulse to lie to the American people.
And this is just what I thought about today---before lunch.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Enemy Is Already Within

In a recent interview to trade Obama for British PM David Cameron, the US threw in Pelosi, Biden and Detroit.  US phone calls were not returned...WH Press Secretary

I've been massaging my beard for many years now. It's always in response to the political class and the media trying desperately to convince us that Jihadist are not yet in America. In response to ISIS, how many times how you heard statements like: We have to stop them now so they won't be coming here?

The fact is they've been here for decades. Allow me to give you some examples. 

I'll start with the most recent murder on our soil of college student Brendan Tevlin in NJ. Tevlin was shot to death in his vehicle on June 19th of this year. Ali Muhammed Brown admitted to killing Tevlin. He also admitted to killing two others prior to murdering Tevlin. After being apprehended, he said of the Tevlin killing that it was a "just kill." He added, "My mission is vengeance." He carried a notebook full of Jihadist notations.

But let's not stop with the murder of Brendan Tevlin, let's take a look at an entire litany of actual attacks on American soil and planned attacks by the Jihadist next door. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
  • The 2000 Millennium Plot. Terrorists planned on attacking LAX and The USS The Sullivans. The plans were foiled by law enforcement.
  • 9/11 on WTC
  • The 2002 LA Airport Shooting. An Egyptian national, who immigrated to the US in 1992, opened fire at Israel airlines El Al customer service counter. He opened fire on a crowd of people, killing two. He was taken down by an El Al security officer.
  • In 2002, Jose Padilla (also known as Abdulla al-Muhajir). He planned a dirty bomb attack.
  • The 2006 Sears Tower Plot. After planning the attack in Miami, seven conspirators were arrested. Five of the plotters were US citizens. The FBI set up a sting. The plotters thought they were being funded by al-Qaeda.
  • In 2006, Naveed Hag, an Islamist, shot six women and killed one at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.
  • The Fort Dix Plot of 2007. Six Islamist planned to attack Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as possible. One of the plotters was a naturalized American citizen.
  • The 2007 JFK Airport Attack Plot. This was an alleged plot to blow up jet-fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK. Of the 3 suspects, one was a US citizen and native of Guyana.
  • In 2007, Seattle Jihadist, James Ujamm, pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. He planned on establishing a terrorist training compound in Oregon.
  • 2009 Ft. Hood Shooting. Nadal Hassan, a U.S. Army major at the time, shot and killed 13 people at Ft. Hood. He injured 30 others. As I've written about in the past, this may have been one of the first killings directly as a result of political correctness. Authorities knew of Hassan's sympathies for Jihadist. He openly expressed admiration for Anwar al-Awaki, operations planner for al-Qaeda. In 2011, al-Awaki was dispatched by a Hellfire missile to meet his awaiting 72 virgins.
  • Other plots included attacks on the NYC subway system, the Boston Marathon bombings, and several plots on other American cities.
They're here. They've been here. In fact, the NY Daily News recently reported that more than 100 Muslim American extremists are now being trained by ISIS. 

The enemy is already within.

Postscript: Since this was written last week, the FBI reported 40 AMERICAN ISIS terrorists have returned to the U.S. 

Sources: Michelle Malkin, FBI, NYPD, Homeland Security, NY Post,  NY Times, NY Daily News, Washington Free Beacon and more.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sportscasters Hypocrisy + Political Correctness Is Castrating The NFL

"It's all the politically correct idiots in America. That's all it is." Mike Ditka on the controversy raging over the name of the Washington Redskins

  • Earlier this week, I wrote a piece pointing out that there's more outrage over the Ray Rice video than the two videos showing the decapitation of two Americans by an ISIS homicidal maniac. It's been virtually impossible to listen to any local or national sports show without listening to sportscasters talking about the Ray Rice incident. In fact, their coverage of the incident actually overshadowed the memorials to the victims of 9/11 (including the Benghazi 9/11 victims). {After I wrote this, Rich Lowry wrote the following a week later regarding the news about ISIS and the NFL: ""...the casual observer would be hard pressed to decide which is more odious."}.
  • There was a time in the NFL when sportscasters left politics on the sidelines. No more. Now these mental midgets---who know as much politics as a typical low information voter---feel the need, the compulsion to lecture the football audience on cultural-political issues. We've seen it with Bob Costas and gun control. We've seen it with Michael Sam. And now we're belabored with Ray Rice (who, by the way, should be banned from the league for life in my opinion). And while they have every right to voice their opinions, there's also a time and place for expressing those opinions. I contend it should not be during the airing of a professional football game.
  • But this is where the hypocrisy comes in. Since 2000, there have been 85 domestic violence arrests against NFL players (USA Today). In fact, in two of the most recent incidents of domestic violence by NFL players, both players remain active members of their respective teams (also USA Today). Yet, where's the outrage from sportscasters about those two players? I contend most Americans don't even know their names (Quincy Enunwa of the NY Jets and Ray McDonald of the Forty-Niners. Of course, they are innocent unless proven guilty. Both were arrested). Note: The FBI reported domestic violence among the general population decreased by 63% from 1994 to 2012.
  • As I also stated in an earlier post, I'm convinced progressives are targeting the NFL. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if the NFL becomes a National Flag Football League in less than a generation. After all, in flag football, the risk of getting injured is much less. But the risk of becoming a league of politically correct pansies becomes that much greater.
  • However, there is some good news, at least among football fans.  For example, even a poll by ESPN found that sports fans don't want to change the name of the Washington Redskins. I also suspect most NFL players are not too pleased with the impending castration of the league.
  • With political correctness, it always comes down to tyrants who think they know what's best for the rest of society---as long as you agree with them.
  • Dan Valenti, a broadcaster and journalist, said it best: "Our dumbed-down society and culture have lost sight of the healthy lines of demarcation that once cordoned off big-time sports from the events of substance that impact our lives in far more significant ways." It's a a lesson the likes of Keith Olberman, Costas and other sportscaster nitwits never bothered to learn.
Note: Since 2000, 730 NFL players have been arrested. Charges included DUI (the leading causes for arrests); 38 gun charges, 21 burglary, 82 drug charges, 85 for domestic violence. In addition, Vikings players have been arrested 44 times, highest in the league. NY Post via USA TODAY

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ari Fleischer: 9/11 Behind The Scenes With Pres. Bush & His Staff

Yes, Americans are weary of war. Especially war fought by half-measures and guided by cultural sensitivities...David Burge Tweet (I would also add guided by political correctness as we've seen after the Ft. Hood shooting)

Ari Fleischer was the WH Press Secretary for George W. Bush. The following are notations and recollections on 9/11 from his Tweets this morning. It's fascinating stuff. 

  • Approx. 8:50 a.m. I got a page on my pager (we didn't have Blackberries then and the IPhone hadn't been invented) telling me a plane hit WTC.
  • As soon as I got the page, I hustled out of my car 2tell the president. He was shaking hands with school officials---none of whom knew the news.
  • After the president finished shaking hands, Karl Rove informed him of what we thought had to be an "accident."
  • 9:00 POTUS goes into the holding room and calls Condi. He instructs her to make resources available 2 help NY, still thinking it was an accident.
  • After the call, POTUS goes into the classroom and starts reading a book to the kids. The press is in the back of the room.
  • 9:05 WH Chief of Staff Andy Card interrupts the president to whisper in his ear--the second tower has been hit. "America is under attack."
  • I wrote in the back of a legal pad-"Don't say anything yet." I wanted him 2b  briefed b4 talking. I put my back to the press & held up the sign.
  • The president continued the reading event for several more minutes. Years later, Michael Moore criticized Bush for not leaving immediately.
  • Bush said later he stayed 2 collect his thoughts and send a signal of calm. He said he didn't want 2 bolt from his chair and alarm the nation.
  • POTUS left the event and went into the holding room 2 get briefed/work on the phones. Here is a picture of the scene. Note: photo shown of Bush and aides on phone.
  • Someone wheeled a TV into the holding room. Here's the scene. Again, photo
  • 9:30 Bush addressed a group in the gym that expected to hear remarks on education. Few people there knew of the attack. No Twitter back then.
  • Terrorism against our nation will not stand (Bush). And now, if you join me in a moment of silence.
  • We boarded the motorcade and drove {fast} to Air Force One, planning for a return to Washington, D.C.
  • 9:37 American Airlines flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.
  • 9:45 We boarded Air Force One. I was in my seat for the takeoff  and then spent most of the rest of the day in the president's cabin.
  • FOne Captain Mark Tillman told me 10 yrs later that we took off at an unusually steep ascent because he had a report of a sniper at the end of the runway. (Years later Col. Tillman said the control tower reported an unidentified plane descending toward Air Force One)
  • In the president's cabin I was busy taking notes. He was mostly on the phone with the VP, SecDef Rumsfeld, Gov. Pataki and Mayor Giuliani. 
  • 9:59 the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses. (Ari points out that transmission on AFOne kept going in and out. That day they realized the technology on the aircraft needed a major upgrade)
  • (1/2)Bush to VP: "We're at war...We're going to take care of this. When we find out who did this, they're not going 2 like me as president."
  • (2/2) Bush to VP: "Somebody's going to pay."
  • 10:07 United Flight 93 crashes into a field in central Pennsylvania.
  • After the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon, we thought there were 3 aircraft missing.  After Flight 93, we thought 2 more attacks coming.
  • The military drills for everything. They kicked in old Cold War training on how 2 protect POTUS. We flew at 45,000 feet in a random pattern.
  • At 10:20 Bush authorized military to go to Def Con 3, the highest level of military alert since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
  • A call came into the switchboard saying "Angel is next," Bush said. Angel is code word for Air Force One. (When Tillman heard that he posted AF security at the base of the steps leading to the cockpit of AF One)
  • Bush told VP-and I quote-"We're at war Dick and we're going to find out who did this and we're going to kick their ass."
  • "We're going to get the bastards." Bush
  • Bush closed his call with Cheney saying, "It's the new war. It's the faceless coward that attacks."
Fleischer then went on to describe Bush's address to the nation. "Freedom was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended...Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible..."

Note: Keep the other 9/11 victims of Benghazi in your prayers too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Thoughts + News That Should Make Your Head Explode

Moderate Syrian Rebels---People who only want to cut off half your head...David Burge Tweet

Sometimes one has to just glance around at the insanity that surrounds us all. I gave into this compulsion earlier today. This is what I found:
  • I find it interesting (and disturbing) that there's more outrage over the Ray Rice incident + associated video than the video of an ISIS lunatic decapitating the heads of two Americans.
  • The feminists have finally awakened from their long coma regarding the Ray Rice incident. Of course, they were also in a coma during the Bill Clinton administration.
  • Make no mistake, this is not about Ray Rice. The left is after the NFL.
  • If I ever had the opportunity to bump into Barbara Boxer or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the first and only question I would ask both is: Who ties your shoelaces?
  • Tonight Pres. Obama will be doing a presser re: ISIS. But how does one go from no strategy to a strategy in one week?
  • Pres. Obama said "theater" does not come naturally to him except for speaking in front of Greek columns, a fake presidential seal and countless photo ops.
  • Anytime there's an election, someone inevitably says something like: "I'd rather vote for Mickey Mouse." Who knew those people were right?
  • Former WH Press Secretary Jay Carney got a job with CNN. Is anyone surprised?
  • Referring to Al Sharpton as a "reverend" would be like referring to the late murderous cannibal  Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.
  • It's clear this administration would have been perfect during the years Seinfeld was on TV. After all, it's not a lie, if you believe it.
  • Have you noticed when sports commentators  plunge into the political world they always appear exceedingly stupid?
  • Have you also noticed that any post-game interview with either a coach or a player sounds the same after every game?
  • In fact, the most politically correct people on the planet---with the exception of the Hollywood suck-ups---are sports commentators.
  • Chuck Todd is now the host of "Meet the Press" replacing David Gregory. His debut show was with Pres. Obama. I noticed Chuck Todd was wearing a new pair of knee pads.
  • Does the Republican Party exist?
  • In light of the Ray Rice incident (a guy that should be banned for life), I wonder how many know that Hope Solo was charged with allegedly attacking two family members?
  • Best bumper sticker I've seen in quite some time: "Obama: Long on Golf. Short on Balls."
  • Speaking of Pres. Obama, if you listened carefully to his taking the oath of office, he actually said: "So help me golf."
  • In my opinion, Megyn Kelly of Fox News puts O'Reilly to shame. If you want to see real journalism watch her interview with that nitwit Ward Churchill. A beautiful thing to behold (including Megyn).
  • It's a fact. Almost everything progressives touch turns to crap. In fact, the only thing they are good at doing is trickle down incompetence.
  • Harry Reid remains the most miserable prick in Congress.
  • You gotta love this one. I like to follow NYC politics because I grew up in the Big Apple. I also wrote several pieces predicting progressive Mayor de Blasio would plunge NYC into progressive hell. He's doing a good job of it. But this latest story takes the cake. The NY Post reported today that de Blasio is unable to get a federal security clearance because the feds have questions about his visiting Cuba and his visiting Nicaragua when it was run by Marxist.
  • Do you get the impression Hillary Clinton is losing her MoJo?
  • Fox News recently reported that children are better at using their smart phones than they are at doing some routine daily activities like tying their shoes. Refer to Boxer and Wasserman Schultz.
  • Remember when Obama told Russia's Pres. Medvedev that he would be more flexible? I can assure you when Medvedev went back to Putin and told him what Obama said, the first words out of Putin's mouth were: I got him now.
  • The satirical Twitter, WH Press Secretary, tweeted out this morning: The main highlights of the president's big ISIS speech are: what specifically we won't do and how many years it'll take to not do it.
  • It really is a travesty that this administration can't get one Marine---Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi---out of a Mexican jail.
  • Yo Michelle Obama! How's that hashtag diplomacy against homicidal maniacs working for you? 
  • Not only is the main stream media bias but they also steer the news from the truth. As I've written about before, their biggest sin is one of omission. In fact, it's been almost a year since ABC's "Nightline" covered Obamacare. Most don't even report on Obama's low poll ratings.
  • Did you know former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin started a 10 year prison term for corruption? Well, don't be surprised. Most of the MSM didn't even cover it. And, according to NewsBusters, NBC News gave it a whopping 15 seconds.
  • Did you know who Joan Rivers explicitly banned from her funeral? Hint: one lives in the White House, and she wants to control everything our children eat at school.
  • Why was Obama so slow to deal with ISIS?  ISIS shows how he screwed up with Iraq and Syria. He also doesn't want the world to know: Bush was right.
Now I'm going to the basement to get some duct tape.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We're Facing A "Forever War" With Islamist Only If The West Loses Its Resolve

A. Deserter Bergdahl
B. The Five Gitmo Terrorists
C. Benghazi 4
D. Marine In Mexico
E. James Foley
Obama made sure A & B returned home safely...WH Press Secretary

"The capture of the US Embassy in Tehran, the attack on the USS Cole, the mass murder of US Marines in their sleeping quarters in Beirut, the destruction of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the 9/11 attacks, the murder of countless GI's by IED's in Afghanistan and Iraq, the beheading of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Nick Berg in Iraq and Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia...all fruits of a culture that has declared total war on America and now, also led to the savage murder of Foley and Sotloff." Amir Taheri

After reading that---it's clear Islamist are at total war with America. No rational person can come to any other conclusion. The fact is Islamist have been at war with the West for centuries. And it's my belief we may be in the middle of a "forever war." It's for this reason and a host of others that the West must never lose its resolve in confronting and fighting this on-going threat.

It's also for this reason Pres. Obama's admission last week of a lack of any strategy in meeting and destroying this threat should be disturbing for every American. Let's face facts. America is the only nation on earth that has the ability and power to totally destroy the onslaught by these homicidal maniacs. Yet, in the last several years, we've heard the Obama administration tell the world al-Qaeda is on the run and almost decimated. Osama is dead and GM is alive. ISIS is merely a "junior varsity." We will "degrade" ISIS. We will "destroy" ISIS. And all of that morphed into ISIS is a "manageable problem." Any wonder why all of this leaves most Americans confused and our allies distrustful and scratching their heads? (and I'm not even going to touch on the Russian "problem").

And this Wednesday evening, Pres. Obama is scheduled to give a major White House press conference on the ISIS threat. Let's pray we will hear something of substance about how we will address the ISIS murderers. But---as in the past---this president shows a remarkable lack of sustaining any commitment to dealing with a crisis head-on (on domestic policy disasters, his first impulse has always been to either blame someone else or actually tell us he just heard about it---on the news). And keep in mind, we witnessed the failure of the "reset" with Russia and the erasing of red lines in Syria and Libya.

Peggy Noonan summarized it best: "People say Obama hasn't spoken on the Islamic State with sufficient "passion," but the world at the moment probably doesn't need more passion. He needs to speak with clarity, conviction and most of all credibility." If the past is any predictor of the future, I'm not going to hold on to any "hope." 

We need to see resolve from this president and whatever coalition he creates. Otherwise, we're facing a forever war.