Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mr. Obama: Who Are You? What Do You Believe In?

Even though the president is traveling, he has a staff and a phone and is perfectly capable of faking work anywhere...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • If I ever had the opportunity to meet Pres. Obama I would ask him point-blank: Who are you Mr. President? What exactly do you believe in? I believe many Americans have been asking themselves those same two questions for some time now---even more recently.
  • His track record in the last six years and his years as a senator certainly indicate he's a progressive. But it's much to easy to arrive at that conclusion. There's something much deeper going on with this man, this president. For example, when he was campaigning for president, he projected hope and optimism to many Americans (those who fell for the con). Yet, as president, he projects weakness, doubt and a suggestion that he's abandoned our allies.  Even some in the press are now proclaiming that Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister and David Cameron, the PM of Great Britain, have assumed leadership roles on the global political scene. In effect, replacing---perhaps for the first time in modern world history---an American president as the leader of the free world. In other words, these two leaders have filled the vacuum created by Obama's failure in leadership. 
  • In foreign policy, we witness---on a daily basis---foreign leaders, dictators and even the leadership of terrorist organizations basically disregarding the pronouncements coming out of the White House. To borrow from Ronald Reagan, his policy of peace through strength has been replaced by a policy of peace through appeasement and defeatism in the Obama administration. Syria's Assad and Russia's Putin paid no mind to Obama's drawing of the red lines. Even terrorist thugs and murderers like Boko Haram made fun of the administration's hashtag diplomacy. Included in this are Christians who are being cleansed and murdered throughout the world, and barely a mention of this new holocaust from the White House. In other words, when thugs know the United States won't stand up to their aggression, the aggression will continue.
  • There's a sense of benign neglect pervading this entire administration. And it's not only in foreign policy. It's become evident in domestic policy as well. For example, with regard to the border crisis, there's an appearance of no one being in charge in Washington. Hence, another void created resulting in thousands of illegal immigrants keep crossing our borders. 
  • Of course there are also the many scandals and the conspicuous lawlessness.
  • It's often been said that Obama likes to lead from behind. The problem with leading from behind is that few follow as evidenced by the examples above. So what's a nation to do when it has no idea what the guiding principles and core values are of its leadership? This is certain: the outcome is a much more divided nation whose image on the world stage has been severely diminished.
  • There is an answer however to the U.S. regaining its stature in the world. As Seth Lipsky of the NY Sun wrote several weeks ago: "Let's do it the way Reagan did---with presidential strength and economic growth."  There's just one big problem: Obama and the progressive political class continue to stand in the way.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Media Bias Toward Israel Abets Antisemitism, Criminal Behavior and Violence

Hamas: Polite academic society's favorite genocidal neo-Nazis...David Burge Tweet

  • Several days ago, I wrote a piece about the media's sins of omission (July 14, 2014). In short, I made the claim that media bias is also evident in what the media ignores or does not choose to report. I listed countless examples as they relate to the the current crises in Israel and on our border.
  • But the media's bias takes on an added dimension---one that also abets---one might also argue reinforces---the antisemitism and criminal behavior of Islamist. I've also found it intriguing that many of the same people in the media (and the progressive political class) who condemn what al-Qaeda and its affiliates do will defend the likes of Hamas, a designated terror organization.
  • The media's bias against Israel is nothing new. It goes back to May of 1948 when the State of Israel was created. To list examples of its bias toward Israel on these pages would take a lifetime. Even now, when I occasionally listen to the BBC news for their international reporting, their bias toward Israel is conspicuous. In fact, they no longer even attempt to hide it. Many media outlets have become experts at steering the news from the truth. We've watched this play out in our own internal media coverage. Examples of course include the withholding of reporting of the  many lies of the administration with regard to Obamacare, Benghazi and the IRS just to name a few. 
  • But the former behaviorist in me obliges me to report that this bias is also very dangerous. When the media converts terrorists like Hamas into victims of Israel's warranted, self-defense actions, they are complicit to the antisemitism, criminal behavior and violence perpetuated by Hamas. They also reinforce the aggressive actions of a terror organizations like Hamas and others. And equally disturbing, they reinforce the latent (and sometimes overt) antisemitism that often emerges in crises like these. We've seen this antisemitism raise its ugly head in several European nations in just the last week. For example, gangs have been roaming in France chanting, "Jews, out of France!"
  • Journalism is suppose to be the guardian of liberty. Unfortunately, in too many cases, they've increasingly abetted the violence we're witnessing in the Middle East and other parts of the world. In some respects, it's become a criminal press.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Re: The Latest Beatdown of Obamacare---Don't Break Out The Champagne Yet

ConLawProf Strikes Again:... Breaking: Obama administration health care subsidies will keep flowing despite court decision...David Burge Tweet

When I first heard the news that an Appeals court  dealt a potentially devastating blow to Obamacare, the first thought that raced through my mind: the Obama administration will skirt the court's decision anyway.  In short, the court's ruling states that participants in health care exchanges run by the federal government are not eligible for tax subsidies. This affects 34 states. Subsequent to that ruling, another appeals court panel in Richmond, VA, upheld the law. But even if the second court's decision upheld the earlier decision, the Obama administration was going to violate the law anyway. How do I know that? They White House said they would. This administration has a long history of violating laws as recent Supreme Court rulings have shown.

In the last four years, there have been at least two dozen changes to Obamacare. Some of these were done unilaterally by the administration and some by the courts. They include, but have not been limited to, the following:

  • A delay on the employer mandate
  • A delay on the individual mandate
  • Exempting unions from certain fees
  • Plans that were considered non-compliant received extensions up to two years
  • U.S territories were exempted (this occurred just 4 days ago)
  • And over 1000 waivers were granted prior to this year.

In closing, for the critics of Obamacare (and I happen to be one myself), I wouldn't break out the champagne yet. This is an administration that has never let the law get in their way.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Progressives Like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Reid + Many Others Are The Milli Vanilli Of American Politics

The president fully supports Israeli's right to be patient and understanding while being pummeled by non-stop rocket attacks...WH Press Secretary

  • Most know the story of Milli Vanilli, the singing duo busted for not singing their own songs. During their short career, they actually won many awards including a Grammy (unlike Pres. Obama's Nobel Prize, the Grammy was later withdrawn). In short, they were found to be fake, phonies and frauds.
  • The very same can be said for the progressive political class. They always try to sell the American people an illusion. Whether it's downplaying real scandals or wrapping programs like Obamacare in bold-faced lies, it's still all a deception. Just last week, in the middle of the crisis on our own borders, the crisis that was erupting in the Ukraine and Hamas pummeling Israel with rockets and missiles, Pres. Obama declared the global community "tranquil." Even Harry Reid proclaimed the U.S. border was secure.
  • As I wrote not long ago, the elite progressive political class are the great pretenders. We've listened to the likes of Hillary Clinton spread the progressive ideology of economic inequality and redistribution of wealth while she herself tried to convince the American people she and Bill Clinton were broke. Pres. Obama's attacks on economic inequality should fall on deaf ears considering he's attended over 400 fat-cat fundraisers in the previous six years and even managed to fit in almost 180 rounds of golf---with those same fat cats.
  • The geo-political climate is a perfect example of the progressives trying to sell the American people an illusion. As recently as last March, when the Ukraine crisis first erupted, the Obama administration laid out plans to cut our military to pre-WWII levels. Rich Lowry of National Review sarcastically wrote at the time: "Because we all know that we'll never face an unexpected, unpredictable international crisis again." Welcome to July 2014 Mr. Obama. In fact, Michael Goodwin of the NY Post summed it up this way: "This is what the world looks like when a president laments evil instead of confronting it." 
  • The border crisis also paints an ugly picture of misleading policies in the face of an agenda---comprehensive immigration policy that relies on total amnesty---that sacrifices even children to a failed ideology. Don't kid yourself. The illusion is manifested in this crisis too. As someone said earlier this month: they got the amnesty but not the enforcement.
  • The only way the progressives can continue selling this illusion is continued reliance on lies, deception and leaning on identity politics.  After all, many Americans like make-believe even at the expense of their own survival. It worked well in the last two elections. Whose to say it won't continue working? Perhaps Albert Einstein got it when he said, "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mr. Obama: Can't You Act Like The President Of The U.S. Just Once?

With the world in chaos, POTUS is watching the Evening News to obtain facts. He will address the nation after the next commercial break...WH Press Secretary

It's been said people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. Unfortunately, the leader of the Free Word---this President of the U.S.---has neither. In crisis after crisis, President Obama has embarrassingly failed on all counts.

If you recall, immediately following the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Pres. Obama felt compelled to attend yet another one of many fundraisers in Las Vegas. He did this as the body of our ambassador was being defiled and four heroic Americans were left slumped over their machine guns on the roof of the CIA annex building after being hit by mortar rounds. To make matters even worse, the administration began to subsequently lie like a rug regarding the exact nature of the attacks.

Immediately after the Ft. Hood shooting in April of 2014, he attended fundraisers.

Last week, the president skipped a visit to the border---in the middle of a border crisis---to attend fundraisers.

And then we have the events that unfolded yesterday. An aircraft appears to have been shot down in the Ukraine by someone---still not clear by whom but circumstantial evidence points to Russian separatists. At approximately the same time, Israel sent some ground troops into Gaza. It was one of the biggest news days of the year. Certainly big enough to warrant the attention of the President of the United States.

And what did President Obama do? He referred to the downing of the plane for a whopping 38 seconds while on a photo op to Delaware at a bridge. That was followed-up at yet another photo-op at well-known burger joint. But the day didn't end there. He had enough time left on his schedule to attend  two more fundraisers.

To give you some idea of how a president should respond to a crisis, Ronald Reagan is one of the best examples. In response to the downing of Korea Air 007 in 1983, Reagan went on TV (keep in mind that social media did not exist then) and addressed the world. The following are some excerpts from a speech that took more than 10 minutes. Pay particular attention to Reagan's choice of words:

  • "I'm coming to you tonight about the Korean airline massacre (note, he said massacre not tragedy)...
  • "The attack by the Soviet Union against 269 innocent men, women and children aboard an unarmed passenger plane...
  • "This crime against humanity must never be forgotten, here or throughout the world...
  • "Let me state as plainly as I can.: There was absolutely no justification, either legal or moral, for what the Soviets did...
  • But despite the savagery of the crime...The Soviets still refuse to tell the truth...
  • "Our immediate challenge to this atrocity is to ensure we make the skies safer...
  • "Since my return to Washington, we've held long meetings...
  • "We stand together and move forward with courage...
  • "Thank you. God bless you, and good night."

That's how a leader of the Free World should respond to a major crisis. That's how that leader is expected to respond. Unfortunately, we've yet to see that type of leadership coming out of this White House.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obama + Joe Biden: Things Have Been So Tranquil There's Been No Change

This week VP Joe Biden spoke at a senior center in Iowa. Which explains why the seniors were like, "Is this hell?"...Fallon

These are times when most rational observers of the Obama administration have already arrived at the conclusion: These guys are not only incompetent, but they are delusional as well.

Last week, Pres. Obama actually said the global community is "tranquil" (the map above says otherwise). It didn't take long for Slo Joe Biden to follow suit with his own absurd notion. Yesterday he said Obama's promise of "change...didn't happen." 

For a moment, let's set aside the speculation that both statements have some type of political explanation. I don't know what it is yet. But let's review this proclamation of  global "tranquility" and no "change" as announced by the leaders of the free world:
  •  We've are and have been witness to a global community that's imploding from the over 140,000 Syrian civilians who have died since their civil war began (after crossing Obama's infamous "red line") 
  • to the Ukraine (now it appears someone might have downed that Malaysian aircraft) 
  • to Libyan civil war to the myth of the Arab Spring especially in Egypt to Iran's plans
  • to develop nuclear weapons and their supplying weapons to terrorists throughout the Middle East to N. Korea testing its own nuclear weapons
  • to the release of Taliban terrorists 
  • to the storm of missiles and rockets being exchanged by Hamas and Israel as Israel tries to defend itself and
  • to the cleansing of Christian communities throughout the world by Islamists. 
  • In addition, there are the current scandals and controversies involving the border crisis, the VA, the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious,  NSA's mass surveillance, Judicial Appointments, Obamacare lies, Solyndra and other failed green energy initiatives costing American billions, bullying the press, a continued sluggish economy, lack of transparency and Constitutional violations as judge by our own Supreme Court. 
To be fair, while the Obama administration cannot be held totally responsible for what happens throughout the globe; they can and should be held accountable for most of the  domestic failures. To believe otherwise would be a willingness to suspend any critical thought (but---then again---Obama was re-elected). 

But we do know this: Tranquility and Hope left town about six years ago.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

By Demeaning American Exceptionalism---John F. Kerry Proves Once Again He's A Pompous Ass

Even though its under threat by this administration, I will always believe in American Exceptionalism. It's just how I roll...My Tweet

If you're one of my many readers, you know how much I despise John F. Kerry. It's not difficult. The prick is low hanging fruit. That low hanging fruit was on display again yesterday when he spoke to a graduating class at Yale: "I get a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional we are." One thing is certainly clear: they're not talking about him.

For those too young to remember, this is the guy who maligned an entire generation of Vietnam Veterans. He did it again in 2005 when he said our troops terrorize children and kids in Iraq in the dead of night. 

But Kerry is not alone. Many progressives feel the same way he does including Pres. Obama when it comes to American exceptionalism. These people made careers out of trying to have America perceived as a "mediocre" nation. Even in the face of the assault on American exceptionalism by the progressive political class, America will remain exceptional only if it continues to believe it's exceptional. And I believe most Americans continue to believe that. It's part of our national DNA stemming from our own Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Our Founders were very perceptive. They were well aware of the impending and never-ending threats to our freedom and liberties. After all, they understood we were a nation of human beings who are not fallible. We make mistakes and often. In their wisdom, they created a system of checks and balances precisely for those reasons.

Thomas Jefferson went even further: "The only source of legitimate powers of government is the consent of the governed. This is the cornerstone principle of American government, society and independence." Today, we've seen this principle come under attack from the progressive political class. It remains up to us to protect and keep it.

And while I can go on and list the countless reasons why America remains an exceptional nation, it all boils down to those principles that define this great nation. There's no better proof of that than watching people from all over the globe entering and trying to enter our country. It's always been a one-way ticket for immigrants not a revolving door. It just remains unfortunate we have leadership like John F. Kerry, a U.S. Senator, whose still be unable to grasp those principles. In fact, we know one truth about him and his ilk: they've never been exceptional because they've never been able to recognize it.