Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Hillary Clinton We Do Know: An Empty Pants Suit

When asked about the foreign money scandal, Bill Clinton instinctively said, "I did not have sex with that country." WH Press Secretary Tweet

In my last piece about Hillary Clinton, I made the case that her legacy is more stained that Monica Lewinky's blue dress. In that post, I summarized all of the scandals associated with her tenure as a public figure going back to the Bill Clinton's first term as president. It's clear she and Bubba are carrying a lot of dirty baggage. That is now undeniable.

But what is now becoming increasingly inarguable is the lack of any content in her character. She's an empty pants suit. So empty, even some in the progressive media are starting to take notice. In fact, it's been the NY Times that's made some interesting revelations regarding the Clinton Foundation. In their piece this week, they report the Clinton Foundation donors sold one of the largest uranium mining companies in America to a Russian nuclear agency while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The NY Times goes further to allege that the Clinton Foundation did NOT disclose who many of those donors were. Since this report, the Clinton Foundation said they will amend their tax returns (Reuters).

Prior to the piece by the NY Times, Peter Schweizer will be publishing his book entitled, "Clinton Cash: The Untold Story Of How And Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill And Hillary Rich." 

While that news is like low-hanging fruit for critics of Hillary Clinton (like myself and other conservatives), this and more points to major flaws in her character. They point to an individual who has a long history of secrecy. Recall her initial push for her failed HillaryCare initiatives in the early 1990's was all done behind closed doors. We now know she lies like a rug. Her claims that she came under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia to something as mundane as even how she got her first name (claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest five years AFTER she was born) and other lies point to an individual who has some serious behavioral and ethical issues.

And just this week, her ludicrous intention to "topple" the top 1% coming from someone whose been part of the 1% for decades.  As John Podhoretz put so well: "She has spent 15 years as a voice of liberal corporations, not Occupy Wall Street."  He added, "So whom exactly is Hillary Clinton going to lead the revolution against? Herself?"

Even when she chants "income inequality," she can't be trusted. During her tenure as U.S. Senator (NY),  she paid the women in her office 72 cents to each dollar paid to men. (Washington Free Beacon). Add to this, her email ruse and her total lack of any accomplishments during her tenure in government, any reasonable person can only come to one conclusion: Hillary Clinton is an empty pants suit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obama Erased His Red Lines Only To Be Replaced With Red Lines Soaked In Blood

"The good news. Some of Pres. Obama's threats still strike fear in their targets' hearts. The bad: It's not the hearts of America's enemies." Benny Avni, Middle East columnist

In September of 2012,  Mr. Obama drew his now famous "red line" against Syria. He warned Syria not to use chemical weapons. A year later, he clarified his "red line" statement to proclaim it wasn't his red line, but rather a line drawn by Congress and the international community. In other words, he conveniently erased his red line. Unfortunately, global events since his threat, have replaced his red line with red lines soaked in blood. And let's be clear. Hillary Clinton was also complicit. The road to the chaos we're now witnessing in the Middle East and in parts of Africa were paved by her incompetence as Secretary of State. John F. Kerry, her successor, hasn't done much better either. For a moment, let's review this bungling legacy:

  • Syria is now a total disaster. It's estimated that over 200,000 people have lost their lives. In addition, ISIS is now slaughtering innocent civilians.
  • Egypt's "Arab Spring" was a myth created by the Obama administration and its enablers in the media. If you recall, it was the Obama administration that praised Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Yemen, once hailed by the Obama administration as a success against the war on terror, has literally fallen apart. Its president fled. And the Shiite Muslim terror group is known to have ties to Iran. Even more disturbing, if the terror group gains control of the naval passage at the Red Sea, they can shut down an important global trade route to that area. It also marked the third time the Obama administration had to close its diplomatic presence in a country (earlier closures were in Libya and Syria).
  • Iraq is now plagued with the omnipresent ISIS savages.  While ISIS was beaten down in Tikrit, it still holds large portions of the north-eastern part of the country as well as some key attacks zones outside of Baghdad, Aleppo and Mosul---all areas where many American troops lost their lives.
  • While Obama genuflects to Iran, Iran has long been known to flood Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank and parts of Africa with arms and munitions. Keep in mind, Iran remains the regime that keeps chanting "Death To America."
  • And there's Putin's Russia. Putin interpreted Hillary Clinton's "reset" button as a green light to attack the Ukraine.  Crimea fell over a year ago to the Russians. Last week, Russia announced it would be sending Iran some surface-to-air missiles.
  • Last year, the Obama administration decided to address the Boko Haram violence in Nigeria using an ineffective and useless hashtag ("BringBackOurGirls"). Since that time, Boko Haram has murdered thousands and continue to kidnap young girls. Boko Haram recently announced its allegiance to ISIS.
Linda Chavez, a political columnist, reminded us not long ago: "If fighting this evil is not worth sacrifice, nothing is." Our troops learned this lesson by shedding their blood. They chose courage while the Obama administration chose appeasement and submission. As I wrote not long ago, this is an era when America needs a gunslinger as president---not a bystander.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hiillary Clinton's Legacy Is More Stained Than Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

Pathological: Dead broke Hillary dodged sniper fire with her immigrant grandparents in Tuzla...John Nolte Tweet

Perhaps it's something in the DNA of most progressives. Their first impulse is to always reach for a lie. Hillary Clinton is no exception. Many politicians lie but she takes lying to an art form. In her long political career (including as First Lady), we've been subject to:
  •  Filegate, Cattle Futures, missing Rose Law Firm billing records (that suddenly appeared in the WH two years after they were requested),  Bill Clinton's lies (as she enabled him), Bimbo eruptions, and more.
  • Her claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Just one minor problem: Edmund Hillary did not climb Mt. Everest until several years after Mrs. Clinton was born.
  • The now infamous lie that she was under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia during the Balkan War. She wasn't.
  • After the planes hit the WTC towers on 9/11/01, she said her daughter---Chelsea---was jogging near the WTC. She wasn't. In fact, she wasn't jogging at all at that time. 
  • Several years ago, she said she was the most transparent person she knows (that statement is kinda weird too). Unfortunately, her most recent email scandal proves otherwise. Oh, and remember the statement about using only one device? Weeks earlier, she admitted using several different devices. OOPS!!!
  • Benghazi.
  • Shady Clinton Foundation especially regarding foreign donors. In addition, her husband appearing to benefit while she was with State.
  • Her bizarre statements about leading a revolution against the 1% when she's been the leading voice of statism and progressive corporations for the last 30 years.
  • In her wake as Secretary of State, the Middle East is a nightmare from Syria to Yemen. And, quite frankly, she didn't do better dealing with Russia, China and N. Korea either.
  • Dick Morris, a former Clinton aid and principal architect for the Clinton-Gore reelection strategy, summarized many other Hillary Clinton lies in his long post-Clinton era career.
And the most recent lie?  In a speech in Iowa yesterday, she misrepresented (kind for lied) the immigration status of her grandparents.  BuzzFeed reported her claim that all four of her grandparents immigrated to the United States was false. In fact, census records show only one did---her paternal grandfather. She probably lied about the immigration status of her grandparents to engender herself to the immigration crowd.

The late William Safire of the NY Times and Pulitzer Prize winner once referred to Hillary Clinton as a "congenital liar." He made that charge almost 20 years ago. He was right then. Little did he know, it would also be her legacy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

About One Year Ago, Michelle Obama Launched Her Useless & Ineffective "Bring Back Our Girls" Hashtag

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Carrying Out God's Will...The Onion on Boko Haram's leadership

Yes, it's been a year since Boko Haram kidnapped  276 school girls from a boarding school in Nigeria. After the news broke of the young girls taken hostage by Boko Haram, Michelle Obama launched her hashtag---#BringBackOurGirls. As expected it went viral. I also wrote that whatever works in freeing the girls, I was all in. But since that kidnapping, 200 or more of those girls are still missing. This was also the time when Hillary Clinton's State Department still refused to designate this homicidal maniacs as a terrorist group.

At the time, I suggested in a piece that a .50 cal between the eyes of the kidnappers would have been more effective. In others words, it was time to arm those hashtags. I believe a review of history would reinforce my advice:
  • To this day, Boko Haram has been responsible for multiple murders, bombings, kidnappings and car bombings. Their favorite targets have included, but have not been limited to, churches (usually burning the churches to the ground), schools, police stations and even weddings.
  • Most of their targets have been Christians.
  • Since 2000, Boko Haram has been responsible for several hundred attacks.
  • During the span of the last 15 years, they've been directly responsible for killing thousands. Last January alone, they murdered over 2000 in one day.
I also mentioned at the time that confronting global terrorism with hashtag diplomacy was a perfect example of style over substance. In other words, the hastags probably made many people feel good---feel like they were doing something. But much like the AIDS lapel ribbons of old (some that grew to the size of hubcaps), feelings don't solve the problem. Good intentions don't save lives. Only actions do. Unfortunately, progressives have never learned that lesson. One observer at the time said: "How sad that a nation that produced the Greatest Generation who saved the world from fascist tyranny, has reduced to walking softly and carrying a big hashtag in the face of Islamic terrorists?"

So I'm left with urging the powers-that-be once again: ARM THOSE F*CKING HASHTAGS FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton: A Bag Lady In A Mao Pants Suit

Hillary's economic doctrine: Money shouldn't be earned, it should be funneled...WH Press Secretary

In the past several years, I've written a number of pieces about Hillary Clinton. On March 25, 2013, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton" took off quite well. That was followed by another well read piece on May 13, 2014, entitled "Hillary Clinton The Perfect Progressive Politician: Good At Nothing; Bad At Everything." An just last month, "Hillary Clinton Falsehoods Wrapped In A Fable" was also well received.

The only reason I reference those articles is to discipline myself from re-hashing Clinton's history and legacy. Feel free to take a few moments to revisit those posts. With the announcement this past weekend regarding the launching of her second presidential bid, it's important to point out the baggage she brings into this race compliments her already disturbing and weak legacy. More importantly, she's playing it safe because---well---she's devoid of any meaningful accomplishments as U.S. Senator from NY and as Secretary of State.

In just the last year, we've also seen that not much has changed in the last four years. For example, Hillary Clinton is entering this race on the heels of an email scandal. More Americans are also becoming suspicious of her finances especially having to do with Clinton Foundation. This is particularly laughable in context of her announcement yesterday claiming to be a "champion" for all Americans. Keep in mind, this is a person who regularly gets about $300 grand for one speech that is not to be more than 90 minutes long---her requirement. In addition, she must be provided with a private jet---again, her requirement. (NY Post) This is in addition to both she and Bubba purchasing two homes with costs in excess of $4M. (not including his former office in Harlem, NY and now her new campaign office in Brooklyn, NY). All of this even as she said in an interview several months ago that they were "dead broke" when Bill left office. Her average net worth (not including Bubba's) is estimated to be just a tad over $13M. Dave Manuel. Then again, this is someone whose always had challenges when it came to telling the truth.

Of course, even more troubling, her tenure as Secretary of State with the Obama administration was a total disaster. The chaos we're now witnessing in the Middle East and other parts of the globe had its roots during her time in office (e.g. Ukraine, Nigeria with Boko Haram, a terrorist group her State Department refused to recognize as a terrorist organization and the explosion of ISIS).

In short, we're going to watch Hillary Clinton focus primarily on cultural issues rather than on any of substance. Because like her husband before her, it's always been about style over substance. She and progressives understand the low-information voters are dazzled by style rather than meaningful core principles. She knows this because she also knows that's how Mr. Obama was elected twice.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Progressives Deal Rand Paul The Bogus "War On Women" Card

Prissy Crybabies in media punish Rand Paul for getting tough with them...John Nolte of Breitbart News

  • It didn't take long for the progressives in the media to deal the bogus "War On Women" card against Rand Paul. Although it was inevitable, the card was dealt within two days of his announcing he run for the presidency. Not a long honeymoon.
  • While I like Rand Paul, he's not in my top tier of candidates right now. There's still too much time to announce who I will be supporting. 
  • The uproar is over his recent interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC's Today Show. In short, he and Guthrie clashed over some of his previous views on foreign policy (previous views even I had some issues with). Nevertheless, he was right about the "editorializing," lecturing and over-talking by Guthrie in the interview. Rather than give him an opportunity to explain his views or how they've changed, she continued interrupting him. According to some critics, he didn't respond well to her style of interview. However, while the purpose of this piece is not to defend Guthrie (she can do that well herself), a little perspective is necessary. Guthrie is a also an attorney by training. She was even a national trial correspondent for Court TV. In other words, her style of interviewing should not surprise anyone.
  • The back-lash Rand Paul is currently experiencing by largely the progressive media is almost laughable. As previously noted above, the "War on Women" card was dealt. To give you some idea how absurd it is, Ed Schultz, one of the lunatic residents on MSNBC, actually said Rand Paul has a history of talking down to women reporters on television. Mind you, this comes from the very nitwit who called Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut." He's on the same network that once employed Martin Bashir who made vile and disgusting comments about Sarah Palin (he was subsequently forced to resign). We're all too familiar with the attacks by progressive upon conservative women. The examples are legion.
  • But back to Ms. Guthrie for a moment. NewsBusters correctly reported that her interview with Rand Paul was in "stark contrast" to her interview of Elizabeth Warren (America's favorite faux Native American). In that interview, Guthrie repeatedly urged Warren to run for president. Guthrie even wondered if Hillary Clinton was liberal enough to run as the Democrat candidate. 
  • And speaking of Hillary Clinton, the convenient attacks by the progressive media against Rand Paul should surprise no one. Recent polls are showing that she's tanking in head-to-head polls against Paul. For example, Qunnipiac just reported this week that she's trailing him in three key swing states: Colorado, Iowa and Virginia.
  • As I've written in previous posts , when there is a threat to Hillary Clinton (or any progressive politician), the media immediate starts cloaking her in bubble wrap. In addition, when the progressive media believes a conservative candidate (Rand Paul is a conservative libertarian) actually has some traction, he/she immediately becomes their target. In the case of Rand Paul, the darts were being thrown at him within 48 hours of his announcement. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Consequences Don't Apply To The Intolerant Progressive Political Class

Pizza joint refuses gays: FAKE
Hands Up Don't Shoot: FAKE
Rolling Stone rape: FAKE
Brian Williams: FAKE...Razor Tweet

                                               Progressive Deals With The Devil

After the Rolling Stone story about a gang rape on the campus of the University of Virginia was shown to be false, the editors at Rolling Stone announced no one would be fired for filing that piece. It proved a theory I've had for some time now. Namely, when it comes to the progressive political class, consequences rarely apply. In fact, all too often, their misbehavior, illegal behavior and unethical behavior is actually reinforced: The following come immediately to mind:

  • Even if you are an illegal alien in America, you can actually receive benefits previously afforded to only citizens. Millions have been granted amnesty. Many will be eligible to receive tax benefits. Millions are eligible to obtain driver's licenses in approximately 10 states, California being the most recent state to open driver's license applications to illegal immigrants. Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 terrorist who flew an aircraft into the WTC, was issues a Florida driver's license after having over-stayed his visa. His license expired in September of 2007.
  • In the past, I've written extensively about Al Sharpton and his associated hoaxes including his income tax liabilities on both the state and federal levels.
  • I've also summarized the countless number of conspicuous false reports by the main stream media, the Rolling Stone report just the most recent. I outlined some of those in my previous post {"Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud Of Our Press Today"} yesterday.
  • Even with all of the baggage that both Hillary and Bill Clinton carry, it appears she will be running for President as Bubba is still held in high regard by the progressive political class.
  • We're witness to an administration that is currently engaging the likes of Iran and Cuba but holds Israel in disdain. Refer to the caption above. 
  • We were also witness to an administration that released 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange for Bergdahl, a soldier the Army charged with being a deserter. At least a handful of American soldiers were killed searching for Bergdahl. A former intelligence officer reported yesterday that Bergdahl actually had Afghan contacts and wanted to offer himself up to the Taliban. This goes back to 2009. According to this intelligence officer, NCIS was investigating this claim. (Via Fox News and The UK Daily Mail). Berdahl's parents were feted to a WH Rose Garden press conference. Note that none were held with the parents of those killed in Benghazi.
  • Progressive's can't wait to embrace perverse political correctness from remaining silent about the treatment of gays and women by Islamist (hey, but pizza parlors are fair game) to being openly hostile to Israel and many of our other allies. Who can forget the Obama administration's first act after moving into the Oval Office was sending the bust of Winston Churchill back to England?
  • Last week, Islamist slaughtered over 150 Christians at a university in Kenya, yet Pres. Obama's statement: "innocent men and women were brazenly and brutally massacred." While true, he failed to mention they were Christian. As Rich Lowry noted: "Obama can't restrain his anger over Bibi Netanyahu...but if cold-blooded killers gun down Christians for their faith, he turns to careful verbal gymnastics."
  • Charlie Rangel and Harry Reid are still in office.
  • And Pres. Obama was elected twice.
There are numerous other examples I can reference throughout the years. However, there is no doubt consequences rarely apply to the progressive political class. To paraphrase a political cartoonist, progressives will boast they are opposed to intolerance and anyone who disagrees with them. In other words, they never hold themselves accountable---for their own intolerance, bigotry and even antisemitism. What a life!