Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Beautiful Earth Unfortunately Inhabited By Too Many Environmental Hypocrites

450,000 Unsold Earth Day Issues Of  Time Trucked To Landfill...The Onion

  • As I toked on an Arturo Fuente Rothschild this morning while blowing smoke rings into the air and thanking the Good Lord for creating such a beautiful planet, I couldn't help thinking of the self-righteous, arrogant and smug environmental hypocrites who also inhabit earth.
  • Perhaps it's appropriate considering the founder of Earth Day---Ira Einhorn, Philadelphia's own Charles Manson---was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and then stuffing her body into a trunk in his apartment. He was on the lam for about 25 years. He was eventually caught in France and extradited back to the United States. His defense was that CIA agents killed his girlfriend because he knew too much about the agency's paranormal research. Einhorn was convicted and is currently serving a well-deserved life sentence. We don't know if he still celebrates Earth Day from his prison cell.

  • Al Gore, usually invoked as the patron saint of many of these environmental, Earth Day phonies, was one of the first to expose his own fraud when the Associated Press reported Gore's Tennessee mansion used more than 12 times the average energy use for the typical household in his geographic area (there were some reports his energy use exceeded local households by a factor of 20). He used the same amount of energy as 232 homes. Tenn Center for Policy Research  By the way, considering his current body weight, it appears Gore likes to also take quite a few round-trips to his local, grease and fatty infused fast-food joints.
  • Then of course there are the typical Hollywood nitwits who never walk their own talk. Many of these hypocrites counsel us on protecting the planet as they drive in gas-guzzling limos or fly around the planet in private jets where their carbon footprint for one year exceeds the footprint we use in a life time. A typical Gulfstream can gulp up to 400 gallons of fuel in one hour. In addition, these same phonies love traveling by sea in luxury yachts where one tank of gas can cost a cool $1/4 million with a cost of approximately $2 grand an hour to operate depending on the size of the boat.
  • Or who can forget Barbara Streisand, another global warming phony, who spent over $20 grand a year just watering her lawn and air-conditioning her 12,000 square foot barn? Daily Beast
  • Coincidentally, these are also many of the same posers who take every avenue to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans as they mow down thousands of people in their films and TV shows every year. And allow me to add this. If not for the licenses and fees hunters and fishermen pay, many of these same "environmentalists" wouldn't have an opportunity to enjoy rewards of our many national parks and forests.
  • Sylvie Barak, a tech freelance writer, summed up Earth Day best when she wrote: "Yes, the day when hypocrites from all over the planet spout about 'going green' until the rest of us go green with nausea."

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Redistribution Scam Only Subsidized Poverty

Eight Million Americans Rescued From Poverty With Redefinition Of The Term...The Onion

  • It was in the mid-1980's when the behavioral health care company I worked for sent me down to W. Virginia to do some new start-ups. At the time, I was responsible for the western half of Ohio for the company. We were in many states but not W. Virginia. And since I was the closest guy to the state, I was charged with developing the new program.
  • As many of my regular readers know, I grew up in the South Bronx. I know how ugly poverty is. But even the South Bronx didn't prepare me for what I witnessed in W. Virginia. It was poverty entwined in poverty. Poverty was everywhere. Yet more than 50 years since LBJ started the War on Poverty and spending almost $20T to date, it appears we've lost that war in many areas of this great nation.
  • We entered the war with a vast array of weapons from food stamps to Medicaid to Head Start and countless other anti-poverty programs. And while this current administration can't be blamed for the failures of the previous 6 or 7, it's policies only exasperated the problem. In the 1960's, about 1 in 5 lived in poverty. Today it's not much better. In fact, in the last two years, we've hit historical highs for the number of Americans living in poverty and using food stamp allocations.

  • So how did we get to this place? One undeniable reason is that the federal bureaucracies don't have a good track record at least when it comes to dealing with this problem. The accountability is either lacking or simply doesn't exist. Again, we've seen that played out in just the last six years with the number of scandals in the government while few in government have been held responsible. In addition, one cannot be honest without mentioning the fact that many in poverty just made poor decisions.
  • But the other side of this failed accountability coin is the creation of dependence on the government. Again, today we've seen this played out because of the poor economy and lack of jobs in addition to the lack of skilled workers for the good jobs that are available. For example, in many of the counties I saw in W. Virginia and Kentucky 25 years ago still have unemployment rates well over 40% with less than 10% of the population holding college degrees. As George Bush 1 said in his 1992 State of the Union Address: "Welfare was never meant to be a lifestyle, it was never meant to be a habit; it was never supposed to be passed from one generation to the next like a legacy." But that's exactly what it has become. Along with the failed progressive policies came false prophets, always promising the end to long-standing poverty only to have the programs fail---one after another.
  • The progressive prophets also fail to mention another major reason for poverty.  As the Brookings Institute reported recently, 70% of all poor families with children happen to be single-parent families. In fact, poverty rates are six times higher for single-parent families than two-parent families. And over the years, progressives want us to believe that economic inequality is always the result of injustice. The fact is and the record shows clearly progressive policies have done more harm than good. And another $20T in the next 30 or more years will not solve this problem.
  • As I wrote in a piece last year entitled, "Is American Becoming A Nation Of Broken Windows?" until we see the political class embrace accountability in government, we're going to see a nation of more broken windows. In other words, before you replace the broken windows---repair the foundation first. And this can be done by lowering taxes, encouraging private enterprise, making wise investment decisions, strengthening the family, strengthening the local housing markets, getting a good education and involving the community. We know this can work. After all, we are America, not Cuba (at least, not yet).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama Administration Teases Americans With Anticipation

The Economy Is Just One Speech Away From Recovery...The Onion

  • "Anticipation, Anticipation...Is Making Me Late...Is Keeping Me Waiting" are lyrics from an old Carly Simon song that would be more appropriate in describing the Obama administration and political class in the last six years. During the same period the promises of "Hope" morphed into hopelessness as "Change" turned into a nightmare for millions of Americans.
  • In the beginning, the administration's use of anticipation was a clever tactic especially when entwined with promises. The problems started when the onion was peeled revealing nothing. More Americans began to feel like the tourist playing 3 Card Monte on the corner of 8th Ave and 34th Street in NYC only to realize he was conned with every hand played. He was taken in by the illusion of winning. In the case of this administration, the illusion was Hope and Change. Unfortunately, about half the country fell for the scam.
  • And while there are many examples of the scam as evidenced with Obamacare and the promises associated with that law, perhaps the most glaring example is income inequality. Not because it doesn't exist, it does. It's been part of the human economic condition since the first guy sold a potato to a neighbor in the village. Some actors make a dime while others make millions. Some athletes make a mil while others make 10 million. Physicians generally make a good buck compared to nurses. Retail employees don't make as much as employees at Apple.
  • But after all the cards were shuffled in the last six years, income inequality---under this administration---increased. For example, in 2009, median household income was $55,972.00 (in 2013 dollars). Today, it's about $52,600.00 (Census). In fact, income of the bottom 80% of the population has taken a significant hit while the income of the top 20% has been rising under this administration. And we've all seen the data regarding record high rates of poverty and use of EBT cards (food stamps).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Bundy Ranch Stand-Off Was Also An Expression Of America's Discontent And Anger

Gun Control now! Armed gunmen have just prevented me from stealing land for my grandchildren at #BundyRanch. I bet the Koch's are behind this...Tweet by Harry Reidnose

  • Regarding the controversy over the Bundy Ranch, who owns what (the truth is a large portion of Nevada is government owned land), the Harry Reid and endangered species connection ( the fact is the boundaries of the endangered tortoise's habitat were changed to accommodate one of Harry Reid's biggest donors as pointed out by Dana Loesch in her own excellent piece, "The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment) and land use, the Bundy Ranch stand-off was an expression of the discontent and anger many Americans now have toward the government, the Obama administration and the political class.
  • Last October, I penned a piece entitled, "How Much More Pain, Misery And Dysfunction Will American Tolerate From The Government?" Apparently, the Bundy Ranch dispute was the straw that broke the camel's back.  
  • At the time of that piece, I listed the events surrounding the government shutdown and how our own WWII vets were treated when they visited THEIR OWN memorial in D.C. If you recall, a Park Ranger leaked the fact that those responsible for shutting down the memorial wanted to make "life as difficult for people as we can." That Park Ranger even called the strategy "disgusting."  
  • Further insult and pain was compounded by five years of a wretched economy that imposed emotional distress on a large part of our population---including most of those who voted for Pres. Obama. In addition, we've also seen the damage done by ObamaCare since its botched roll-out in October of last year.
  • In between all of this misery, we also witnessed an administration, many in the media and political class attack conservative organizations, demonize the Tea Party, mocking conservative women and black conservatives and even attacking people of faith.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

As Islamists Continue To Stack One Body On Another, Our Media Remains Largely Silent

"If Islam is a 'religion of peace,' it's time to show the evidence to the endangered Christians of the Middle East." Ralph Peters

Yesterday in Nigeria, Islamists blew up a bus station where at least 71 people were killed (fatalities likely to be higher). In the blast, 16 buses were destroyed and at least 25 vehicles. As of this writing, over 125 people were injured, many severely. Yet hardly a mention in our media as CNN continues reporting on pings and debris for over a month now.

In the past, I've written about the virtual silence and white noise from our media, administration and even most of Congress when it comes to Islamists literally murdering Christians and others throughout the globe. Last year, I was particularly incensed when the Indonesian government actually freed several terrorists who had kidnapped and beheaded three Catholic school girls. Along with one of the severed heads, the scumbags left this note: "We will murder 100 or more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents."

Since 9/11/01, Islamists have carried out more than 22,700 terror attacks.  Last week alone, there were over 50 attacks that resulted in 594 dead and 582 critically injured (meaning man of those have probably already died)...from the Religion of Peace.com. And I guarantee you that most Americans are not aware of most of these attacks largely due to the absence of reporting by our own press. But let Kim Kardasian flash her big, fat ass and the press is all over it.

So it's time to take a moment to report on a fraction of the terror attacks and Islamists terror news. Most of these reports come from the foreign press not our media.

  • Turkey recently announced plans to build a special prison for gays.  Hurriyet Daily News
  • Islamists in Bangladesh announced that Atheists will not be allowed to live in the country. Dhaka Tribune
  • An Islamists preacher in Australia prayed for the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists. Middle East Research Institute
  • Thousands of British school girls have been victimized by Muslim gangs. Gatestone Institute.
  • An Imam and three accomplices were arrested for gang raping a 12 year-old girl. The Nation
  • Europe is becoming a breeding ground for Islamists terrorists entering Syria. Tokyo Times
  • Some of the "freedom fighters" who are at war in Syria and whom Pres. Obama and PM wanted to help have now been reclassified as "the biggest threat to Britain's security." It is believed from 200-400 are now back in Britain. MI5 British Security
  • Taliban kidnapped about 100 men in a Pakistani village. Forty were released but negotiations are on-going for the rest of those still being held.  Times Of India
  • Boko Haram, an Islamists terror group in Nigeria, murdered over 1000 Christians since 2009. International Christian Concern.
  • Last Easter Week, Islamists in Nigeria attacked a village and murdered 80 Christians many of them children. Voice of America
  • In 2010, the Afghan government ordered the destruction of the last Christian church in the country. Hoover Institution
  • Last week, al-Qaeda's magazine--Inspire---carried a caption of a people-mover train at SF International Airport with the caption: "Assemble Your Bomb." SF Chronicle
  • Gambia's State House Imam likened homosexuality to terrorism. Jollofnews
  • Last week in Syria, Islamists murdered a Dutch Catholic Jesuit priest. World 
  • And Islamic mob murdered a Christian woman in Cairo, Egypt. International Christian Concern

Monday, April 14, 2014

Republicans: Why Are You So Scared Of Someone As Incompetent As Hillary Clinton?

Hillary knows she's not through answering for Benghazi. She's always been waiting for the other shoe to drop...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • Allow me to take you back to about 2006 & 2007. At the time, all we heard from Democrats, the media and even many Republicans was: Hillary was a shoe in (pun intended).  No one can beat her. She paid her dues by supporting her philandering husband, and now (2008) was her time. She had already been cloaked in bubble wrap by the media. The media bandwagons encircled her to deflect any incoming from political opponents. After all, who were the adversaries in her own party? Slo Joe Biden? He dropped out in January of 2008 because he bombed in Iowa. Ditto Chris Todd. Ditto John Edwards. Ditto Dennis Kucinich. You get the picture.
  • But a ball flew out of left field. His name was Barack Obama or to quote the most miserable prick in the Senate, Harry Reid, at the time:  a "light skinned" African-American with "no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." The rest is history
  • And that outcome should not have surprised anyone. Democrats have a history of electing or supporting candidates that just magically appear on the scene. It happened with Jimmy Carter in 1976 and with Bill Clinton in 1992. In fact, more establishment Democrats like Al Gore and John F. Kerry generally don't cross the finish line.
  • And one can now argue that Hillary Clinton is entrenched in the Demo

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yo Eric! We Are Going To Go There You Pompous Ass

Eric Holder said, "Don't go there" out of habit. He usually says the same thing to JD investigators looking into Obama scandals...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • Those who follow me regularly know I take no political prisoners. Whether it's Harry Reid the most miserable prick in Congress to John F. Kerry, a back-stabbing fake, phony and fraud to Hillary Clinton to many spineless Republicans, they are all fair game. 
  • So it probably will come as no surprise that AG Eric Holder will require some of my attention today.  During a House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week, he responded to questioning by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas with this: "You don't want to go there buddy. You don't want to go there, okay?"

  • After his appearance in front of the committee, he spoke to Al Sharpton's National Action Network and---to no one's surprised---whined and threw out the race card complaining about his treatment by the committee. Now keep in mind, he spoke to the National Action Network. This is the same organization that owed almost $2 million in back taxes and penalties. In fact, in December of 2012, The New York Post reported Al Sharpton owed the IRS $2.6 million in back taxes and almost $900,000 in state taxes. In other words, as the Justice department today under Holder has failed to follow-up on the current IRS scandals that targeted largely conservative groups, he was speaking in front of an organization that owed millions in back taxes. And just to let you know, Pres. Obama is headlining the NAN's national conference this week. 
  • Eric Holder also complained that no other Attorney General has been treated as poorly as he has. I have just one name for Holder: Alberto Gonzales. He was AG under George W. Bush and was vilified by the Democrats. Gonzales was the highest ranking Hispanic in our government at the time. Yet, no one to my knowledge accused Democrats of racism.
  • So let's continue going there Eric. With Fast and Furious, your department was responsible for losing track of over 2000 weapons that ended up in the hands of the most vile drug cartels on the planet. At least one of those weapons were found at the murder scene of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Or how about spying on the Associated Press? Or monitoring Fox News Reporter James Rosen's activities? Or not pursuing voter intimidation tactics by the New Black Panther Party during the 2008 election in Philadelphia? Or being held in contempt by Congress for failing to provide documents the committee requested regarding the Fast and Furious operation?

  • The fact is any other U.S. Attorney General with this kind of deceitful and self-righteous background and behavior would have been impeached or fired by now. But wait---you're covered in black bubble wrap. My bad. That explains everything. Just ask Charlie Rangel.