Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Congrats Dems For Nominating The First Female For POTUS Under FBI Criminal Investigation

Bernie Sanders (2 months ago): Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to be POTUS
Bernie Sanders (now): Hillary Clinton will make an excellent POTUS...Josh Earnst Tweet (parody)
Before I begin, hat-tip to Josh Earnst (above) for giving me the idea for this headline.

Well, it's done.  Hillary Clinton is the first corrupt, lying and incompetent female to be nominated by a major American political party for POTUS.  Quite an accomplishment (her only one).

A few reminders regarding the person the DNC just nominated: (some of my regular readers will recognize many of these but they are more timely and appropriate today):

  • Hillary Clinton whose legacy is more stained than Monica's blue dress.
  • Hillary who has more smoking guns than the gunfight at the OK Corral.
  • Hillary, the first nominee for POTUS to be under investigation by the FBI for criminal behavior.
  • Hillary, who WikiLeaks just reported her party made every effort to sabotage Bernie's campaign.
  • Hillary, who the late, great William Safire called a "congenital liar."
  • Hillary, who the FBI reported exhibited careless behavior with her e-mails and private server.
  • Hillary, the first nominee for POTUS who most likely put our national security at risk (per Comey's report).
  • Hillary, who pledged to destroy the coal industry.
  • Hillary, whose entire legacy is more corrupt and wider than Kim Kardashian's ass.
  • Hillary, who flipped and flopped on numerous issues including gay marriage, illegal immigration, free trade, and the Iraq War.
  • Hillary, who bashes the 1% regularly and uses income inequality as an issue yet charged $325K per speech to banks and Wall Street firms.
  • Hillary, whose first impulse is to ALWAYS reach for a lie and true is always the first casualty.
  • Hillary and Benghazi (read the Benghazi Report)
  • Hillary, the first female nominated for president who has a strange penchant for Mao type of pants suits.
  • Hillary, who as former First Lady, former Senator representing NYS and then Sect. of State has virtually no accomplishments to speak about.
  • Hillary, who has most of the main stream media in her back pocket.
  • Hillary Clinton, the candidate for POTUS who supported and even supports most issues her constituents PRETEND to oppose.
Congratulation DNC for nominating the one candidate who regularly channels George Costanza.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wikileaks Proves Media Only Pretends To Be Honest, Objective + Ethical

Let's have a good laugh. Some clowns in the media were publishing, "GOP accuses the media of bias" pieces, while emailing the DNC for approval...Josh Earnst  Tweet (parody)

Well, well, well---it's refreshing to know that many of us accusing the media of bias have been right all along.  In fact, WikiLeaks released 20,000 DNC emails this week.  They show it's actually worse than most of us could imagine.  In short, the email dump revealed the following:

  • Media outlets were contacted to slant their news to make Hillary Clinton look good.
  • The emails show exchanges between DNC staff and staff at media outlets such as The  Washington Post, WSJ, MSNBC, CNN, POLITICO and a variety of Web sites.
  • In some cases, meetings were held.
  • They plotted against Bernie Sanders.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of DNC, actually told  one news agency to change their headline. They did.
  • Another email showed DNC staff creating a fake Craigslist job  posting for women who wanted to apply at Trump's organization. Those applying would be required to lose weight and not have an issue with groping or kissing by their boss.
All of this and more comes on the heels of the media more often than not  encircling the wagons when it comes to bad news regarding the Clintons or other prominent democrats. Even more disturbing, it's the media that's perpetuated many of the lies associated with events in Ferguson and Islamist terrorism). It was the media that helped suppress the truth about Fast and Furious and Benghazi. In fact, it's MSNBC that's given a show to the likes of Al Sharpton.

The fact that unethical behavior permeates the media is not new. It's been known for decades but has come to light more often through social media. It appears "journalism" today takes only one political side and---as WikiLeaks has shown---is complicit in this deceit. It's no longer about reporting the truth. Rather, it's about misrepresentation and deception for political purposes.  In short, it's malfeasance of the highest order

Friday, July 22, 2016

Next Up! DNC Convention: A Progressive/Socialist Nirvana

Hillary will not decide who her VP pick will be until after all the unmarked envelopes filled with cash are collected...WH Press Secretary Tweet (parody)

With the RNC Convention over (by the way, how about all that violence with open-carry gun owners in Cleveland?), it's time to move on to Philadelphia.  Philadelphia--- designated a sanctuary city by the new progressive mayor.  This mayor happens to be the knucklehead who proclaimed the last Philadelphia cop shot several times (he survived) by a scumbag yelling an Islamist slogan was not an Islamist attack.

So what can we expect from the Democrats?  I predict some, if not all, of the following:

  • Che T shirts will be a hot item. They are going to love the Obama and Hillary bobble heads.
  • Independence Hall will be renamed "Dependence Hall" for the duration of the convention.
  • Their candidate will talk about economic inequality as she  continues to count the millions she and Bill accumulated from their speeches.  She'll also attack banks and Wall Street--the same institutions she charged $350k a pop for speeches.
  • Police will be called racist as they spout false data regarding police shootings.
  • The Constitution Center will be closed for 4 days.
  • More benefits will be recommended for illegal immigrants as American citizens will be thrown to the curb again.
  • Free Tuition for all!!!  But they won't explain how to pay for it (hint: American taxpayers).
  • Guns will be bad. But trucks, bombs, knives, box cutters will still get a pass.
  • There will be no anti-war protesters. After all, Obama is still president.
  • The American flag in the Betsy Ross House will be replaced with flags from Cuba, Venezuela and other failed socialist regimes.
  • God?---who?
  • Entitlements will be referred to as "rights."
  • There will be little mention of the JV Team. 
  • Obamacare will be hailed as a great accomplishment even as Humana just announced it is planning on leaving 8 of the 19 health exchanges it now operates. Oh! Health insurance rates rose by about 8%---higher than in previous years.
  • The presstitutes in the media will all be feeling a tingling down their legs.
  • Elizabeth Warren will still be using smoke signals rather than social media.
  • Hillary Clinton will not talk much about Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Iran, N. Korea, Russia and ISIS.  I think we know why.
  • We will be told Republicans and conservatives hate children, old folks, blacks and most are Islamophobia.
  • Hillary Clinton will suddenly love the military. After all, she said she wanted to join the Marines.
  • Civil rights will be hailed unless you're an American citizen, conservative, straight, a gun owner and a person of faith.
  • We will be told education is in need of more "investment." (that's code for more taxpayer money). This even though trillions have been "invested" in education in the last 40 years.
  • Bill Clinton will be present for some of the convention. After all, the 1% are busy folks and there's a Hooters in Philadelphia.
  • Hollywood will be well represented.
  • Bernie?---he's still feeling the Bern and the pain.
  • And they will try to convince America Harry Reid is not the most miserable prick in the Senate.
America!!! What a country!!!

Postscript: And now, WikiLeaks---delicious!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Progressives Gave Birth To Lies That Are Now Endangering + Killings Cops


Trump is running as a "law and order" candidate and Hillary will run as a "reckless and extremely reckless" candidate... Walter Cronkite Tweet (parody)

After the five police officers were murdered last week in Dallas,  Mr. Obama couldn't help himself and veered into his usual anti-gun nonsense.  In addition, he invited Black Lives Matter movement representatives into the WH including the race-baiting thug, Al Sharpton---again (actually dozens of times).  And mind you, he extended his invitation to the WH to people whose surrogates  regularly chant slogans about killing police officers.  As one observer remarked,  Obama meets with people in the WH "whose ankle bracelets go off" during their conference.  He also meets too often with people who perpetuated falsehoods as we've witnessed with the "Hands Up/Don't Shoot" hoax.

Hillary Clinton courted the Black Lives Matter leaders. She and her staff did that a year ago this month.  More disturbing, yesterday she  attended a NAACP conference in Cincinnati and pointed the blame at law enforcement. This after the murder of 8 police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. She has a long history of shamelessly pandering even to the point of voicing different accents depending on the group she is addressing.  Her use of accents has even been parodied by SNL on at least one occasion. But don't take my word regarding her pandering,  it's one of many issues Bernie Sanders used when he was running against her.

Last evening, at the GOP Convention,  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (one of my all-time heroes) and who happens to be black, said this in his speech to the attendees: "...So many of the actions of the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter transcend peaceful protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on..."

It's become increasingly clear that progressives have given birth to the lies that are now endangering the lives of citizens and police officers. 

I'll leave you with a letter by Gary Taustine to The NY Post when he wrote: "Keep blaming the police for defending themselves and eventually there will be none left to defend you {us}." 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Progressive Agenda: An All-Out Assault On Facts, Truth + American Institutions

In May of 2016, BHO welcomed Black Lives Matter to the WH for an exclusive visit. Occupy Wall St and the Black Panthers must have been busy...WH Press Secretary Tweet (parody)
The NY Post reported today that NYC Mayor DeBlasio said of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement: "Black and Lives Matter is a force for good..."  I'm not making this up. He actually made that absurd ludicrous statement. No wonder, a once great city, is now plunging into progressive hell with this dummy in charge.

Nevertheless, many agree with his assessment of BLM even though almost every event and protest they lead results in violence---especially violence against police, the very same people who protect them at these protests. Just as disturbing, leadership from the White House is conspicuous by its absence.  Mr. Obama continues to distort the facts about the police and their alleged "racism."  This does not mean there are no racist cops but his facts are wrong.  In previous posts, I outlined a report from The Washington Post.  In short,  WaPo found there were 965 police shootings in 2015 resulting in death. Of those, 90 were unarmed and a majority were white.  In addition, unarmed blacks accounted for less than 4% of fatal police shootings.

This data was reinforced by a new study out of Harvard. It found "Cops are more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspects were white---and far less likely when they're black."  In other words, both studies found NO SYSTEMIC RACIAL BIAS.

But, as I stated in my earlier post, the truth and facts are just a casualty in the progressive war on all of America's institutions. Police are just one target. Others include, but are not limited to, the military, our Constitutional form of government, religious affiliation (unless it's Islam), education, the criminal justice system (being played out right now), the 2nd Amendment, tolerance, conservatives (e.g. The IRS scandal), American Exceptionalism and Free Speech (as we're witnessing on our nation's campuses today).

If fake, phony and frauds really cared about what happens to blacks, they would be marching and protesting in Detroit, Chicago, LA and other American cities where blacks are murdering one another at alarming rates.

By designating BLM as a "force for good," progressives prove they have absolutely no political courage---none.  And that includes the man sitting in the Oval Office today.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Progressive Agitators Don't Want Issues + Problems To Be Resolved

GOP rally erupts in violence by leftists: Blame the GOP.
BLM erupts in violence by BLM: Blame everyone else....Razor's Tweet

Let's be clear. Progressive agitators don't want issues and problems to be resolved.  If they did, they would have diverted their attention to the killing and murder of blacks by other blacks as we witness in Chicago almost every two hours each weekend.  Their ideology is so twisted, so distorted, so vile even the murder of five Dallas police officers didn't deter these dangerous misfits from causing more violence this past weekend.  As I've written about in the past, their ideology is based on perpetuating false narratives---a political agenda that is also exceedingly dangerous.

The democrats, especially Obama and Hillary Clinton reinforce this behavior with their inflammatory and all too often, deceitful rhetoric. For example, after the Dallas police chief (a damn good cop) laid out the motives used by the Dallas shooter himself (e.g. his hatred to white cops and white people in general),  Pres. Obama actually said this from Warsaw: "It's very hard to untangle the Dallas shooter's motive..."  In addition, as in the Martin and Brown cases, Obama and others claimed racism was a reason when there was no evidence in either case.

Just as disturbing,  the Black Lives Matter crowd always appears to be in the center of this agitation. Yet, these are the very same people Obama has invited to the White House for discussions about race. Hillary Clinton also met with their ringleaders. These are people who should be shunned by society but our progressive leadership meets with them.  In other words, progressives regularly embrace false narratives by race-baiting thugs.  We've seen that play out in NYC and Mayor De Blasio's  affection for Al Sharpton and his ilk.

It's become more clear over just the past year or more,  BLM spews file rhetoric and are race-baiting bullies. They often even refuse to acknowledge that All Lives Matter (yes, including their own). These are the same folks who regularly chant: "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."  And then we wonder why police officers are ambushed and murdered including two NYPD officers immediately following the riots in Ferguson.

Last year I noted that Martin Luther King, Jr., would have many reasons to smile and many to cry.  These BLM misguided bullies and knuckleheads would give MLK many reasons to cry.

But, the again, they don't care. They don't want any of these race problems solved anyway even as more blacks keep killing each other at alarming rates.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas, like Ferguson, Shows The Homicidal Outcome Of False Narratives

Pres. Obama vows that lawlessness will not stand & violators will be held accountable, unless it's Hillary...WH Press Secretary (parody)

A lifetime ago, I spent a few years in juvenile probation in a major U.S. city. There were occasions when we dealt with the juvenile detention system inhabited by adjudicated youth. While the youth were in detention, they had visiting hours from family and friends. There were several conspicuous observations I made at the time:

  • 95-99% of the youth were black.
  • It was mostly women---mothers, grandmothers, sisters, etc. that would be visiting. Very few men were present.
  • During their visit, many of the youth were talking about returning to crime and/or their gangs as soon as they were released.
I bring this to your attention for these reasons. This illustrates what the real problems are in the black community; namely, absent fathers, drugs and hanging around with bad actors.

While the two most recent police shootings appear to be troublesome, the fact is false narratives continue to be promoted by the media and the likes of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Let's take a look at the facts:

  • In 2015, there were 965 people killed by police.
  • Of those shootings, 90 were unarmed and a majority were white.
  • White police officers shooting unarmed black males accounted for less than 4% of fatal police shootings (the narrative is just the opposite).
  • In 75% of the incidents, police officers were either under attack (like Dallas) or defending civilians (kinda like police officers protecting anti-police protesters).
  • Most of those killed were brandishing weapons, suicidal or mentally ill.
  • Almost 30% of the police shootings resulted from car chases that began with a minor traffic stop.
  • The odds of anyone being killed by a cop is approximately 1 in 318,000. This happens to be in a nation of approximately 1 million police officers.
  • Many more victims of crime are victims of black-on-black crime not being  shot by police officers. In addition, in 2013, 42% of all cop killers were black.
As Heather MacDonald pointed out in her book, War On Cops,  it shows that "crime, not race, drives police actions..."

The truth is facts to many of these apologists is irrelevant.  They dismiss the truth to perpetuate lies. They prefer chaos. It sustains their false narratives. In short, it's their mission in life.

Fifty-eight police officers have died in the line of duty this year---26 were shot dead.

Sources:  FBI, The Washington Post, "War on Cops," NY Post,  Townhall, BBC News