Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Mass Shooting At A Gun Free Nirvana Zone

Don't politicize the murders into which the president quickly injected gun control politics...Razor's Tweet

I always find this fascinating. Anytime there's an active shooter in some gun free zone, we're always awaiting men and women with guns to arrive to neutralize the threat. That should raise the next logical question: Why not have armed security personnel in these gun-free nirvana's? 

Of course, that question will never be asked because it makes too much sense.It also disrupts the real agenda of the gun control crowd: Namely, they want to see every American disarmed---even law abiding citizens. In fact, it wasn't too long ago when that obese hypocrite---Michael Moore---actually called for the disarming of police officers. And don't for a second believe his warped suggestion is not shared by many in the gun control movement. It is.

Of course, the reaction to mass shootings is always predictable. While the most reasonable among us ask to pray for the victims, the exploitation of the tragedy begins almost immediately as we witnessed from Mr. Obama yesterday. The misguided like Obama demand more gun control; they always neglect to report the responsibility rests with the shooter. After the shooting in South Carolina this past summer, the knuckleheads at the Daily Beast actually wrote in a Tweet: "Gunman killed more people last night than every ISIS wannabe." I wonder what he would have Tweeted if he reported on the 50 shootings that occurred in Chicago alone in just the last two weekends? Or for that matter, when Pres. Obama actually said, "Gun violence like this doesn't happen in other countries." Apparently, the the lunatic in gun-free zone of Norway must have not crossed his mind. That prick shot and killed 77 unarmed young people.

Just as disturbing, we watch the rush to judgement to advance a political agenda that always targets (pun intended) our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

One fact is certain. Another active shooter roamed yet another gun free zone---zones that invite lunatics to prey on unarmed victims. If gun control actually worked, then why aren't Chicago, Detroit. Baltimore and other cities with restrictive gun rights the safest in the nation? Moreover, in almost every case of a mass killer, there have been signs indicating the shooter was disturbed in some way. In the recent Oregon incident, there are reports he posted warnings on the Internet the day before he decided to murder innocents on that campus.  

Just once, let's stop with the exploitation of the victims. Let's focus on the real reasons for these mass shootings. Because we do know this. They haven't been the work of responsible gun owners. They've been the work of  lunatics who know their victims will be unarmed

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Obama Administration Was Sucker Punched By Putin--Yet Again

We commend the Russians for joining us in Syria to fight our #1 enemy, climate change...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

In my last post, I made the claim that Putin outflanked Obama again. And it now appears that observation has panned out. Within just two days of Obama meeting with Putin at the U.N., Russian aircraft launched an air assault in Syria. In fact, the Russians onlygave us a few hours notice of those air strikes. Some reports indicate it even took the Pentagon by surprise.

Unfortunately, there's one conspicuous problem. All credible reports from the region indicate that the Russians did not attack ISIS forces. Rather, they attacked rebel forces fighting the Assad regime and ISIS. If we were flies on the wall in the Oval Office, we would have heard Obama and company utter just one word: OOPS! (An exclamation that perfectly summarizes their foreign policy in the last seven years).

In September 2013, I posted a piece summing up the Obama administration Syrian policy. In short, I wrote: "Assad remains in power and gets away with murder." At the time, Amir Taheri, writing for the NY Post, made this prescient statement: "In a blink of an eye, Obama has shrunk into second fiddle to Putin." Even Marco Rubio was more perceptive than the Obama administration. Several weeks ago, he predicted this: "The Russians will begin to fly combat missions in that region. Not just targeting ISIS, but in order to prop up Assad...{Putin} is trying to replace us as the single most important power broker in the Middle East." Not bad for a guy whose only running for president.

It's become more apparent that our feckless foreign policy is no longer feared by our enemies. If the last seven years of failed foreign policy initiatives don't convince you, perhaps this will. Just yesterday, Palestinian president Abbas proclaimed he will no longer abide by the Oslo Agreements with Israel. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was correct in his immediate response to Abbas when he said the Palestinian posture will now "encourage incitement and unrest in the Middle East."

Perceived geo-political and military weakness has always invited thugs like Putin and others to rattle their sabres. In addition, since America is also perceived  as no longer being on that "wall," the bad guys believe they can just climb over it and fear no consequences.  Ralph Peters recently wrote: "We have no president---we have a scared child covering his eyes at a horror movie. And Putin knows it." Unfortunately so do most of our allies and the host of other global thugs.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Putin Appears To Have Outflanked Obama Again

The good news. Some of Obama's threats still strike fears in their target's hearts.  The bad: It's not the hearts of America's enemies...Benny Avni, Middle East columnist

(Someone doesn't appear to happy in the image above)

It was September 2012. Pres. Obama drew his red line against Syria. A year later, he erased his red line. Now, there's a new red line---a line soaked in blood. In other words, the road to the chaos we are now witnessing in the Middle East (including the rise of ISIS) can be traced backed directly to the incompetence of Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State. In the subsequent years, Obama and John F. Kerry have not fared much better. Since Obama erased his red line, we've seen the following occurring in the Middle East and elsewhere:

  • We've watched as ISIS filled the vacuum left by American troops in Iraq. In September of 2014, I penned a piece entitled, "A Vacuum Creates An Invitation To The Bad Guys." It's not that I was prescient. It's simply that I know history. And history is replete with geo-political thugs taking advantage of weakness and appeasement. Examples include the Soviet Union, the Communist in SE Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia) and a host of other examples. In fact, John Podhoretz wrote correctly at the time: "The president decided America was through with the war in the Middle East. The vacuum his fecklessness has created is sucking us back in---in a far worse tactical and strategic condition than we were before."
  • Keep in mind, ISIS is not the only group of homicidal maniacs preying on innocents. Al-Qaeda remains a force to be reckoned with as well as Boko Haram who keeps murdering and kidnapping Christians throughout the Nigerian region. Those Michelle Obama hashtags should have long been replaced with one shot, one kill.
  • We also know Islamist are a threat to our homeland. This was in evidence on 9/11,  Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon and other attacks by Jihadists.
And back to Syria. It remains a total mess. Even more disturbing, Putin appears to have outflanked Obama in Syria. And it hasn't occurred overnight. In March 2014, The NY Post published its editorial with this observation: "V. Putin has taken the measure of B. Obama. He's found Jimmy Carter." Allow me to add. Putin has also found Jimmy Carter at the UN and EU. After Obama and Putin spoke and met at the UN yesterday, Benny Avni wrote: "The baton was officially transferred Monday to the world's new sole superpower---and Vladimir Putin willingly picked it up." And typical of a former KGB thug like Putin, he prefers to be feared rather than liked. It wasn't too long ago when I wrote America needs a gunslinger, not a bystander. Unfortunately that advice was not taken. 

But don't even take my word for it. A little more than a year ago, Gen. Mattis, former head of U.S. Central Command, testified to Congress that the U.S. was not adapting well to the changes in the Middle East. In addition, retired Gen. Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told a conference that "You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists." Even Leon Panetta, the former CIA Director as well as Secretary of Defense under Obama, said in his memoir: "President Obama avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities." In addition, Putin wants to be in Syria for one reason only---to expand Russia's influence just as China is doing in the S. China Sea. If he has to slaughter ISIS (a good thing), he'll do it. But his intent is to make Russia a bigger player in that part of the globe.

We are now directly observing the consequences of a failed foreign policy---a foreign policy that is not only bad for America but it's also bad for other nations. (Any wonder why Israel is so anxious when they are surrounded by over 300 million people who want to wipe it off the face of the global map?).

I leave you with the end piece in the NY Post editorial today: "Obama is determined to leave office as the president who ended America's wars. Yet everything he does to that end merely emboldens the world's most ruthless aggressors."

Where's a Ronald Reagan when we need him?

Postscript: Since this was posted yesterday, Putin send his Air Force into Syria---this less than 24 hours after meeting with Mr. Obama. In other words, Putin flipped Obama the bird---again.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Be Thankful Of Social Media: It Unveils The Deception & Lies Of The Political Class

NASA has reported that the desolate, hopeless, uninhabitable, bleak terrain of Mars is evidence of an ancient civilization of liberals...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Be thankful for social media. It's role in our everyday lives is enormous. It's role in politics is just as prodigious. This was in evidence with John Boehner's announcement that he will be resigning from Congress next month. Let's not kid ourselves. He resigned because conservatives made is exceedingly clear he was ineffective as a leader. He was part of the problem.

Having said that, if anyone believes everything will be fine once he leaves office---you don't understand the problem. The same can be said when Mr. Obama leaves office. The problem is pronounced: The political class continues to have contempt for the will of the people. One glaring example is Hillary Clinton. Even with all of the baggage she's carrying and her tanking poll numbers, she continues to remain a candidate for the highest office in our nation. She, like many in the political class, keeps flipping us the bird even though her legacy is more stained than Monica's blue dress.

Fortunately, we now have social media that helps us unveil the deception and lies of the political class. And even though social media can have both good and bad outcomes, it's patently clear it helps reveal the truth as well as the facts. The political class can no longer hide behind the closed doors of Congress and make their sleazy deals in the cigar smoke-filled back rooms. As recently as two decades ago, our sources of news were largely limited to newspapers and television. Not anymore. Today's technology enables us to search a myriad of alternative news sources. To list just a few examples of news stories that would have been buried in the past (while the media  continues to try to bury or omit aspects of news, social media makes it more difficult to do so):

  • While the attack on our consulate in Benghazi would probably have been reported, the specifics of what really happened behind the scenes would have probably remained a secret.
  • The Fast and Furious scandal would never have seen the light of day. Ditto for the IRS scandal.
  • The main stream media would never have uncovered the lies of ObamaCare. It took social media to bring them to light.
  • Incidents like what occurred in Ferguson ("Hands-Up; Don't Shoot) would have remained a true story.
  • The Tea Party would never have had the impact it had on two major mid-term elections.
  • The foreign policy failures of this administration would have been mitigated by the main stream media. In fact, even today, most of the sins of the media are sins of omission. They simply don't report on significant stories that might endanger their progressive political ideology. Social media helps fill those gaps in reporting as in the recent Iran Deal.
  • Genuine conservatives such as Ted Cruz and a handful of others would rarely get an opportunity of face time in the main stream media. Again, conservatives now have access to social media outlets.
  • In fact, today's media actually pretends to be ethical, honest and credible. We now know that from social media.
  • The nation would never have known that Harry Reid is just a miserable prick.
  • Look how long Brian Williams and Dan Rather survived in their professions before social media revealed their deception.
  • The scandals surrounding the VA would barely have been mentioned by any major media source.
  • We would never know the extent of the problems associated with illegal immigration.
  • It wasn't the main stream media that broke the Monica-Clinton scandal. It was the fledgling Drudge Report. Newsweek and others decided to take a pass on the scandal. One could make an argument that Drudge gave birth to the political social media.
These are just a small sampling of how social media helped unveil the deception and lies of the political class including their enablers in the media. It also helps us defend the truth with facts. Michael Good of the NY Post once said of the many scandals of the Obama administration, "We'll need a lot of sunshine to disinfect this rot." Social media is one way of doing just that. As I wrote some time ago, social media is the "alarm and muster" system of the modern age. Paul Revere would be proud.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis Should Heed The Advice Of The Late, Great Yogi Berra

The Pope told Obama he's not happy about the abortion culture, so Obama told the Pope he's pissed about the Crusades...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Full disclosure. I'm a Roman Catholic, albeit not a good practicing Catholic (I'm still practicing at being a better one.) I'm also a former member of a religious order. However, I won't disclose which one. I don't want to embarrass them.

As I write this, Pope Francis concluded his address to Congress. He's also taking a lot of heat from conservatives for some of his positions especially on climate change, capitalism and immigration. And while I agree with some of those critics, I'm more disappointed at his failure to focus more on the genocide of Christians around the globe and abortion. (To be fair, he did mention abortion briefly in his remarks at St. Mathew's yesterday as well as the importance of families and the sanctity of life in his speech today.) Nevertheless, in my opinion, his speech to Congress today would have sent a more powerful message if he took advantage of highlighting both issues more. In addition, I was also disappointed he didn't meet with the dissidents of the Cuban regime, especially those imprisoned. After all, when he visits Philadelphia this weekend, a prison visitation is on his agenda.

If you recall, after he was elected Pope, he quickly became a hero to progressives. He appeared in Rolling Stone (on the cover too) and the Advocate, a gay publication, featured Pope Francis as their "Person of the Year." This was shortly after he said, "If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge." Initially, one could understand their euphoria. But what they didn't understand was that this Pope had no intention of changing Church doctrine when it came to same-sex marriage and even abortion. Church doctrine in both areas remains as it has been.

Regarding his position on global warming, he said it's one of the major problems facing the poor. Unfortunately, it's not. (The earth has cooled and warmed for billions of years and climate changes minute by minute.) Even as polls continue to show that global warming comes in last place in most rankings---even among the poor---it's this warped ideology of progressives and socialists that has created a larger poor class of people (while also shrinking the middle class). Not only have we seen this occur in most South American Socialist regimes, but we've even seen this phenomena result from the policies of our own government in the last seven years. The fact is economic growth results in the betterment of human lives and drives many poor out of poverty. We've seen this occur in many parts of the globe as in many former Eastern European nations after they unshackled themselves from Communism two decades ago.

The Catholic Church has always focused on the poor. It's also one of the reasons the Church has also been directly involved with both legal and illegal immigrant populations. That's not going to change. It's always been one of its primary missions. In many respects, it should surprise no one. In addition, Pope Francis and his liberal ideology were formed by the socio-economic environment of Argentina, the country of his birth and his vocation as a priest. During the mid-1970's to the mid-1980's,  Argentina was involved in what was known as the Dirty War. In that war, the right-wing military and security forces fought against left-wing guerrilla groups including Marxist groups. Much of this had to have an impact on his view of capitalism and the plight of poor people.

I have no doubt Pope Francis is a good man with good intentions. He has a lot of charm and is overflowing with compassion. However, like many of his critics, I believe some of his priorities are skewed. And as he continues on his journey through parts of our nation, I hope he heeds the advice of the late Yogi Berra: "You can observe a lot just by watching."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson Shows It Takes Courage To Be Politically Incorrect

Ben Carson said he wouldn't approve a Muslim as president. Obama reacted with extreme anger, until he was reminded he's a Christian...WH Press Secretary (satire)

It's now clear that the progressive media and critics of Ben Carson are trying their hardest to portray the good doctor as an anti-Muslim bigot. Earlier this week, Carson said he wouldn't advocate to put a Muslim in charge of the nation. But what's failed to be reported---again, another example of the media's sins of omission---is that Carson was referring to those who support theocracies. Islam, based on Sharia Law, is incompatible with our Constitution. You don't have to take my word for it. Sam Adams, a Founding Father, said the same thing---theocracies co-opt civil governance. Instead, they replace it with theocratic fascism. Moreover, in a follow-up interview, Dr. Carson also said he would be against Christian theocracy.

To all of Dr. Carson's critics, I would ask them: where would the civil rights movement be today if it wasn't for Dr. King's political INCORRECTNESS? After all, segregation was considered politically correct at the time in many parts of our nation. In fact, in 1930's Germany, it became politically correct to bash Jews. Opposition by some to that warped ideology expressed more courage in their political incorrectness.

Those advocating that someone holding strict Islamic principles would be qualified to be president neglect to understand that type of political correctness limits and retrains freedom and liberty. All one has to do is witness how Islamists treat gays and women to illustrate just two examples. Charles Heston once described political correctness as tyranny with manners. He was generally correct with one exception. Islamists are devoid of any manners as we've seen with ISIS and Boko Haram in just the last two years.  

I can't predict whether Dr. Carson will survive this PC onslaught. But I do know this. He's absolutely correct. History is replete with evidence supporting his contention.


For those who like to throw the Islamophobia card on the table (like the Hamas front group CAIR), according to the latest FBI hate crime stats, 59.2% of religious-based hate crimes were toward Jews. And against Muslims? 14.2%. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Truth & Facts Have Never Been Progressive Values

"The shadow of crisis has passed." Pres. Obama in his 2015 State of the Union Address

It's undeniable that the first impulse of most progressives is to reach for a lie. The most recent examples have been illustrated by almost every word uttered by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Just this week, news erupted regarding Trump not correcting some idiot at a campaign event who said Obama is a Muslim. Clinton jumped on the issue and called it appalling. In Clinton's 2008 campaign against Obama, she said Obama was not a Muslim "as far as I know." In fact, it was The Telegraph (UK) that reported the lie that Obama was not born in the U.S. was fueled by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008. In the last Republican debate, it was left to Mike Huckabee to remind viewers "None of us on this stage are under investigation by the FBI." 

It wasn't that long ago when I warned New Yorkers that the election of Mayor de Blasio would plunge NYC into progressive hell. It didn't take long. Homelessness is now becoming an epidemic on NYC streets. This past weekend alone, seven people were killed. Within one year, the city's weekly murder rate quadrupled. And just today, it was reported that 75% of the city's high school students failed math. Many New Yorkers now don't even feel safe in Central Park due to an alarming rise in crime.

Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of both political progressives and their enablers in the media followed the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in August of 2014. It was both the politicians and media who perpetuated the "Hands-Up/Don't Shoot" myth (lie) surrounding the shooting. This even continued after Darren Wilson was cleared of all charges by the U.S. Justice Department---a department headed by Eric Holder. The advancement of the myth was so blatant that even 4 CNN hosts expressed their own bias by making the "Hand-Up/Don't Shoot" gesture on their news broadcast. We're watching some of the same phenomena unfold with the Black Lives Matter crowd.

We also witnessed the flagrant sins of omission by the media when it came to the conflict between Israel and Hamas two years ago. These sins and lies even extended to ObamaCare, the absence of national reporting regarding Dr. Gosnell's crimes and their failure to initially report on the IRS targeting of conservative groups. And more recently, we've be subject to conspicuous lies regarding the Iran Deal. Because of these and countless other examples (how can we forget Dan Rather's false hit piece on George W. Bush and his military experience), I was inclined to write not long ago that even Joesph Goebbels---The Nazi propaganda minister--- would be proud of the press today. 

While the malfeasance of today's press is disturbing, it's apparent they really don't care as long as they make their news fit their own political agenda. The behavior of the progressive political class is equally disturbing because it's dangerous as well. Remember, as stated at the beginning of this piece, it was Mr. Obama who proclaimed, "The shadow of crisis has passed." 


Today The New York Post reported murder, rape and robbery are on the rise in NYC.