Saturday, August 1, 2015

Questions That Should Be Asked Of GOP Candidates At Next Week's Debate & Future Debates

Sleep in
8 vacation a year
25 hr work weeks
Free stuff
Instant celebrity status
Low expectations
No experience necessary...WH Press Secretary Tweet 

With the fast approaching GOP debate, it's time we---The People---get a shot at asking these candidates some questions. This debate will be carried on Fox News, while I believe Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace---both solid journalists---will ask good questions about serious topics, I can't help but remain a tad skeptical.  (By the way, early indications are that ABC's Stephanopoulos is scheduled to moderate a future debate. I wonder how many Democrat talking points he'll be using?).

Questions I know many conservatives want asked:

  • Why do you think Republicans lost the last two elections against a weak presidential candidate who had a dreadful record?
  • How specifically would you correct all the current problems and issues at the VA?
  • What is your plan to deal with ISIS, al-Qaeda and other global terrorists including domestic terrorists?
  • Do you think it was a mistake leaving Iraq?
  • Do you support Israel?
  • What's your opinion of the Iran Deal?
  • What will you specifically do with ObamaCare? 
  • What is your opinion of the current debate regarding climate change?
  • What is your opinion regarding the most recent decision of the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage?
  • How specifically would you ensure the millions of Americans who have dropped out of the workforce get back into it?
  • If you were president today, what would you do with Planned Parenthood's federal funding?
  • Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
  • If you were to debate Hillary Clinton, what would be the first question you would ask her?
  • What will you do about illegal immigration?
  • What will you do with sanctuary cities?
  • Do you think Americans are better off today than they were in 2008?
  • What's your opinion of Common Core?
  • How would you address the current state of race relations today?
  • How would you address the current state of the national debt?
  • Of the individuals on the debate platform today, who---in your opinion---is the most conservative? Who is the least conservative?
  • Of the individuals on the debate platform today, who---in your opinion---would you like to have as your VP?
  • Where do you stand on the 2nd Amendment? 
  • Do you believe America is exceptional and why?
  • What is your definition of liberty and freedom?
Of course, all of these questions---and others---can't be addressed in one debate. However, I would like to see most covered throughout the up-coming debating season.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Iran Deal Is The Obama Administration's Biggest Clusterf*ck

Iran Promises To End Nuclear Program In Exchange For Detailed Diagram Of Atomic Bomb...The Onion

I've read a good part of the Iran Deal. And even though there are some good aspects to the deal, there remains many disturbing concerns. They include, but are not limited to, giving an "active state sponsor of terrorism" (not my language, the language of the U.S. State Department) up to $150B, allowing this terrorist regime to keep intact much of its nuclear infrastructure,  not allowing surprise inspections instead of "anytime, anywhere" inspections, and their continued development of intercontinental ballistic missiles just to name a few. In addition, there is no indication that the four Americans held by Iran will be released---including a U.S. Marine.

But if that doesn't cause concern, perhaps this will:

  • This is the regime that held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days in the late 1970's after the U.S. Embassy was overrun.
  • This is the regime that has been involved in global terrorism.  
  • They do not recognize the State of Israel. 
  • They've supported Hamas with munitions and funding. Hamas has rained over 4000 rockets into Israel in the last decades. 
  • They've supported Hezbollah, the very same group of terrorists who bombed the Marine barracks in 1983 murdering 241 American troops (220 Marines, 19 sailors and three soldiers) including 58 French peacekeepers. In fact, Hezbollah has been responsible for dozens of terrorist attacks including bombing an Israeli Embassy killing 29 and the 1996 Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killing 19 U.S. military personnel.
  • It is estimated Iranian proxies killed over 1000 American troops during the Iraq War.
  • U.S. and British officials have accused Iran of providing support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • Between 2011 and 2013, Iran sponsored several dozen terrorist attacks across the globe.
Moreover, it those incidents and more do not cause concern, all one has to do is revisit the "deal" we made with N. Korea in the 1990's. Today N. Korea has nuclear weapons. In fact, it tested its first nuke in 2006. In addition, they are working on their own ballistic missile systems.

So answer this question for me: Would you believe these pricks?

A recent piece appeared in the NY Post by Paul Sperry. He reported that many Islamic terrorists in the United States have one thing in common---they all attended mosques run by the same group, the North American Islamic Trust. Some of these included one of the Boston Marathon bombers, one of the 9/11 hijackers, and the Chattanooga shooter. More disturbing, Sperry points out authorities don't seem interested in finding out why. Why isn't this bigger news?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Many Americans Actually Like Residing On The Street Corner of Discouraged & Hopelessness

Gun free zones protect life the same way Planned Parenthood does...Razor's Tweet

There are many times when I catch asking myself: How creepy is it to consistently support an ideology that only exploits and cons you? That's exactly what happens to voters who support progressives (democrats and republicans but mainly democrats). It's one of the most mystifying aspects of politics. Many voters will vote for the same people who created the problem in the first place. And the con? Those people will promise voters they will solve the problem(s)---they created. No where was this more in evidence than in the last one presidential election cycle. We watched as a incumbent president was re-elected whose track record was dreadful to say the least. But that's just one example of many. Let's highlight a few others:

  • It was Jonathan Gruber who admitted conning the American people about ObamaCare. In short, Gruber showed the country how the Obama administration turned deception into an art form. Even the Chicago Tribune summarized the entire scam when they wrote: "Arrogance Plus Deception Equals ObamaCare-Ask Gruber."
  • We've seen the modern civil rights activists chant "Black Lives Matter" as black-on-black crime---including murder---continues at a horrific rate. According to the CDC, the leading cause of death for young black males ages 15-34 is homicide.  Just as disturbing, the very same people who proclaim "Black Lives Matter" don't appear to have any problem with the likes of Planned Parenthood (today, yet another undercover video was released regarding PP's practices. It's more horrific than the previous two videos). According to Howard University, of the infants aborted each year, 37% are black.
  • We currently have a former community organizer sitting in the Oval Office. This is the same man who organized in Chicago---a city that has more gun related deaths in one weekend than any war zone in the Middle East during the same period.
  • The progressive political class likes to rant about economic inequality. It's never about economic inequality (a phenomena that's been part of the human condition since its creation). No. It's about exploitation whose outcome is usually self-destruction and self-delusion. All one has to do is look at the War on Poverty scam. Poverty won that war even though progressives dumped trillions into poverty programs in the last 5 decades. We currently have some of the highest poverty in history.
  • And while 93% of blacks say they still support Obama, their unemployment rates continue to hover at about 10% with a participation rate of just under 62%. Yet, if Obama were allowed to run for office again, he would get overwhelming support even from those blacks still standing on the nation's unemployment lines.
  • The same phenomena is being played out with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Some democrats are even coming to the realization that she's a big fake, phony and fraud. But what are they to do? The bench is made up of an avowed Socialist and several others few Americans even know. If they decide to support her as their nominee---the exploitation and conning will continue. Even they don't---another will do the same. 
  • And while this administration has many scandals on its watch from the IRS to the horrific situation at many VA medical facilities, it's support is not as soft as it should be among many Americans.
While polls show that more and more Americans are fed up with both the Obama administration and congress, I can't shake the thought that many Americans will continue to allow themselves to be conned by the elites in the political class even though they know the political game is rigged. It's creepy and scary to realize that so many American actually like to stand on the street corner of Discouraged and Hopeless.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ted Cruz To Republican Elite: Stop Genuflecting To Obama

Trump gives out Lindsey Graham's cell number. The only cell the GOP should be talking about is the one that holds four Americans in Iran...Razor's Tweet

Shortly after the Republicans won a landslide victory in late 2014, I posted a piece that asked: "Do Republicans Know They Won A Landslide Mid-Term Election?" 

From the posture they've taken since then, it appears they haven't. More disturbing, it appears they no longer consider themselves an opposition party to the Democrats. Their behavior in the last eight months seems to reinforce that claim.

Fortunately for conservatives, there are a handful of Republicans that are taking the elite of the party to task (by the way, many of those elites also happen to be progressives). One of those is Ted Cruz. (R-Texas).

Last week, on the floor of the Senate, Cruz took Mitch McConnell to task. Without getting into the specifics of his charge (it involved the Federal Export-Important bank that Cruz opposes), the short of it was that Cruz called out McConnell for lying to him. He also called out the elites in his own party. He said the Republican leadership behaves no different that the previous leadership under Harry Reid. 

Since the mid-term elections, Cruz pointed out correctly (in my opinion) that the elites in his party keep genuflecting to Obama. Even though they've made multiple promises to the American people prior to the mid-terms---such as repealing ObamaCare---instead the Obama administration keeps rolling over a party that now holds both Houses of Congress. And we still have ObamaCare.

Keep in mind, this is the same party that lost two elections to an incumbent with a pathetic domestic and foreign policy record. This is the same party that has allowed the Obama administration to run roughshod over them when it comes to illegal immigration. (In my opinion, it happens to be one of the reasons that Trump is doing so well among the base. He's filling the vacuum left by the feckless Republicans and the base is taking notice.) To the point, it's the same party that promised to roll-back many of the administration's warped progressive policies and agenda. It hasn't. And Ted Cruz  is pointing out those failures.

Just as important, Cruz essentially charged the elites in his own party for selling out their own base. We've also witnessed the elites like John Boehner surrendering to the Obama administration as he continues to castigate party members like Cruz. The Washington Times even pointed that fact out during the government shutdown. At the time, they wrote, "House Speaker John Boehner has joined forces with key Republican leaders to shut down any GOP members that might want to strong-arm Obama over immigration." Even Breitbart reported that Boehner was willing to do a deal with Pelosi to avoid a shutdown. They reported correctly that his actions would have given Pelosi's caucus more power.

In short, the mid-terms showed Republicans that a majority of Americans made it crystal clear they were getting tired of Obama's failed progressives policies. They made it clear they were getting fed up with government overreach. They also made it clear they were disgusted with government corruption and incompetence. And Ted Cruz reminded Republicans leadership of this.  He also implied if Republicans continue on this spineless track of not behaving as an opposition political party, they just might become irrelevant.

Perhaps Dennis Miller said it best. He reminded us that "Our Founding Fathers would have never tolerated any of this crap. For Christ's sake they were blowing peoples' heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage. And it wasn't even coffee."

Ted Cruz knows when there's an opening, you must throw a knockout punch. Otherwise don't step into the ring.  He advised them they won't win if they continue to rope like a dope. He also reminded Republicans they need conservatives who are willing to take on the leadership and tell the truth as well as keeping their own promises. Otherwise they are no different than their opposition.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump: Artificial Sweeteners?

History will recall that voters  twice elected a guy who promised he would destroy the country and then watched as he did...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

I've written at least 10 pieces about Hillary Clinton. All pointing out---I believe---illustrating conclusively why she should never set foot in the White House again. (Feel free to check out the archives on this blog using its search engine).

So I'm pleasantly surprised that so many other Americans have awaken from their long coma regarding Clinton's qualifications or lack thereof.  This week Quinnipiac University reported on their most recent poll on Clinton and the results should sent shivers down the spine of her campaign. 

Clinton has lost significant ground on questions specific to her honesty and leadership. In addition, her favorable vs. unfavorable ratings clearly accentuate the negative. For example, in Iowa, her unfavorables now stand at 56% vs. 33% for favorable.  In Virginia, she stands at 50% unfavorable vs. 41% favorable. And in Colorado, it's 56% unfavorable vs. 35% favorable. These are three key states for any national election. In addition, the poll shows that Clinton has a serious developing problem among women. For example, women in Iowa found her more unfavorable than favorable (47% to 40%).

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the more Clinton speaks, the less people like her or trust her. 

So what about Donald Trump? In this same poll, his favorable vs. unfavorable numbers shadow Clinton's. His unfavorable numbers top Clinton's as well in all three states. But he appears to be doing well in national polls among Republicans---even after his tagging McCain last week.  For example, the the most recent Washington Post/ABC Poll,  when Republicans have been asked who they would vote for TODAY, Trump sits at 24%. His closest competitor is Walker at 13% followed by Jeb Bush at 12%. And while these rankings may not appear to be important at this early stage of the campaign, they are important when it comes to the first debate on Fox News. Only the top 10 Republican candidates---based on their most recent polling---will be on the stage in early August. So while Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings among all Republicans, he's going to get a shot at debating the others. It should make for good television---something Trump has mastered over the years.

Only time will determine what the outcome will be for both of these candidates. However, I'm inclined to believe both Clinton and Trump are artificial sweeteners. Clinton is learning quickly that even among her base, they are not getting the real thing --kinda like Coke learned when they tried to market New Coke.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has appeal. He appeals to the Republican base because he's showing more guts on "third rail" issue like immigration than do most of the other Republicans and Democrats. This is in evidence even when he blurts out outrageous comments. He continues to stand by and defend them. In fact, he doubles-down on his criticism of them. He knows how to divert attention to other issues. This was in evidence when he attacked one of his competitors personally like he did against Lindsey Graham earlier this week. And throughout all of this, he continues to be a master at marketing his own brand.

Having said all that, as a conservative, I could never vote for Trump. While I admire his guts and his ability to turn political correctness on its head, his history of supporting progressives like Harry Reid,  Rahm Emmanuel and others left me no alternative but to scratch him off my list.

Don't fall for the artificial sweeteners---at least it's a lesson more Democrats are learning quickly. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Obama Administration Keeps Red Lining America's Strength, Power, Prestige And Even Our History

"Being proud of America is not about being proud of a president...It's about pride in participating in the greatest experiment in human freedom and liberty that the world has ever seen." Karol Markowicz

That quote is by a woman who recently wrote a piece entitled, "American Tale: How This Country Made Me And My Family Free." She described her family's history coming from the Soviet Union to the United States. Coincidentally, she essentially described the history of my family too. 

Yet today, as evidenced with the most recent Iran Deal, we're witness to an American administration and a progressive political class that continues to draw red lines through our nation's strength, power, prestige and even our history. No reasonable American from the Greatest Generation could ever envision an American administration behaving in such an appalling manner. For example, do you think they could they ever imagine FDR or Churchill appealing to the Japanese and Germans with such a feckless bearing? Hell, No! In fact, they took the challenge on and beat down both of those enemies AT THE SAME TIME within four years. As I've mentioned in a previous post, if they had the same posture our current administration has today in dealing with evil enemies, there would not be a Jew left on the planet. There might not even be an American left on the planet.

If this administration's foreign policy is so damn good as many like to suggest, why are Syria's, Libya's, Egypt's, Yemen's, Iraq's, Nigeria's and even the Ukraine's red lines soaked in blood today?

Yet, we have an administration and a political ideology that can't even name our enemy for fear of only being politically incorrect when there are many times political incorrectness takes more courage. It's become so blatantly absurd the progressive political class is more concerned about bakers refusing to bake a wedding cake for same-sex couples as ISIS throws gays off of rooftops, stones them to death  or even drowns them in cages as they video the victims taking their last gasp of air.

It's become so bizarre that even a progressive candidate for president---Martin O'Malley-- gets heckled for proclaiming "All Lives Matter" at recent gathering of progressives. Of course, these "Black Lives Matter" Yo's Yo's don't even know that Martin Luther King, Jr., would never have used that kind of segregated and offensive language. He would have been the first to declare that All Lives Matter. In fact, that's exactly what he did.

As Karol Markowicz and her family left an ideology consumed by cynicism, conformity and uniformity for freedom and liberty, little did they know they would be faced and challenged by many of those same forces in American today. 

Postscript: Pres. Obama just ordered the WH To lower its flag at half-mast in remembrance of the 5 warriors murdered last week. It took him 5 days to decide.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Obama's Transformation Of America Is Inflicting Wounds That Will Far Outlast His Presidency

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it...Saul Alinsky

The U.N.will be voting on the Iran Deal (The Iran Nuclear Agreement) before the U.S. Congress votes on it even though the Agreement was submitted to Congress this past weekend. A casual observer would understand this is yet another way the Obama administration wants to circumvent Congress. Just as disturbing, this action would preempt any debate in Congress regarding the deal. To put it more bluntly, the Obama administration just traded our nation's sovereignty to add another notch to Mr. Obama's imperial legacy. 

By the way, Iran just announced an agreement with Russia to purchase five long-range surface-to-air missile systems.  These systems can down aircraft and intercept ballistic missiles. In addition, the Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, procliamed Iran will still hate American despite the agreement.

But if that's not enough, perhaps this might move you more. Paul Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow, reported this past weekend (published in Real Clear Politics) that the Obama administration has created a secret (no longer) race database.  In other words, the Obama administration intends to collect sensitive data on Americans by race. It's intent? ---To make America "fair" or as progressive prefer: for the purpose of "racial and economic justice." (My readers might recall my warning some time ago: Anytime you hear the phrases "racial" and/or "economic" attached to "justice," run like hell in the opposite direction). 

This Orwellian database will include data from housing, mortgage contracts, credit-card transactions, employment on minority hiring and school database. The Obama administration wants this database in operation before Obama leaves office.

Add to Obama's legacy the long list of domestic and foreign policy failures, his promise of transformation is almost complete. In fact, Paul Sperry voiced this prediction: "The first black president, quite brilliantly, has built a quasi-reparations infrastructure {referring to the collection of sensitive data that will certainly include huge government grants} perpetually fed by racial data that will outlast his administration."

In other words, as I and many others have been warning for seven years now, Obama's transformation---along with his enablers in Congress and the media---is inflicting lasting wounds upon our nation---wounds that will take generations to heal.