Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"We'll Need A Lot Of Sunshine To Disinfect This Rot" In The Obama Administration

Secret Service Chief: "This is unacceptable and I take full responsibility." Translation: "LOL. You can't fire me." David Burge Tweet

  • Almost two years ago, Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote, "We'll need a lot of sunshine to disinfect this rot." He was referring to all the scandals surrounding the Obama administration. At the time,  Obamacare, Benghazi and the IRS scandals were making headlines.
  • Since Goodwin wrote that piece, much has changed---for the worse. Under this administration, almost all of our formally highly regarded institutions have exhibited what I've referred to in the past as "trickle down incompetence."
  • Take the most recent example. I grew up holding the Secret Service in high regard. Most Americans did.  While they have one of the hardest, important  and most dangerous jobs in the world, recent reports appear to indicate even they are engulfed in conspicuous incompetence. Two years ago, at least eight Secret Service agents were fired for allegedly soliciting prostitutes while on the job in Columbia. Not long ago, three agents were sent home while on duty in the Netherlands. They were found to be drunk before the president's arrival. Two weeks ago, the guy that broke into the White House was actually able to see more of the White House than most tourist get to see. He was only stopped by an off-duty agent.
  • But it doesn't stop with the Secret Service. We've seen this trickle-down incompetence exhibited by the White House (a list much too long to summarize here), by Congress, by the State Department, by Health and Human Services (Obamacare), by the Treasury (the IRS scandal), by the Pentagon and DOJ (where we've witnessed political correctness running amok as highlighted by the treatment of the Ft. Hood shooter case) and by the handling of immigrants entering the country illegally. Just as disturbing, our foreign policy is a mess as our intelligence services bicker with the Obama administration over ISIS and who was told when. (Thank God, we still have a military that does an outstanding job).
  • And while I believe it's absurd to blame Obama, we now have the first Ebola diagnosis in the United States. 
  • Nevertheless, these events and more leave most Americans distrusting this government. Most polls substantiate this claim. In addition,  the total lack of transparency and accountability has been breathtaking. And the main stream media---the people who are suppose to hold the government accountable, the people who are suppose to be the guardians of freedom and liberty---failed miserably in doing their job.
  • Unfortunately,  it appears we have to wait at least another two years before we can open the drapes to let the sunshine in.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Bubble Wrap The Media Covered Obama In?---It's Popping

The White House intruder made it all the way into the East Room, which technically means he spent more time in the WH in Sept Than Obama...WH Press Secretary

  • Most of us watched children play with bubble wrap. They like the sound of the wrap popping. After a few minutes, the popping stops and the children move on to something else. They've lost interest. The wrap's bubbles have all burst. It's no longer fun to play with. The bubble wrap is now useless. It's not longer functional.
  • On several occasions, I've written pieces about the media's cloaking of Obama in bubble wrap. (They've done the same with Hillary Clinton over the years). But in recent months, we've heard popping coming from that bubble wrap. The last pop just might have been the threat we're facing from ISIS. Even his complicit media popped some of those bubbles themselves.
  • Pres. Obama finally answered that 3 a.m. phone call only to find out he was too late to the dance. By all accounts from some in the media, we're finding out that Mr. Obama hasn't attended 60% of his intelligence briefings (Don't be surprised if he played more rounds of golf). In fact, Pentagon officials reported that the president was forewarned about ISIS over a year ago. They said he was fully brief about the threat.  And yet, on 60 Minutes this past weekend, Obama blamed the intelligence community for the the ISIS "surprise."
  • But even more disturbing is the news that al-Qaeda is not "on the run" or "decimated" as Pres. Obama proclaimed on many occasions---especially prior to the last presidential election. In fact, many terrorist groups have actually been given safe havens in the very Arab countries the president said is part of the coalition against ISIS.
  • It's so absurd; one is inclined to put this information in the "WTF?" file. For example, Qatar has long been the headquarters for Hamas. For many years, it was also the home base for the Taliban (the very group Pakistan gave comfort). The Saudis have long supported Wahhabi organizations---long known to recruit Islamist. And Turkey? No different. While we've had American bases in Turkey for years, the country has been known as a recruiting region for Islamist.
  • This week Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel, said the things at the UN that Obama should have said to them last week.  While Pres. Obama failed to mention the threat coming from Iran, Bibi made it clear that a nuclear Iran would be more dangerous than even the threat coming from ISIS. He reminded everyone, "To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle but lose the war." He added, "Together we must recognize the dangers of radical Islam." In other words, like George W. Bush and others at the time, Bibi correctly and precisely diagnosed the threats facing Western civilization from Islamist. 
  • So we're left with just one question: Is Obama finally paying attention? It's an important question because we're not hearing that popping sound anymore.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

From The Myth Of The Arab Spring To The Burning Embers Of Autumn

The president is concluding his day by attending a private NY fundraiser. You've got to admire a president who can't be distracted...WH Press Secretary

  • In the last two weeks, I penned two pieces specific to the threats we're facing from terrorism. I reminded readers the enemy is already within {9/15/14 "The Enemy Is Already Within."}. In it, I listed many of the terrorist attacks against Americans in just the last two decades that began with the 1993 first WTC attack (there were attacks against Americans well before 1993).
  • I followed that up with a piece entitled, "How Will Obama's Media Cover Obama's War." (9/23/2014). In that piece, I offered up questions that were directed at George W. Bush during his tenure, and whether the media would be asking Pres. Obama some of the same questions. For example, what is the exit strategy {for Syria}? Another---What will you {Obama} do to prevent civilian casualties? I'm sure you understand the implications of those questions.
  • I bring up those two posts because---like many Americans---I believe most of Mr. Obama's rhetoric remains hollow when it comes to fighting terrorism. On multiple occasions, we've watched Mr. Obama trip over his own rhetoric  (a polite phrase for: his first impulse is to lie). We've also witnessed a president who has a long history of poor judgement. In fact, Peggy Noonan listed a host of examples from Obamacare's lies  to Libya to Obama's  drawing and then erasing his red line against Syria two years ago to his statement about lacking a strategy in the war against ISIS. All of these actions leave many Americans confused and insecure. I believe one can add Obama's speech to the UN this week as both weak and poor judgement in many respects. While he correctly attacked Russia for its actions against the Ukraine and the threats from ISIS and al-Qaeda, he failed to even talk about Iran's continued intentions to possess nukes. Instead he invoked Ferguson to show America has ethnic problems too. WTF?  First of all, the UN is not the place for expressing those views on an internal incident. In addition, 90% of those UN attendees had no idea what he was talking about. And 50% of those are representatives from dictatorships. What happened in Ferguson pales in comparison to what many of those countries do to their own people.
  • Peeling all of this rhetoric back, the only outcome that counts will be whether Mr. Obama keeps his commitment to destroying ISIS and their ilk. We don't want to hear any more statements about "managing" the threat. Americans want to make sure Obama finishes the job of hunting these maniacs down and killing them---all of them.
Postscript: As I write this, the media is reporting that ISIS may be targeting the subways systems of NYC and Paris. Yesterday, I knew something was up. As I walked through 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, I noticed several cops with automatic rifles in hand and standing watch. American intelligence denies any threat of this kind at this time.

Also, Eric Holder will be resigning. One of my favorite tweeters, David Burge, wrote this right after the announcement: Congrats to Eric Holder for making John Mitchell look like Mahatma Gandhi. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Will Obama's Media Cover Obama's War?

The obsolete phrase of the day is "illegal war." David Burge Tweet

Most mornings, I walk to the neighborhood diner for my breakfast pick-me-up and newspaper (Yep, hard to give up the hard copy). When I started my walk, I was surprised that I didn't see thousands of anti-war protesters lining the streets proclaiming, "Get us out of Syria" or "Syria is an illegal war." 

And that started me thinking (yet again). How will Obama's media cover Obama's war?

Before I begin, I want to make it clear I support our attacking ISIS and its affiliates in Syria. To paraphrase Robert Duval's character in "Apocalypse Now"---there's nothing better than smelling the heads of terrorists exploding in the morning. 

So let's turn to the media for a moment. Will they be asking some of the following question of Pres. Obama?

  • What is your exit plan? (no war has "exit" plans unless Bush for them).
  • Pres.Bush had a coalition of over 40 countries, we have five at this moment---all Arab states. Why?
  • How much will this war costs considering we have a massive debt? (if "debt" even comes up).
  • By bombing Syria, will we be creating more terrorists?
  • By bombing Syria, will we be upsetting the entire region?
  • With the elections coming up in less than 2 months---is this attack on Syria political?
  • What will you do to prevent civilian casualties?
  • Are you duping America into another war?
  • Aren't we bombing Syria for oil?
  • Are the Koch brothers behind this?
  • Did you bomb Syria because of your crumbling poll numbers?
Considering---as Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote last week---politics is now masquerading as journalism, I'm just askin'.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Face Of The Climate Change Hypocrites

Report: Only Way Nation Will Pay Attention To Climate Change Is If Julia Roberts Dies In Hurricane...The Onion

                                                           For how long? One Minute

I'm not going to spend any time on climate change (formally called "Global Warming" unfortunately "global warming" lost its allure when most of the nation was covered in record snow fall, ice and cold weather last winter. In addition, the globe has warmed and cooled on countless occasions prior to any humans living on the planet---even prior to their driving gas, guzzling, bad ass flamethrowers). 

No, the purpose of this post is to just show the faces of the climate change hypocrites (formally called "Global Warming" but I repeat myself). And while Hollywood and D.C. appear to be ground zero for many of these fake, phonies and frauds, the fact is almost everyone who proclaims global warming is a real threat appears to be misguided (now called "Climate Change" because...well, you know that already).

And I want to make it clear, I don't resent the fact that most of the few listed below are super-rich. God bless 'em (especially DiCaprio---who happens to always be surrounded by some beautiful babes). The fact is these two-faced hypocrites always lecture the rest of us on how we should live our lives. It's time to take them to task for their conspicuous phoniness. 

  • The award for the "king" of hypocrisy is none other than Al Gore. When Al Gore was was grooming himself as the savior of the planet, it was reported one of his homes used more than 12 times the amount of energy as the average typical home. Even the folks at Fact.Check reported, "The Gore house back in the day was an energy gobbler." I can also assure you, Al Gore does not fly coach.

  • Michael Moore, who made a career out of trying to impress upon others he was an "every man," owns 9 homes according to his divorce papers as reported by the Detroit News several months ago.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has been appointed the leader of the climate change movement.  In fact, he joined in the Climate Change March this past weekend. This is the same guy who partied on a $400 million yacht just to watch the World Cup. He does a lot of that. In fact, like many of these hypocrites, he flies in private aircraft. They burn about a gallon of fuel each minute. Oh, and these super yachts?---only about $500 of fuel each 10 minutes. When DeCaprio was asked about his yachts at the March yesterday, he suddenly lost his hearing.

  • Several years ago, Sheryl Crow advised all of us to use only one square of toilet tissue during our bathroom breaks. She, like many other rockers, tours with several tractor trailers, buses and other vehicles. 
These a just a few examples of many folks who keep telling us just to eat the cake.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The United States: A Leaderless Nation

White House Sends Obama To A 3-Day Management Seminar At The Washington Marriott...The Onion

  • In May of 2013, I wrote the following: "Over and over again, we watch this administration react to each crisis over and over again without any clear strategy." Not much has changed since I wrote that observation. In fact, just several weeks ago, Pres. Obama admitted that himself. 
  • At the time, the Obama administration was faced with the Syrian crisis. In response to Obama's erasing his "red line," I noted: "In Syria, it now appears the presidents leading from behind may lead to radical Islamist infiltrating the Syrian rebels." While I didn't know much about ISIS at the time, I didn't realize how prescient I was when I wrote that statement. In fact, several months later, we found out there was no "good" or "right" side in Syria.
  • I'm not pointing those earlier statements out as evidence of my knowledge of geo-politics. It's quite limited.  I'm referring to it to illustrate how disturbing it should be to every American that the administration plans on helping Syrian rebels again. This time to fend off ISIS. And while I'd support almost any action to destroy these homicidal maniacs, I have little faith in supporting any Syrian rebel group.
  • At the time, it also became clear to me and many other Americans, the problem with leading from behind is that no one follows you. And that outcome is playing itself out today.  For example, John F. Kerry recently proclaimed we have a coalition to help us destroy ISIS. Yet, many are asking: What coalition? We've seen evidence that many former coalition members (George W. Bush had approximately 46 coalition members referred to then as the Coalition of the Willing), no longer trust this administration. While it would be foolish to count on most of the Middle East countries & Turkey, even European allies have been hesitant to provide any direct support. Furthermore, relying on J. F. Kerry's rhetoric would be a mistake. He has a long history of tripping over his own rhetoric. In addition, contrary to the opinion of many Hillary Clinton supporters, she didn't leave him much to work with.  Victor Davis Hanson noted last May: "Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left office with American foreign policy in shambles." 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Thoughts, Some Questions And Perhaps Some Answers

HR Sends Out Reminder Email About Not Scrawling "Revenge" In Blood In Conference Room...The Onion

With all that's happening in the world today, I find myself often confronted with a plethora of thoughts, questions and---on occasion---some answers. Just wondering how many of you feel the same way:

  • Where the hell are all those anti-war folks? Proves-once again-most were (are) fake, phony and frauds. During the Bush administration, it was never about being anti-war, it was about being anti-Bush. 
  • Celebrity culture has a huge contingent of people who are anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment but you would never know it by the films and TV shows they produce.
  • Have you noticed that the heroes to progressives include many homicidal maniacs and dictators like Che, Castro, Chavez, Hamas and now even ISIS? In fact, I did a little research. There's actually a store that caters to Che items. They sell 2.6 million tee shirts a year.
  • Why did Pres. Obama ignore the threat of ISIS when he knew about their actions for more than a year? The same can be said for Boko Haram. Oh, yes, most of those young girls Boko Haram kidnapped are still missing but haven't seen Michelle and celebrities post too many hashtags lately.
  • If I learned anything in my lifetime, it's this: it's much easier to get into wars than to get out of them.
  • Has any "journalist" ever asked Obama and many Democrats why they lied about Obamacare? 
  • Also, if Obamacare is the answer, why are there so many Americans still uninsured? USA TODAY estimates that there are still about 30 million Americans uninsured.
  • Is VA care for vets improving? Haven't heard too much in the last month.
  • Whenever Donald Trump talked about running for president---did you laugh like I did?
  • Anyone ever ask anyone in the mains stream media (the presstitutes as I prefer to call them) whey they are so conspicuously bias?
  • Most of the Middle East is imploding especially Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen yet Israel has nothing to do with it.
  • I wonder how many people realize that Islamist are not only cleansing Christians,  but also cleansing other Muslims?
  • Didn't Obama pledge to unite everyone?
  • Do progressives and those who advocate for Americans paying more in taxes know Americans are leaving high tax states in droves?  
  • Billions were poured into Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and the country is still largely devastated. Anyone ever ask what happened with all the aid and money?
  • Why was there very little looting in Japan after their earthquake?
  • I'm convinced Republican women are tougher than Republican men.
  • Anyone seen Al Gore lately? I don't miss the lying prick but just wondering.
  • Do those advocating for raising the minimum wage know they will be replaced by robots? In fact, in many places, it's already happening. Ever see what it now looks like in an automobile factory? And check out 3-D technology. It's already printing firearms, engine parts, and even human organs.
  • Are czars still on the WH payroll?
  • Anyone ever ask Pres. Obama why he still tolerates such high unemployment among African-Americans?
  • Has Pres. Obama ever accepted any responsibility for all his cluster f*cks?
  • I believe no one has been held directly responsible for what happened in Benghazi and in the Fast and Furious scandal. Actually, the same can be said for the IRS scandal.