Monday, July 6, 2015

The Greeks Just Sailed Into The Perfect Storm---Will We?

Greece is a drowning man that votes "no" to a life preserver because he doesn't want to admit he can't swim...Razor's Tweet

I had the privilege and good fortune to be stationed at the Air Force base outside Athens, Greece, in the early 1970's. (It's now closed.)  Quite frankly, I thought I died and ended up in heaven. The weather was beautiful throughout most of the year. The landscape was breathtaking. The sea was dazzling. The women were gorgeous. And the Greek people were exceedingly kind and friendly. They also loved to "party down."  A young guy like me at the time couldn't ask for more.

So I find what is happening in Greece today both sad and disturbing. Nevertheless, even 40 years ago, the writing was already on the wall. The "good life" they were enjoying in the last several decades would eventually come with a price and a cost. Greece is facing an unsustainable debt to the tune of almost 900% of their GDP. And now the creditors are knocking on Greece's door. The Greeks allowed their government to grow too damn big while it's spending was completely out of control. In addition, generous pensions are unsustainable. A whole host of tax evaders as well as corrupt politicians have been playing a dangerous game for years. One glaring example: On the island of Zakynthos, 20% of the population were registered as legally blind. They were entitled to $400/month in disability pensions. But of the almost 700 considered blind, 500 were not. One included a taxi driver (61 of those considered blind were driving their cars) and another a bird hunter.  Just as striking, 40,000 pensions were being collected by people who were already dead. (NY Post). The Daily Mail (UK) reported that of 11 million people only 5000 said they earned more than $100,000 a year.

In the face of all of this and more, the Greek people voted "no" to a life-line that was thrown to them. They voted no to more austerity plans that were demanded of them by their creditors in the form of more taxes and cutting generous pensions.  In fact, Greece owes about $4B Euros (or $3.5B) that is due by July 20, 2015. As all of this is going on, Greek banks are closed concerned they will run out of money. ATM withdrawals are limited to about $60/day. 

It's too early to tell what the final outcome will be for Greece and the global economic market. But one fact is clear. We've also been living beyond our means. When unfunded liabilities (Medicare and Social Security) are thrown into the mix, our real debt is closer to $100T not the $18T now posted.  We've also watched as our own government has grown out-of-control along with additional tax mandates. And while our spending is just about 21% of GDP, it is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Moreover, Greece is yet another example of failed socialist policies. Too much dependency on a government can---like Greece---turn into a tragedy for everyone. Or as Margaret Thatcher famously said---eventually you run out of other people's money.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Democrats: Do You Realize Your Anointed Candidate For President Is Everything You Pretend To Oppose?

CAN'T work a fax machine.
CAN'T drive a car.
CAN'T put 2 email accounts on 1 device.
CAN'T list donors on tax return
Can fetch $300,000/speech...Razor's Tweet

Allow me to preface today's piece with a comment on Donald Trump and NBC.  Regardless of what my opinion is of Trump, he managed to reveal NBC's hypocrisy and absurdity. NBC dumped him earlier this week for his remarks about Mexican immigrants (his remarks were proven to be accurate by simply using FBI crime statistics. But that's another matter). Following Trump's dismissal, NBC actually made this statement: "At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values." This from the same network that has Al Sharpton on its payroll. You can't make this stuff up.

Now to Hillary Clinton. Those who follow me and have read my posts on a regular basis know I've written a number of pieces about America's Eva Peron. Feel free to use the blog's search engine to review those posts. 

We now have additional email revelations that clearly show the "smartest woman" in the world (according to her rabid supporters) couldn't pour piss out of a shoe with instructions on the heel. In addition, her pronouncements bashing the rich and targeting economic inequality prove to be superficial. She's proven to be a liar and awash in greed. The latest revelations:

  • She doesn't know how to use a fax machine.
  • Last week, the State Department reported Clinton failed to turn over 15 work-related emails from her "private" server.  They happened to be emails she exchanged with Sidney Blumenthal concerning events surrounding Libya. But Blumenthal gave the House Select Committee 60 Libya related emails he exchanged with Clinton. Someone has a math problem or is lying. Recall, Clinton told the Committee she handed over all relevant emails. Does Benghazi ring a bell?
  • Clinton emailed her staff aid that she heard on the radio that there was a cabinet meeting. Sadly, she asked her aid if she {Clinton} can go.
  • The University of Missouri reached out to Clinton to speak at the opening of its women's hall of fame. She demanded $275K. The school balked and decided to go with Chelsea Clinton for a paltry $65,000 for a half-hour speech or about $2000/per minute. The school must have felt they got a deal.
  • In one email, she asked why Nixon met with Kissinger every day while she only met with Obama once a week. Ouch!
  • Obama officials like David Axelrod said they didn't know about Clinton's private email account yet he (and other officials) communicated with her on her private account.
There's more but who cares? Her supporters certainly don't. They know Clinton represents everything they say they oppose. But like most progressives, their first impulse is always reach for a lie.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Intolerance of The Aggrieved And Petulant Class

Can we force liberal bakers to bake a cake featuring a Confederate flag?...Razor's Tweet

The progressive political class never ceases to amaze me. They're petulant and always feel aggrieved.  In particular, their proclamations about tolerance as they embrace intolerance if anyone disagrees with them is disturbing. They've even managed to make hypocrisy an art form. More recently we've witnessed this conspicuous intolerance when it comes to same-sex marriage and disparaging the South (you can read my views on both in my previous post).

Intolerance and political correctness of this grumbling class go hand-in-hand. For example, in 1930's Germany, it was politically correct to condone violence against Jews. It took guts to be politically incorrect and show one's opposition to that brutal behavior. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the last 80 years. In fact, on one of my recent posts, I remarked that "Never Again" has morphed into "Over and Over Again." So let's take a moment to list the ways:

  • For example,  the attacks by activist gays against businesses who refuse to photograph their weddings or bake them a cake is reminiscent of the attacks by Nazi thugs against Jewish owned businesses. (Cool your rainbow britches---I'm not equating activist gays to Nazis. After all, gays were also sent to concentration camps during that era in Nazi Germany and many didn't survive. Political correctness and intolerance raised their warped ideology toward gays too).
  • While Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East and around the globe, the American mainstream media remains largely silent because it's politically incorrect to point out Islamist fascism. They're so gutless they don't even dare to publish cartoons that they deem offensive against Muslims.
  • Last year, Brandeis University dis-invited Ayaan Ali to speak. Ms. Ali just happens to be critical of Islam's treatment of women---Oh! Practices such as female genital mutilation to name one. 
  • Not long ago, the CEO of Mozilla was forced out of the job because it was found that he contributed $1000.00 in support of California's Prop 8. He apparently was in opposition to same-sex marriages.
  • It was also last year when Phil Robertson made his views known about homosexuality. The network(A&E) suspended Robertson because of political pressure from gay activists. As Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote of Robertson's suspension: "The network essential defended the bruised feelings of the homosexual industrial complex." He was later reinstated after the network realized his suspension was cutting into their revenue.
  • Even Kickstarter, the crowd funding website, refused to allow a campaign to raise funds to produce a film about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist doctor convicted of murder.
  • Christian and student groups have either been harassed or kicked off student campuses. Conservative speakers are regularly harassed. Just ask Ann Coulter. She needs to have security when she speaks at colleges campuses---if she's even invited.
  • Who can forget the Chick fil A controversy after its CEO was vocal in his support of traditional marriage (whatever that is anymore)? In fact, at the very same time, Pres. Obama's views of traditional marriage were "evolving."  He finally evolved when he realized he needed campaign contributions from the gay community.
We will continue to witness this bigotry and intolerance by the progressive political class. They're always angry and never satisfied anyway. The attacks on free speech, liberty, American history (as evidenced by the controversy over the Confederate flag) and the Constitution will continue. 

I say---grow a set and be politically incorrect. While it takes more courage, it will also set you free. All to often, we've seen the outcomes of political incorrectness---outcomes that have stained humanity.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Progressives Rewriting Their Own Racist History While Still Wearing Che Tee Shirts

A campaign has begun to remove all racist symbols remaining from the Confederacy, but the Democratic Party has refused to leave...WH Press Secretary

While I was off-line last week for almost a week due to that "maybe it was a tornado or maybe not" weather, a ton of news broke from the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare to their ruling that all states must allow same-sex marriage. And while I have my opinions on same-sex marriage---in short, I'm not opposed to it although I believe it should have remained a decision for each state to make---it's the uproar over the Confederate flag that interested me more.

And for good reason. On a personal note, I never gave the Confederate flag much consideration. I've always been proud living and serving one flag---the Stars and Stripes. As far as I was concerned (and still am), the Confederate flag is just an historical relic. I also found that the furor and outcry over the Confederate flag is not really about that flag at all. It's about revising American history. It's what progressives have been doing for decades. 

And the absurdity reached new levels when it was reported that the U.S. National Park Service began removing Confederate flag merchandise last Thursday. However, the Park Service also said it would allow selling books and educational materials that depict the flag in historical context. Hello! Isn't that the point of teaching the history of a nation---any nation? You see the Park Service fully understands that removing all traces of the Confederate Flag at their Civil War sites would render those historical sites questionable. It would also cut into their income.

If that doesn't illustrate how irrational this debate has become, perhaps this story will shed more light on the issue. Three days ago, the Mayor of Memphis, Tenn., said he wants to dig up the late Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest and his wife. In addition to being a Confederate general, Forest was also one of the founders of the KKK. And while I agree Forest was a symbol of racism and segregation, where does this nonsense stop? Are we now to remove the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) from his grave because he was a member of the Klan and even a local Klan chapter director? If that's the case, then there are many other deceased Democrat politicians who deserve the same fate. In 1994, then Pres. Bill Clinton praised the United Daughters of the Confederacy for the "wonderful legacy" of their founders  In addition, his mentor was the late Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-Arkansas), a segregationist.

But not only are Democrats now ignoring their own disturbing legacy, they are revising their own racist history (Just as Mr. Obama---with the help of the media---revised his own legacy with his former associates such as the racist and anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright and former domestic terrorists) . And the irony in all of this is that many of these same people proclaim their outrage over the Confederacy while still wearing their Che Tee shirts. The Confederate flag is the legacy of Democrats not Republicans or conservatives. They are revising history to mitigate their own guilt.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

America's Love Affair With Bold-Faced, Shameless Liars

It's not a lie if nobody cares...George Costanza's list of lies

I'm not naive. I know politicians have been lying since the dawn of politics. But I think something has changed in the last 30 years. Many Americans now have a love affair with stone cold liars in the political class as well as with those in the media. 

Perhaps it started with Bill Clinton. It was clearly evident he lied. We watched it on our TV sets. Yet, for many, Bubba remains one of the most admired past presidents in American history. For that matter, he was still popular even as he lied to the nation.

And then Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton entered the political scene. 

With Obama, the number of lies and broken promises is immeasurable. From his promise to close Gitmo to the lies of ObamaCare (just yesterday, more information came to light regarding Gruber's involvement as the "architect" of the health care law) to his promises about open or transparent government, there are many. Yet, even with such a history of deceit, Mr. Obama was re-elected president.  During all these years, the presstitutes in the media kept Obama cloaked in bubble wrap. They still do.

We're quickly entering another phase of American politics with the approach of 2016 election. Hillary Clinton, another blatant and shameless liar, is running for president. Even more disturbing, many Americans continue to support her and will likely vote for her. Their intent comes on the heels of not only her total lack of accomplishments as both NY Sate Senator and Secretary of State, but also after the revelations of what happened in Benghazi, her email scandal and now the corruption associated with the Clinton Foundation. She---like Mr. Obama---is politically bankrupt. Even the fact that Bill Clinton, as Gov. of the State of Arkansas, signed an act honoring the Confederate flag doesn't seem to phase most of her supporters. She was First Lady of Arkansas. (It certainly doesn't appear to phase the knee-pad media since most  haven't reported on this fact even with their current obsession with the Confederate flag.)

America, let's stop deluding ourselves. A large portion of the country likes unprincipled, shameless liars. The proof is undeniable. George Costanza was right.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Progressive Political Class: Profiles In Gutlessness

John Kerry: We will never surrender our freedom of speech to those various people I would rather not name...David Burge Tweet

I believe that most reasonable and honest observers among us would agree the Greatest Generation was a profile in courage. After all, that was a generation that took on two formidable enemies at the same time. They also kicked their asses in four years.

And while we still have the best military on the planet, we can't say the same for the progressive political class---Democrats and Republicans.

It was just three years ago this summer when Mr. Obama drew his now embarrassing  "red line" warning Syria on use of chemical weapons. He erased that red line and replaced it with red lines soaked in blood. Imagine if FDR and Churchill had done the same thing against the Japanese and the Germans. We can't.  But if they had erased their red lines, we might be experiencing a different reality today. One outcome is certain. They're wouldn't be a Jew left on the planet.

In today's world, we watch as progressives express outrage at almost everything to do with what made this nation great---but against our enemies?---not so much. In this country, as well as in most of Europe, we've witnessed feckless appeasement. It's so absurd---with few exceptions---cartoons about Islamist are forbidden. Even as Hollywood shows the dark side of humanity, it rarely includes the dark side of Islam. As ISIS beheads innocents and brutalizes gays, the progressive political class is more concerned whether bakers will serve same-sex couples. As Islamist brutalize women, the progressive political throws out bogus war on women rants against their political opposition.

Even today, Russia and China keep flipping us the bird. As recently as two weeks ago, Russian military aircraft made close aggressive passes at our warships. Last year, Russia invaded the Ukraine. China is building small islands in the South China Sea with runways capable of handling military aircraft.

Perhaps nowhere is this gutlessness more pervasive than with the black community. As they continue to chant "Black Lives Matter," dozens of black Americans are murdered in our cities each and every day. This past weekend alone, there were dozens of shootings and at least one death. In Philadelphia alone, 10 people were shot at a street party. In New York City approximately 60% of those murdered are black---usually by other blacks. And it doesn't take long for the gun control advocates---like Mr. Obama---to focus on guns. The problem is they rarely target ILLEGAL guns or the thugs. As far as I recall, owning an illegal weapon is just that---against the law. Then again, we've had a 40 year war on drugs. How's that working out? Or for that matter, how are those gun free zones working out? All they do is invite violence upon those who are unarmed. We watched that horror unfold last week in South Carolina as well as countless other places. The fact is mental illness and racism can't be outlawed. In addition, there are no guarantees that an illegal weapon will fall into the hands of someone who wants to do us harm. But how absurd is it when a political ideology refuses to let us defend ourselves from just those kinds of threats?

We've also witnessed the long love affair  the progressive political class has with thugs and terrorists. After all, these are some of the same people who still consider Che a hero. These are some of the same people who would rather see domestic terrorists walk on our streets again. It was Bill Clinton who commuted the sentences of 16 FALN members. As I mentioned in a previous post, the current speaker of NYC council advocated for the release of the leader of the FALN. This speaker is also the same nitwit who eulogized the death of a convicted terrorist. That's right. Isabel Rosado Morales was part of a Puerto Rican group of nationalists who attacked Congress in the House chamber in 1954. Five U.S. congressmen were shot and wounded. Morales was apprehended the next day. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Jimmy Carter pardoned four of the other terrorists. Notice a pattern?

The outcomes of all this fecklessness not only gives others (usually our enemies) the perception that we're weak. But all too often---it can lead to many innocents paying the ultimate price---their lives.

A Personal Note: Kudos to the people of S. Carolina especially the families of those murdered last week. They met evil with human kindness. Honestly, I don't know if I could exhibit that type of grace and forgiveness. But it's damn refreshing to know we still have many Americans who exhibit rare fortitude and character in the face of such evil. Their response is a genuine profile in courage. Oh, one more note: Al Sharpton---fuck you!

Friday, June 19, 2015

What's Real Anymore? What's Happened To Truth? Do Facts Even Matter?

This wouldn't have happened if only murder were illegal...Razor's Tweet

It was 1988. I traveled to Poland to visit my parents.  It was my first visit since they retired to Poland two years earlier. Both my parents and my two uncles (on my dad's side) spent most of the war years in Poland imprisoned in labor camps. Dad was the shortest of his two brothers. (As a child in 1920's Chicago, he was run over by a drunk driver in a truck and both of his femurs were broken.) But, like his brothers, he was a little bad ass. He managed to escape three prison camps, the last time working on a Germany military vehicle delivering sausage to German troops. He jumped out of the rear of the truck, and took off like a jack rabbit never to be caught again . (Before he jumped out of that truck, he threw sausage and jelly on to the town's streets. People were hungry.) My two uncles were released in a prisoner exchange program. Returned to the U.S. and were immediately drafted. Frank was sent to the Pacific theater while Cass remained stateside.

Several weeks after arriving, we took a trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp. We walked through the camp for several hours.  I saw tons and tons of human hair behind glass enclosures. Same for eyeglasses. Hundreds of suitcases as well with names marking their previous owners. The "shower" rooms where thousands were gassed. The wall where thousands were executed--Poles, Jews, gays, Gypsies and a host of other poor souls.  As we were leaving the camp, I looked back and saw that infamous sign over the entrance that read (translated): "Work Shall Set You Free." It was then when I had to ask myself: This can't be real? But it was. It was also then when I converted to being a conservative. I realized appeasement and political correctness were bullshit. It all to often led to the death of innocents. It took more courage to be politically incorrect.

Skipping to the future, I'm asking myself the same question although the circumstances---not as serious as what concentration camp victims and survivors faced, are certainly as important. Perhaps, in some cases, as with what is happening to the victims of ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, just as brutal and terrorizing.

In the last eight years, we have an American administration that just doesn't appear to be able to tell the truth about most things. We have two political parties that are unable to agree on anything---for the sake of the Republic. We have a political class that continues to exploit and inflame poor communities.  We have a presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton who has more scandals in her wake than Richard Nixon. We have men who are trying to convince us they're women and a prominent white women who want us to believe she's black. We've had several mass shootings of innocents that---all too often---open the gates to political pandering instead of focusing on the truth and facts. We have a main stream media that can't stop pretending they are honest, credible and ethical. And while we should mourn those murdered in those mass shootings, where is the outrage for the mass murders committed in our nation's cities each and every day? When will the black community come to terms with this very same slaughter---this holocaust of their own instead of always placing blame on others? In other words, when will we admit that all lives matter? Throughout the world, we've witnessed the promise of "Never Again" transformed to "Over and Over Again."

I can go on with a host of other examples. In all of these and more, we should be asking ourselves: What they hell do we believe in anymore? Who the hell do we believe in anymore? Is anything real? What happened to the truth? Do facts even matter?

Questions I'm certain many of us are having a hard time answering today.