Monday, October 10, 2016

Lots Of People Living In Glass Houses Are Throwing Stones

Last night, before Hillary answered a single debate question, the FBI granted her complete immunity ... WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Allow me to get one observation out of the way first.  The video and audio of what Trump said about some women was inappropriate, tasteless and crude.

Now you know how I felt about the revelation of that private conversation.  Let's  take a look at the hypocrites voicing their outrage over that leak:

  • Putting aside her countless scandals and corruption,  Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton.  Most know his history with many women.
  • Hillary Clinton's closest advisor, Huma Abedin, has been married for years to the one and only "Carlos Danger" also known as Anthony Weiner.  He had a habit of texting women (some alleged to be under age) his privates.  Abedin has indicated she plans on divorcing him. Question: What took so long?  He's been exhibiting this perverted behavior for years.
  • Mark Cuban, a businessman and on "Shark Tank," expressed his displeasure with Trump.  One small problem. He aired "Girls Gone Wild" on his network.
  • Robert De Niro, a fine actor. made a video where he ranted against Trump. In fact, in it, he said he'd like to punch "Bozo" Trump in the face.  Interesting coming from an actor whose made his living in Hollywood long known for making films sexualizing women and exploiting many women.  Does "Casting Couch" ring a bell?
  • And need I write how the Kennedy men treated many women? For that matter, how many politicians have mistreated many women?
  • Hollywood's left-leaning players have saturated the culture portraying women as sex objects---with occasional sexual violence against women---for decades.
The fact is there isn't a human being on this planet that wouldn't be embarrassed by some of the things they've done in their past if those were revealed. The perfect person doesn't exist.  For that matter, anyone subjected to the attacks now  against Trump wouldn't survive (of course, with the exception of many progressive democrats. Need I mention Bill Clinton's name again?  The only reason he was caught was the discovery of the stained "blue dress."  Prior to that---he, like his wife, lied repeatedly to the nation on national television).

Months ago, I wrote a piece entitled, "There Are No Angels In Politics."  Perhaps I should have written, "There Are No Angels In Life."  Both would have been true.

Not long ago, I also wrote a piece entitled, "The Media Only Pretend To Be Honest, Ethical and Objective."  I think I was wrong. They no longer pretend. Or as David Burge Tweeted out recently: "I hope we can all agree, that no matter how bad Trump and Clinton are, the media are worse than all of them put together."   Amen to that.