Monday, March 25, 2013

The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is putting on a litte weight. She'd better be careful. If she gains ten more pounds, Bill's going to start hitting on her...Letterman

  • As Democrats, progressives and much of the presstitute media continue to drive the fairy tale and myth surrounding Hillary Clinton's accomplishments, the question arises: will it work if she decides to run in 2016? If her tenures as Senator of NY State (2001-2009) and most recently as Secretary of State are any indication, no rational voter should give her any consideration (but we know millions will).
  • For example, last month, Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer (a prominent progressive rag) even had to admit, "Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any new strategic doctrine...She has no major foreign policy success."

  • Jennifer Rubin, one of the only conservatives on the staff of the Washington Post, posed this question about Hillary in her piece this weekend: "Where is the record of accomplishment, let alone greatness." Rubin also points out the the Benghazi attack took place on her watch when we had a U.S. Ambassador killed, the first one in the last three decades. And who can forget her memorable testimony regarding the attack on Benghazi when she proclaimed, "What difference does it make?" (Bear in mind, two non-partisan commissions found the State Department was riddled with systemic failures regarding Benghazi including a failure in leadership).
  • And it's becoming more apparent---as each day goes by--- that her work in the Middle East was a failure. The Muslim Brotherhood is now in control of Egypt. In fact, just this past weekend, Pres. Morsi of Egypt (a member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself) warned Egyptians, "Let us not be dragged into an area where I will take a harsh decision" in response to opposition protesters. Also this weekend, the head of Syria's Western-backed opposition to President Assad, resigned. He was the head of the coalition we hoped would emerge as the most credible body to channel aid to the anti-government forces.  Of course, we also continue to face the challenges from Iran and N. Korea.

  • Her tenure as NY State Senator was also not that impressive. In fact, points out her record of accomplishments were trifling (most of the bills she had passed were largely symbolic such as naming post offices and court houses). In addition, she missed almost 10% of her votes (the average is 2% among senators).
  • So as we approach 2016, watch how cleverly the presstitutes in the media (including Hollywood) will start conceiving the fairly tale regarding Hillary's legacy.

Postscript: Since this post was written, virtually every outing she's had, e.g. book release, conferences and speeches have proven to be a total disaster. In addition, her personal email system is now under scrutiny as well as fundraising for the Clinton Foundation, suspicious finances and conspicuous greed. Deroy Murdock reported no less than six donors and board members of the Foundation have shady backgrounds and criminal convictions. (NY Post) All of this on the heels of Travelgate, missing Rose Law Firm records, and countless more scandals. In addition, most recent reports show she did have classified material on her server when she claimed she did not.