Monday, April 11, 2016

Yo Boston Globe! Let's Review The Real News

"The truth shall set you free, but first you will feel miserable." ,,,Anonymous

This post is not meant to speak for Donald Trump.  He can do that for himself. I'm sure he will.

Yesterday,  The Boston Globe thought they would channel The Onion by headlining some of the issues the nation would be facing if Trump were elected president. Dated in 2017, some included, but were not limited to, the following:
  • "Deportations Begin."
  • "Markets Sink As Trade War Looms."
  • "U.S. Soldiers Refuse To Kill ISIS Families."
Anyone who reads my posts know I'm a big fan of parody and satire. At the beginning of my posts, I will often use a satirical quote.  For this reason, I found the Globe's take on a Trump presidency rather amusing.  But their attempt looks into the future. It's an editorial attempt at what the nation might expect from Trump as president.

So in the spirit of truth and facts, let's examine some actual headlines---headlines that reflect the actual damage created by the Obama presidency.

  • 27% Of Americans Polled Say U.S. Heading In The Right Direction...Rasmussen Polling (today)
  • New ISIS Offensive Could Be Imminent, And Coalition Forces Are Spread Dangerously Thin,,,Daily Mail
  • Iran Says Missile Program Not Negotiable...Drudge
  • President Obama Refuses To Name America's Enemy...Yahoo News
  • Why Does Obamcare Make Health Insurance So Expensive?...Powerline
  • Obama Called ISIS A JV Team...Newsbusters
  • Hillary Clinton Lies Again...Daily Telegraph (UK)
  • Yes, Hillary Clinton Lied About Her Emails...Washington Examiner
  • Iran Humiliates Obama & Kerry Again...NY Post
  • Obama's Foreign Policy Failures Are Proving Obama's Critics Right...Time
  • Why Is The Economy Still Weak...NY Times (August 2014---when we were told otherwise by the administration).
  • VA Scandals Just Keep Coming...St. Augustine Record
  • U.S. Banks Dismal First Quarter May Spell Trouble For 2016..Reuters
  • The Man With No Plan: Generals & Diplomats Are Livid About Obama's Foreign Policy Mess...The NY Post
You get the picture. While I'm not a big Trump fan, I doubt he can do the damage to the country that Obama has done in just the last 8 years----damage that will far outlast his presidency.