Monday, August 8, 2016

Media Continues To Abandon Its Journalistic Principles

Hillary's insecure server included intel about the man who Iran just hanged as a spy. Her lax Nat/Sec kills, so let's promote her to POTUS ...Razor's Tweet

I've written a number of pieces proving conclusively that the media lost their objectivity, ethics and credibility a long time ago. We've seen their malfeasance play out during the Clinton administration.  We witnessed it when Dan Rather tried to go after G.W. Bush with bold-faced lies.  We've watched their conspicuous bias against Israel for decades. We also observed their false narratives surrounding the riots in Ferguson.  More disturbing,  their malpractice was on full display with the reporting (or lack of) with regard to Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals.

So it should surprise no one that the media has abandoned their journalistic principles when it comes to reporting on Trump and Hillary Clinton. Admittingly,  Trump has a tendency to give the media a lot of red meat to chew on.  That's undeniable.  He's like a QB in a huddle who gets distracted by a nitwit in the stands and breaks the huddle to jump into the stands to take on the knucklehead. He's suppose to lead the team not be diverted by some yo-yo yelling at him. Nevertheless, most of the main stream media continues to ignore Hillary Clinton's outright lies regarding her e-mails (at least The Washington Post could no longer ignore her blatant lies. They felt compelled to bestow 4 Pinocchios for her Fox interview when she said her answers were "truthful" to the FBI). But that contention by the Post was clearly made to absolve  themselves for their long history of cloaking the Clintons in bubble wrap.

Now, as reported in The NY Post today,  "An Iranian nuclear scientist has been hanged for treason for providing secrets to the U.S. Tehran has confirmed, less than a year after e-mails from Hillary Clinton's private server were released apparently referencing him as 'our friend.'"

According to Hillary Clinton and her enablers in the media, there's nothing to see here (when referring to the e-mail and private server scandal).  Even as Clinton leaves dead bodies in the wake of her overall incompetence (from Syria to Libya to Iraq and now ISIS), it's Donald Trump who most of the media obsesses about. To give you a flavor of what the media does, I checked the last 7 hours of Tweets by CNN,  6 are all negative about Trump. Nothing. Nada about Hillary Clinton.  MSNBC, the haven for media lunatics, is just as bad. In fact, they're even targeting Trump's wife.

As I've written many times, Trump was not my first choice. But, if his campaign proves anything, it continues to prove that most of the main stream media pretends to be ethical, honest and credible.  In fact, many in the media no longer pretend.  They've compromised their journalistic principles a long time ago.