Thursday, August 4, 2016

$400M To Iran More Proof The Iran Deal Was Pure Deception

DOJ recommended Iran payment. Worried it'd look like a what it is: a ransom payment ...Snitfit  Tweet

In July 2015, I declared the Iran Deal was the Obama administration's biggest clusterf#ck  next to releasing five hardened Taliban terrorists.  It was well known that Iran was (is) a terrorist state. They've been funding global terrorism for years.  In fact, a year later, the left-leaning NY Times  reported on the deception. The media were simply regurgitating talking points given to them by the Obama administration regarding the deal with Iran according to The NY Times report.

This week we have yet another scandal surrounding the Iran Deal.  The administration wants Americans to believe that an unmarked plane landing in Switzerland at the dead of night carrying $400M (not in American dollars) to  Iran was not a ransom payment for freeing four Americans held hostage. According to the administration, it was simply a "coincidence." In addition, there are laws in place denying Iran access to U.S. financial systems (as well as others). So, by using cash, our own government circumvented those laws and its own sanctions against Iran.

One of the major reasons we have a policy against using ransom is quite clear: Ransom payments encourage scumbags to kidnap others. Since this payment, two more Americans have been held hostage.

Even more disturbing, this $400M in ransom was hidden from Congress.  Senior officials at the Justice Department conveyed their objections to sending the money to Iran but they were overruled by the State Department. So on top of negotiating an insane deal with a state sponsor of terrorism who wants to develop nuclear weapons,  our government sends them hundreds of millions in cash on an unmarked aircraft in the middle of the night in a foreign country.

What was that about a duck?