Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Leaning Tower Of Trump

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has sacrificed. Like when she sacrificed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi to help POTUS win the election ...Josh Earnst Tweet (parody)

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece stating Trump can only take down Trump.  Since that time, his strategy has been defying many in the political class and those in the media.  After all, Hillary Clinton is more than just a flawed presidential candidate, she's also corrupt to the core. The evidence is now overwhelming.  But just as Trump's base gives him pass after pass, the same can be said for those supporting Clinton.  The big difference is that Clinton is a pathological liar.  Trump, on the other hand, makes offensive and stupid statements much too often.  His most recent tit-for-tat with the parents of one of our fallen warriors is certainly evidence of that conspicuous brainlessness. It's the first time any of his statements had legs when it comes to a media, a media that hovers over him like a crow ready to feed upon a decaying carcass.

And that's his problem (among several).  The more mistakes he makes like this one, the more the media and many dissatisfied Republicans will try to drum up support against him. We're witnessing that occurring already this week with more defections from Trump's camp. Some actually stated they will now support Clinton (one has to question whether they were Republicans in the first place. We do know some have been Republicans in name only). Nevertheless, the polls show he's taking some slight hits---his taking on the parents of the fallen warrior and Clinton's post-convention bounce probably account for those poll numbers (keep in mind---national polls are meaningless. It's all about electoral votes and it's more of a regional election. That's why states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida are so important).

Then there's another theory. Are the wounds inflicted by Trump---self-inflicted on purpose? Is he really serious about beating Hillary Clinton?  The more he trips over his own rhetoric, the more it appears he's not sincere about this campaign. At this point, I don't know but his actions raise my suspicions.

Last month, I suggested a  road-map for Trump to beat Hillary Clinton. It included, but was not limited to,  honing in on the failed economy (as last week's weak GDP proved),  focusing on Hillary Clinton placing our national security at risk (as reinforced by the Benghazi Report and Comey's report) and fixating on obliterating Islamists terrorism.

Long ago and often, I've said beating Hillary Clinton is like picking low-hanging fruit.  The problem with that metaphor is that the last two Republican presidential candidates faced the same----and lost.  Nevertheless,  Hillary Clinton is not only flawed, she corrupt and untrustworthy as most polls illustrate.

So my suggestion to Trump. If you're serious and sincere about beating Hillary Clinton---focus, focus, focus ---on her.  Don't waste your time with garbage---for the crows continue to hover.