Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Vacation Update For Pres. Obama: ISIS and Fergurson

How quickly will Obama return to the front 9? My Tweet after Obama's statement today on the murder of journalist James Foley.

  • I felt compelled to Tweet that statement out today considering Pres. Obama was on the golf course within 10 minutes of his news conference last week that addressed the Ferguson shooting and subsequent rioting  and looting.
  • The events now occurring in Ferguson and in many other major cities run by progressive democrats gives us a glimpse into the past as we hurdle into the future. In just the last several years, we've watched as Occupy Wall Street was treated as relevant. And today, in Ferguson, we've witnessed irrelevant, race-baiting hacks in the media, Sharpton and the Black Panthers take center stage. Michael Goodwin of the NY Post attributed much of this to a political class that "only panders to the least common denominator."
  • Everyone now knows, ISIS beheaded an American journalist and are threatening to do the same to another. This is a group of savage murderers who have committed one crime after another against humanity. As Amir Taheri correctly pointed out this week, ISIS and their ilk are "enemies of mankind." He added, "The Islamic State kills people because it can." Yet throughout history, civilized nations took appropriate action against those who were enemies of humanity. Yes, in a few cases, they were late to the dance. But as we saw during WWII and its aftermath, the Nazis eventually paid for their crimes. Israel didn't waste time in hunting down the leaders of the massacre of their athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. 
  • But ISIS even trumps that brutality. Terrorism is too kind a word to describe this uncivilized human trash. I can assure you that the Greatest Generation would never have tolerated this kind of barbarism. Since these groups have embarked on genocide, we---along with our allies---should unleash our own hell and bomb them back to the stone age where they won't be able to harm more human beings.
  • We are now faced with attaining justice in response to what ISIS has done and what they continue to do and to what happened in Ferguson, MO. But one thing is certain. The president of the Free World needs to give more attention to these concerns than to improving his golf game and continued fund raising. When Obama withdrew from Iraq, he created a vacuum now filled by homicidal maniacs. In today's brief news conference he said that savages like ISIS will "ultimately fail." With all due respect, we don't want them to fail Mr. President; we want them dead and defeated.
PS: I understand that there might be actions going on behind the scenes with our military, intelligence agency, etc. that we are not privy too.  However, past behavior is often a predictor of future behavior. And that alone should make us feel very nervous when it comes to this president.