Friday, July 25, 2014

Somewhere In Hell, Joseph Goebbels Is Smiling

If Goebbels had the media we have today, there wouldn't be a Jew left on the planet...My Tweet

First some history. Joseph Goebbels was the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was known for his pathological antisemitism. He supported and recommended the extermination of the Jews later known as the "Final Solution." But from the very beginning of his taking office, he led a variety of  "actions" against Jews in Germany. They included the burning of books, boycotting Jewish businesses and the killing of Jews. As most now know, the outcome was the murder of over 6 million Jews by the end of WWII in 1945. I visited Auschwitz on two occasions. I saw the results of the "Final Solution." 

And while I am not accusing the media of supporting the killing of Jews by Hamas and other terrorist groups, I am accusing them of taking part in distortions, omissions and outright lies when it comes to the reporting of any type of conflict between Jews and Jihadists. Hence, the reason for the title of this post. We are witnessing a propaganda war as well as a real war in the Middle East today. But you don't have to believe me, allow me to just list some headlines that have appeared in the media in the last several weeks. Keep in mind, Hamas stores munitions and rockets in schools, civilian homes, under hospitals, countless number of tunnels and mosques. They also fire their rockets and missiles from these sites. The Israelis, on the other hand, always warn the civilian population that they will respond to the Hamas attacks. In the last several weeks, Hamas fired over 2,300 rockets and missiles into Israel.

The following are Twitter feed headlines:
  • "In small Gaza morgue, 75-year-old volunteer dresses bodies of those killed in conflict with Israel for burial." AP
  • "Breaking: Palestinian official: 7 people killed while seeking shelter in UN school hit by Israeli shell." AP  (What the headline failed to report is that Hamas stores munitions in those schools. Even the UN Secretary deplored their actions two days ago).
  • "695 Palestinians killed since the beginning of renewed hostilities, Gaza Health Ministry report." CNN (Of course, they don't report on how many of those Palestinians were terrorists. In fact, CNN keeps an update on Palestinian casualties).
  • "Forced To Flee." CNN International on Palestinians fleeing to shelters from Israeli attacks. (Nothing on Israelis who have to take shelter on average every 10 minutes in the last month).
  • "There is no life. How Gaza City residents carry on through generations of war." CNN International
  • "Photos: Our images from the scene of a UN-run school hit by shelling in Gaza." Reuters 
I can continue with examples of dozens of these type of headlines without having to cherry pick especially with the BBC.

And one can't always count on the UN either. The day Hamas launched over 80 rockets into Israel, the UN decided to accuse Israel of war crimes against Hamas. Interesting that they didn't decide to do otherwise considering Hamas launched over 8000 rockets and missiles into Israel since 2005.

But none of this surprises those of us who know most of the media leans left and has a long history of bias against Israel. In fact, this was shown to be true with two recent polls.

Pew found that a majority---51%--- of Americans sympathize more with Israel. That's the good news.  But when one starts to peel back the onion, the following is revealed: The poll found 77% of conservative Republicans support Israel.  In contrast, only 39% of liberal Democrats do.
Also, Gallup recently reported that only 36% of Democrats say Israel's actions against Hamas are justified. 

To add further insult to injury, we have a Secretary of State in John F. Kerry who referred to Israel as an "apartheid state." This guy must enjoy being the back-stabbing pompous ass that he is. And the worst kept secret in Washington and Israel is that Mr. Obama has little regard for Israel.

Somewhere in hell, Goebbels is smiling.