Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weiner Tried Hard But No Cigar

Huma Cuts Off Weiner ... NY Post Headline Today


Over the last few years, many of us had a good time playing off Anthony Weiner's shortcoming and kinky behavior.  This was a former congressman that had it all---except for brains and restraint.  Nevertheless, with his often impulsive and inappropriate behavior of sexting to women via  social media, the careless nitwit was still rather well connected to the progressive political class.

Consider this for a moment.  Two years subsequent to the first time he got caught and thoroughly disgraced his  Office and his family, he decided to run for mayor of NYC in 2013.  One would think only a handful of democrats would even consider him as a viable candidate. You would be wrong.  He was leading in the Democrat primary polls at the time. Until---well until---he got caught again.  This time he was sexting under the name "Carlos Danger."

And if that wasn't enough, his wife, Human Abedin (confidant to Hillary Clinton), still stuck it out with this  purveyor of shameless debauchery. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised considering Hillary's relationship to Bubba.

Then comes the headlines this week.  But worse. He was caught sexting another woman. This time he sext her with a crotch shot of himself while his young son was next to him.  This, of course, crosses all kinds of degenerate lines.  Huma finally had enough, She sent out a statement saying she made a decision "to separate from my husband."  The next question to her should be:  WTF took you so long?

This entire perverted episode begs several more questions and concerns.  If Weiner had not been caught again and Hillary won the presidency,  this sick puppy would have been one degree away from the Oval Office.  There is no doubt that Huma will get a high-level position in the event Clinton becomes president. (By the way, to find out what Human was up to in an earlier life, check out my previous post).  In fact, Trump was correct when he said: "I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information."  The Russian hackers would have had a field day with that one.

Kyle Smith of the NY Post, added this:  "Since Bill Clinton's transgressions were far worse than Weiner's, why on earth has Hillary continued to stand by her man?"   And I'm inclined to ask why are so many Americans still supporting this enabler?

Why indeed!!!!