Friday, September 2, 2016

Open Letter To Colin Kaepernick

So Colin Kaepernick can wear socks with police as pigs,  but the Dallas Cowboys can't wear stickers honoring their city's slain officers ....Razor's Tweet

So where to start?  Allow me to cover one issue at a time.

it's now been said on countless occasions you have every right to remain seated during the national anthem.  After all, many have died giving you the freedom to do that even though your gesture is both disturbing and insulting.  But more importantly, your rationale for remaining seated is flawed and wrong.  You maintain your action is to get attention to the oppression of blacks.  While it would be patently absurd to suggest that racism does not exist, it's just as absurd to proclaim we haven't made great strides in human dignity---whether it has to do with the treatment of blacks (and other minorities) or even people with disabilities. The fact is America is better today than it was decades ago.  It's better than it was yesterday. Today we have a black president, a black First-Lady and some of the richest and well-off people in America are black----including you.  Today we live in a nation where every minority is well represented throughout our culture.

The realty today is that most of the oppression in American today comes from blacks oppressing other blacks.  In addition,  the exploitation by the progressive political class, race-baiting thugs like Al Sharpton and the media should be your targets.   Your targets should also be the political class that has left nothing but devastation in black communities in many major urban areas in America.  Your support of the Black Lives Matter movement is also misguided.  Most of that crowd uses vile rhetoric, race-baiting bully tactics and act more like petulant children.  

But as troublesome as all of that is, the most disturbing aspect of your stance was the wearing of socks depicting police as pigs.  Again, while you have every right to wear those socks (although I have to question why the NFL allowed it while you practiced), it's an action that crossed the line.  Are there bad cops?  Absolutely.  Just as there are bad teachers, bad priests, bad politicians and yes----even bad professional athletes.

Yes, oppression does exist. And Black Lives--- as all lives--- do matter. The difference is blacks need to stop killing each other.  That should be your cause.  And that has nothing to do with our national anthem.  One more piece of advice---Grow up!!!


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