Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump's Sometimes Stupid Rhetoric vs. HRC's Perilous + Deadly Actions

"Person seeking POTUS shouldn't suggest violence in any way," woman who campaigns with a guy who said: "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun."  Razor's Tweet

Razor was referring to a statement made by Pres. Obama when he was campaigning.  Yesterday, Trump said Second Amendment people should stop Hillary Clinton, referring to Clinton's obvious desire to weaken the Amendment.

The typical media presstitutes are reporting Trump's comments implied someone should take out Hillary Clinton.  Of course, that's not what he meant. But Trump needs to understand this reality: when a Republican runs for office,  he/she are not only running against democrats but also against the media. In my previous post, I noted how the media has all but abandoned journalistic principles. This is yet another example.

Yet, while Trump makes stupid statements much too often,  we've seen how Hillary Clinton's actions often lead to perilous and deadly consequences.  Moreover, Trump's timing must be questioned.  For example, the father of the scumbag who murdered 49 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was sitting directly behind Clinton at her Orlando rally.  This is also a guy who supported the Taliban and spoke often of his hatred of gays.  The story had legs for about 5 minutes until Trump made his 2nd Amendment statement.  The media throws chum in the water and Trump can't help taking a bite. All too often, his rhetoric diverts attention from Hillary Clinton's more serious flaws.

In fact, today a story broke illustrating how Clinton put up a "For Sale" sign at the State Department when she was Secretary of that Office.  Judicial Watch released documents---including 44 new e-mails---that clearly show top State Department staff doing favors for Clinton Foundation donors. In other words, if any of these donors wanted to get into the inner-circle of the Clintons, all they had to do was fork over some cash---a lot of cash. One of these donors was a Gilbert Chagoury,  a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire who happened to be a close associate of a Nigerian dictator.  He gave a mil to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Trump's departure and deviations from what his mission should be:  To place attention on Hillary Clinton and highlight her corruption will only have one outcome: the election of Hillary Clinton as President of the U.S.  And when he looks in his rearview mirror, all he will notice will be missed opportunities.