Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Skates & The Progressive Political Class Applauds

"In politics, nothing happens by accident."  ...FDR

Hate to break this news. Hillary Clinton will never be held accountable for any of her actions...unethical, illegal, corrupt or otherwise.  In fact,  the Clinton's have avoided consequences throughout their careers. And what's been the reaction by the progressive political class?----applauds, compliments, cheering, celebrating and even exalting Clinton's misdeeds.

They don't care about:

  • Benghazi being blamed on a video.
  • Private Servers
  • Failed foreign policy as we've all seen in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Russia and N. Korea.
  • The vacuum of our troop withdrawal from Iraq and back-filled by ISIS.
  • The failed Iran Deal.
  • Her obsession with identity politics, economic inequality (as she and Bill raked in over $20M in a few short years), redistribution of wealth and her anti-business economic policies.
  • The recent developments regarding the Clinton Foundation (Pay to Play)
  • The failure of her (and Obama's) Muslim outreach.
  • Police Officers (last week she refused the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police).
  • The military
  • The countless self-induced failures in her Middle East Policy.
  • Her total lack of transparency and accountability as evidenced by her private server and lack of press conferences (over 200 days and counting)
  • Her false promises.  She promised her economic policy would create over 10M jobs. As NYS Senator, she promised to bring 200,000 jobs to NYS. They are still waiting.
  • And, if all of the above is not enough, they don't care she's a pathological liar and untrustworthy.
In fact, don't even be surprised if someone in the progressive political class says of Hillary Clinton: "She's a leader that God has blessed us with."  Sound familiar?  That's exactly what Nancy Pelosi said about Mr. Obama.

I hope I'm wrong. But if history is any indication, I doubt it.