Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dems To Blacks: We've Failed You Repeatedly & Thanks For Your Support

Now that rioters have successfully trashed another American city, POTUS would like to say we should wait for the facts before acting ...Josh Earnst Tweet (parody)
Someone once said about Democrats and their conning of blacks(I'm paraphrasing): "They take blacks for granted and after an election, they ignore them."  But it's actually worse than that. As Larry Elder, a prominent black conservative pointed out recently, "the welfare state has succeeded in destroying the black family, something neither slavery or Jim Crow could accomplish."  And when it comes to the rioting we've witnessed over the decades in black neighborhoods, Elder makes the valid point that Democrats have treated blacks as victims and then they act surprised that blacks----taught to be victims---riot.  This victimization mentality is reinforced by Mr. Obama.  Consider every time a black is killed by a police officer, his first instinct is to blame the cop.  As one columnist wrote recently, regarding black-on-black crime, Obama has only addressed it in one speech. Consider this disturbing stat:  In 2015, 2,460 blacks were shot, many died.  That amounts to 7 per day.  Regarding the Milwaukee police officer who shot 23-year old Sylville Smith, Smith had a long criminal record. In addition, his mother told reports he got a gun because he was shot on two occasions.  According to reports, after he was shot, police found he had 23 rounds of ammunition.  His Facebook pages included at least one image of him aiming a gun at the camera. The investigation into this shooting continues.

The fact is the progressive political class has not been too kind to African-Americans.  Employment rates still lag far behind.  Poverty in the black community is rampant---showing clearly that crime causes poverty not the other way around. In fact, according to the CDC, the leading cause of death of young African-American males is homicide.  And yet, most of the urban areas where blacks reside have been run by progressive democrats--- in many cases for decades. For example, the last Republican mayor of Milwaukee held the office in 1906.  Chicago is no better.  Their last Republican mayor was in office in 1927.  The current Mayor of Chicago happens to be Rahm Emanuel,  former Chief of Staff to Pres. Obama.

So when you hear progressives talk about economic inequality among poor blacks, it's not only about economic inequality---it's more about exploitation.

If the Black Lives Matter people had any credibility,  they would be protesting on the steps of many urban city halls where many of today's progressive democrats reside.  After all,  it's largely blacks that have suffered in the wake of failed progressive policies---policies that have resulted in self-delusion and self-destruction.