Monday, August 22, 2016

Damn!!! Progressive Democrats Have It Good

POTUS and Hillary Clinton were both on Martha's Vineyard this weekend. So, it should be fun watching them ridicule rich people this week ... Josh Earnst Tweet (parody account)

The progressive political class sure have it good.  No matter how much devastation and damage they leave in their wake,  many Americans still support them.  In addition, the progressive media class is now the campaign arm of Hillary Clinton. She doesn't even have to show up anywhere knowing the presstitutes in the media will continue hammering away at Trump.

Allow me just to share some recent news with you that most of the media suppressed (Oh, some report on it but it's one story against 50 that are anti-conservative or anti-republican.  You can usually see this clearly on their Twitter feeds):
  • Human Abedin, Hillary Clinton's top aid, was outed this week.  Before she worked for Hillary, she was editor of the Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs.  No big deal many say. I would agree except for the fact the publication blamed the U.S. for the 9/11 Attack.  It also supported strict Sharia Law which ran anti-women views as well as supporting beheadings of  "infedels."  Note that Hillary Clinton prides herself on promoting women's rights yet has Abedin as her closest adviser.
  • President Obama called for racial healing yet he continues to lean on racism and identify politics.
  • Trump extends a hand to African-Americans when he asked them to just give him a shot. Media immediately portrays him as pandering yet neglects to report on the damage the Democrats have done to the black community for decades.
  • Hillary Clinton's foreign policy was horrific as Secretary of State.  Egypt is a mess (the Arab Spring was a myth created by the media and the Obama administration).  Syria is soaked in blood.  Russia and China keep flipping us the bird.
  • Last week, it was reported the Open Society Foundations was hacked. It's a George Soros funded group. The hackers disclosed information that clearly showed the group giving millions to governments to sever ties with Israel. He's also given pro-Clinton super PACs millions ($8 to 13 that we know about).
  • Just two weeks ago, it was found---through a Freedom of Information Act request---that Clinton Foundation staff sought access to top-level State Department officials on behalf of donors.
  • One week ago, Aetna informed the feds it would leave Obamacare.  Aetna joined UnitedHealth and Humana who made similar announcements earlier this year. The NY Post  reported earlier this month that 350,000 New Yorkers in Obamacare will get a 16.6% increase in their premiums next year.
  • Thousands of poor folks in Louisiana are suffering from the floods yet Obama continued to party (he will be visiting tomorrow only after the The Baton Rouge Advocate proclaimed: We need you here, Mr. President).   Hillary Clinton Tweeted out her concern and spoke with the governor by phone.
  • The outrage by our media and the Obama administration regarding Christian genocide world-wide is conspicuous by its absence.  It's being ignored.
  • We've been told the thousands of refugees (small fraction Christians) coming to America will be vetted. Tell that to Angela Merkel,  German chancellor.  The nation is in the midst of widespread crime, cultural dissimilation and fears of more terrorism. (Peggy Noonan).
  • Also, earlier this month, former CIA Chief Mike Morell endorsed Clinton.  He now works for Beacon Global Strategies, a company founded by Hillary Clinton's friends from the State Department.
  • Most of the nation knows Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. She continues to lie to get out of trouble and fool Americans.  Her supporters know who she is but they don't care. She's not a Republican or conservative.
Damn!!!  Progressive Democrats have it good.