Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Progressive Political Class Keeps Flipping Americans The Bird

Breaking News: The White House announced that Pres. Obama has cancelled his October fundraising trip in Dallas due to scheduling conflicts...Walter Cronkite Tweet

It's undeniable now that more Americans feel the political class just keeps flipping us the bird. Or, to put it in polite terms, more people feel we've been treated with disdain.

I believe two recent events prove this assertion. 

With regard to the Ebola outbreak, our government keeps trying to tell us that the highly contagious disease is hard to get. We know that's not true. Ebola is a viral WMD. It's killing 5 people an hour in many areas of Africa. Also, initial reports of the Spanish nurse who contracted the disease indicate she may have removed a glove and touched her face. The circumstances of her contracting Ebola is still developing.  And even though we have the best health care system in the world, Mr. Duncan still didn't survive the ravages of the virus.

And then there's the fantasy bubble in which many progressive celebrities reside. This week Ben Affleck found himself in a controversy he created. As a guest on the Bill Maher show, he complained about the intolerance shown toward Muslims. Perhaps Ben needs to review the latest FBI data on religious based hate crimes. In 2012, hate crimes against Jews was 63%. Muslims were victims of 12.5% of alleged religious based hate crimes. The fact is many progressives like Affleck can't handle the truth about Islamist.

This contempt shown by the progressive political elites manifested itself in the last six years alone with just a few of the following examples:

  • Exploiting alleged class, race, gender and religious warfare. For example, on MSNBC alone, the words "racism" and "slavery" were attached to their Ebola coverage.
  • Their first impulse is to lie. We've seen that play out in the numerous scandals over the last six years from Obamacare to Benghazi to the VA scandal and countless others.
  • Six years of spinning bad economic data. We've seen this as evidenced by the middle class shrinking, more people dropping out of the workforce,  more people in poverty, more Americans receiving food stamps and more of the total workforce becoming a part-time one.
  • Spying on not only many Americans but also on the press.
  • We've seen that the progressive political class has only three weapons in their arsenal: intolerance, identity politics and lies.
  • And as the nation confronts one crisis after another, the leader of the progressive political class spends more time at fundraisers and golf than in the Oval Office. In addition, few officials responsible for these cluster f*cks have been held accountable. Another example of their disdain for us.
We're a nation facing some very serious challenges and threats both domestic and foreign. Unfortunately, leadership in all levels of our government is lacking. And even more disturbing, the progressive political class keeps treating all Americans with outright derision. Michelle Malkin once wrote, "Progressives will sacrifice anything to their ideology---even children." She's half right. She should have added: "even Americans."

Postscript: Since this was posted, Obama flipped Americans the bird again by vetoing the Keystone Pipeline and pushing for the Iran Deal. In addition, Hillary Clinton and her ilk flip Americans the bird every day with her conspicuous hypocrisy, unethical behavior and perhaps even illegal behavior.