Thursday, October 9, 2014

Progressives Want Open Borders Even If It Kills Americans

BHO ordered additional screening measures at airports. Right after the TSA gropes your privates, they'll now take your temperature...David Burge Tweet

  • There's only one reason progressives want open borders. It comes down to soliciting future generations of people voting for the Democrats. But you don't have to believe me. Progressives have been touting this message for years. 
  • For example, SEIU VP Eliso Medina said this at conference in 2009: "We reform immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventual new voters...We will be creating a governing coalition for the long term."
  • This summer Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) said essential the exact same thing. In other words, regardless of the risks involved in having open borders, the illegal immigrant activists have a long term agenda. As stated earlier, it's to get more voters.
  • So what are those risks? We already experienced the first phase of those risks on 1993 and 2001 with the attacks on the World Trade Center. We also know from our own Border Patrol that drug cartels have been sending drug cartel gang members across our borders by the thousands. In fact, U.S. Border Patrol 2013 data from the Southwest Corridor shows they apprehended almost 415,000 people trying to cross that part of our border. That might appear to be an impressive number until you look at what the apprehension numbers were in 2004, 2005 and 2006. In each one of those years, apprehensions were over one million. During Pres. Obama's first year as president, those numbers decreased to 540,000. 
  • FBI reported that alien drug cartels now operate in more than a 1000 U.S. cities in 2009 and 2010. Moreover, their operations have only been increasing. 
  • This past August, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chair of the Joint Chiefs, declared that "open borders and immigration issues" have made Europeans and other foreigners who have joined ISIS "an immediate threat" to the United States and its allies domestically. CBS News 
  • This past June we witnessed thousands of unaccompanied children and young adults from Central American countries to enter the U.S. illegally. As of today, we don't have good data on where exactly these children are located. But we do know this. The cost to school districts is becoming an additional burden to have these children educated. In other words, it's become a massive, unfunded mandate for school districts. Of course, the additional costs will be passed on to taxpayers. Yahoo News
  • And if that's not the only disturbing news. The CDC issued a "health advisory" two weeks ago that these same children could be spreading the EV-D 68 virus that's being found in many schools in the country. At this time, they are only in the investigation stage in making any determinations. (Illegal immigrant advocates point out that rates of vaccinations for children coming from Central America are relatively high. UNICEF. In short, it's still too early to make the jump from these children to the spread of D 68. Nevertheless, it does require close vigilance).
  • Two days ago, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, SOUTHCOM commander, said of the people captured crossing our southern border, a large percentage are from W. Africa. As a result, he said they are keeping a close eye on the EBOLA crisis. 
  • So could EBOLA cross our borders? The CDC said it's unlikely. But then there was Thomas Duncan who died from EBOLA in an American hospital this week.