Monday, October 13, 2014

The Progressive Political Class Keeps Embracing & Adopting Policies & Practices That Always Fail

Just three weeks ago, we had an effective weapon against Ebola here. It's called the Atlantic Ocean...My Tweet this week

  • "The world is at hell's doorstep."  That's from Michael Goodwin who wrote about the Obama administration's proposal to close Gitmo and bring more terrorists to our own shores. 
  • In the last six years, we've watched the progressive political class draw red lines through American healthcare, American influence, American strength, American prestige, the American economy and now through American security. Infused in the middle of all of these failed policies and practices, we've been witness to intolerance, lies, identity politics, hypocrisy, arrogance and remarkable blunders. 
  • In all of this, there are only a few conclusions any rational observer can arrive at. For one, it's apparent the progressive political class could care less how these failed policies affect most Americans. As I wrote just last week, they keep flipping us the bird. It should also be obvious to most Americans that progressives are generally bad at everything and good at nothing. They keep leaving corpses in their wakes with their foolish practices. On the local level, no where is this more in evidence than in the failures of most progressive city municipalities. On the national and international level, Pres. Obama said it himself at a DNC fundraiser: "There's a sense...the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it." That statement came from the President of the United States. With the exception of Jimmy Carter, I would never have envisioned any president making that disturbing statement. For example, I don't recall FDR saying anything remotely similar during World War II. In fact, I don't recall Lincoln saying anything as discomforting during the Civil War. Obama's statement actually appears to indicate a president who has "checked out"---given up. Peggy Noonan summarized better than could I when she wrote, "There's a sense of an absence where the president should be."
  • So all of this and more should surprise no one when an outstanding student of politics like Michael Goodwin writes, "The world is at hell's doorstep." The fact is the world has been at hell's doorstep on countless occasions. In addition to what I referenced above with Lincoln and FDR, John F. Kennedy faced an even more menacing threat from the Soviet Union with their intentions of placing nukes in Cuba in the 13 days in October of 1962. It's generally believed we were within minutes of a nuclear holocaust.
  • So forgive us Mr. President when we don't pay attention to your crying us a river. The fact is your policies created the very atmosphere we and the rest of the world are now facing. You and the progressive political class should stop whining about the cynicism in the country---cynicism you created. 
  • As we face serious enemies to mankind and Western civilization with both global terrorism and Ebola, it's time to lead. Anything else should be considered executive malfeasance.