Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has More Smoking Guns Than The Gunfight The OK Corral

It's never the Clinton's fault---even when it is clearly the Clinton's fault...Tweet by the best selling author Brad Thor

It's undeniable. Hillary Clinton has an aversion to the truth. How often have we watched her proclaim her innocence as her countless lies are revealed? Too many times. And yes, most politicians are a tad loose with the truth. It reminds me of what Oliver North once said: "I wasn't lying. I was presenting a difference version from the facts."

The difference?  Clinton is a pathological liar. Even the late, great William Safire said of her: "She's a congenital liar."  He said that in 1996!  Pathological, compulsive or congenital?---It's still about deception.

Her campaign has been plagued by one scandal after another. But this week, her deceptive behavior took another disturbing turn.  According to the inspector general for the intelligence community reported this week Clinton's private server contained e-mails with information that is beyond "confidential" or "top secret." (Known as "special access programs" or PAC's).  Last year, Clinton proclaimed there were no classified e-mails on her PRIVATE server.

This revelation clearly shows she placed the nation's security in jeopardy by placing PAC's on her unsecured private server. This alone---regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation into this and the Clinton Foundation---should disqualify her for the presidency and as the nation's Commander In Chief.

But even as I write this today, Clinton has not suffered any consequences with the exception of her polling to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire where he's leading her by a 2-1 margin. Nevertheless, it's becoming even more increasingly clear her legacy is beset by more smoking guns that the gunfight at the OK Corral.

Postscript: Since this was posted,  the State Department's IG reported Hillary Clinton broke records rules.  Also, FBI Director Comey reported her behavior was "reckless" as Secretary of State.  In addition, we now appear to have a pay-to-play scandal developing involving her foundation. And her e-mail scandals keep piling up.  Yet, where are the consequences?

And today's Benghazi Report reinforces this entire post.