Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Disconnect Between The People + Political Class Is Wider Than Kim Kardashian's Ass

ISIS kills dozens in Turkey + Iraq
A thousand refugees had a rape spree
Iran captures 2 US ships
And today the WH talks about blocks of cheese...Razor's Tweet

It's clear the political class---especially the progressive political class---has open contempt for the will of the people  It's for that reason among many why Donald Trump remains so popular. And perhaps nowhere was this more evident than in Mr. Obama's State of the Union address earlier this week. We witnessed a president hail his accomplishments as most Americans were scratching their heads and shouting: WTF is this guy talking about? So where has this contempt been conspicuous? A few examples:

  • After 10 US sailors were arrested by Iran, the president didn't even mention the incident in his address. More disturbing, Iran released images of our sailors under arrest. Yet, the administration actually tried to convince us it was not a hostile event. And added the sailors were well treated. The back-stabbing, pompous ass----John F. Kerry--- thanked Iran for their cooperation in resolving the matter. In other words, he thanked Iran for embarrassing our nation in addition to highlighting the ultimate indignity any military personnel would feel with those images being published. And, as those images were sent around the globe, Obama actually said the state of our union is strong. 
  • Obama announced more executive actions on gun control that resulted in gun sales  going through the roof. In fact, one political cartoon of a gun shop showed an image of Obama on it's wall with the caption: Sales Employee of the Month.
  • S.C. Republican Governor---Nikki Haley---does the official response to Mr. Obama's SOTU address and proceeds to bash Republicans.
  • The political class tells us that we should have no concern about importing thousands of  refugees as Germany learned what happens when a country actually does import and poorly vets those refugees. According to reports, hundreds went on a rape and sexual abuse rampage in Cologne last New Year's Eve. And just last week, two refugees were arrested in Houston and Sacramento on international terrorism charges. One was a refugee. Don't forget, the Boston Marathon bombers were refugees too.
  • What does it say about an administration that continues to empty Gitmo of terrorist scumbags (many of whom who have returned to the battlefield) as Iran takes our sailors hostage?
  • After two mid-term election landslides, the Republican Party continues to flip its base the bird.
  • Democrats are on the road to nominating a fake, phony and corrupt fraud in Hillary Clinton. The irony is she is supported by millions who know she's corrupt but must like being made fools. Moreover, she's supported what they pretend to oppose (perhaps many are seeing the light considering how well Bernie Sanders in doing in the polls lately).
  • Yet, even as Bernie gains more traction, what does it say about a constituency that actually believes a socialist will do a good job considering it's failed everywhere, every time.
  • What does it say about another progressive run city like Chicago that already has over 100 shootings since the beginning of the New Year?
  • What does it say about Philly's new progressive mayor whose first impulse was to lecture Philadelphian's about not blaming Islam for the police officer shot last week. He said this even though the shooter admitted being a self-avowed Islamist and claiming adherence to ISIS?
  • Yet, even though most polls show the nation is going in the wrong direction (only 23-27% say it's going in the right direction), many Americans will still support those directly responsible for this transformational chaos and insanity. Clinton comes first to mind.
  • We have a media that pretends to be  honest and ethical as it continues to report false narratives.  Even more disturbing, it protects corrupt and vile politicians only because they support the warped and often dangerous ideology of the progressive political class. 
It's becoming increasingly clear the disconnect between the people and the political class is wider than Kim Kardashian's ass.