Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Progressives Invite The Snake Into The Tent & Then Are Surprised When They Too Are Bitten

"The sight of Sharpton at that City Hall meeting sickened and frightened me, because Sharpton has done more damage to race relations in this city than anyone in history." Letter writer to the NY Post

  • In the past, I've written several pieces on progressives taking over New York City government. Prior to the mayoral election, I asked this question: Will New Yorkers make the same mistake the nation made in 2008 in electing Pres. Obama?
  • Well, they did.  I also predicted the electing of progressives to municipal government would plunge the city into progressive hell. My prediction wasn't based solely on my knowledge of politics; rather, it was based on history. In almost every major city in America that's been run by progressives, the outcomes have been the same; namely, corruption, incompetence, higher crime rates and more.  In addition, I pointed out the importance of the rest of the nation taking notice. 
  • I don't take any pleasure in reporting my predictions about New York City governance (my childhood home) are coming to pass. For example, the NY Post reported that shootings have skyrocketed across the city. Two months ago, shootings spiked 43%. Police Commissioner Bratton reported the NYPD is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people resisting arrest.
  • But Mayor de Blasio and the other progressives running the city have only themselves to blame. Last month, they actually invited the race, baiting thug---Al Sharpton---to a roundtable to discuss the NYPD. At that meeting, they gave this fake, phony and fraud a "platform to advance his views on how our police department should be policing." (NY Post editorial). Keep in mind, as reported here and elsewhere over the years, Sharpton still owes New York State and the feds millions in back taxes. In fact, he still has an outstanding balance of over $200,00 with the Federal Election Commission for improperly taking campaign contributions in his 2004 presidential run. That's 10 years ago!
  • But it doesn't end there. For even the progressives now understand what happens when you invite a snake into your tent. Sharpton and his ilk were planning to march across the Verrazano Bridge on August 23. Mayor de Blasio implored on Sharpton to not march across the bridge because it would hurt the "progressive agenda." Considering the progressive agenda has always been a failure, it also shows how delusional de Blasio really is. (Late reports indicate that Sharpton might abandon the Verrazano Bridge march).
  • Decades ago, thugs like Sharpton would be shunned by society. But not today. Even though he remains a societal and social disgrace, you wouldn't know it by the way our society treats him including the President of the United States.  NY City also appears to be a reflection of our current progressive administration in D.C. If the polls are correct (showing most Americans are not pleased with the administration and Congress), perhaps more Americans have learned a valuable lesson: Don't invite a poisonous snake into your tent.