Thursday, June 23, 2016

America: On The Edge Of Losing Our Freedom + Liberty?

Ted Cruz filibuster: Publicity Stunt.
Rand Paul filibuster: Publicity Stunt.
Dems have a gun control sleepover: Heroically Historic...Razor's Tweet


To borrow from Mr. Obama---let's be perfectly clear.  The "protest" or "sit-in" by the Democrats over gun rights yesterday was a staged event with a disturbing underpinning. In short, many progressive democrats are now targeting the Fifth Amendment as well as the Second Amendment. (In case you missed it, last year about 41 democrats introduced a "joint resolution" to repeal the First Amendment. Where were you mainstream media?).

In short, they demanded votes on several anti-Second and Fifth Amendment measures that were voted down by the Senate.  Many of the democrats were shouting that terrorists should not have guns (of course, but their demands were geared toward suspected terrorists.  And are you confident government bureaucrats will decide who is a suspected terrorist? Some of these very same bureaucrats don't even know where the Orlando shooter's wife is right now).   Moreover, these are many of the same people who have refused to even name the enemy---radical Islamists.  In addition, if these same democrats were so concerned about terrorism, where are the "sit-ins" and protests against Islamist terrorism?  No.  Instead these knuckleheads choose to protest against our basic Constitutional rights including the right to Due Process (Fifth Amendment). 

Just as disturbing, perhaps even more, the democrats are now fund raising over this protest. Yes, they are fundraising on the heels of 49 people murdered by an Islamist scumbag in the Orlando massacre.

So let me make something very clear. We are now one vote away on the Supreme Court from protecting our freedoms and liberties.  That's how important this election will be. And that's why Hillary Clinton should never be allowed to step foot in the Oval Office again---ever again.