Friday, June 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton & Warren Have The Warmth & Charm Of A N. Korean Interrogator

According to AP, Hillary Clinton has now made history: getting enough delegates to be the 1st nominee from a major party with an FBI probe...Razor's Tweet

Trump is actually one lucky guy. After Clinton clinched the delegate nomination, the endorsements arrived----as expected.  One of those came from Elizabeth Warren.  He's lucky because both Clinton and Warren have the warmth and charm of a North Korean interrogator.

Last week, Clinton gave a speech in a pants suit reported to have cost $12,000.00. That was confirmed by other news sources.  The speech was on economic inequality.

Warren, on the other hand, is a well known fake, phony and fraud. She earned this distinction when she claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee years ago.  A claim that was debunked (Boston Globe).  Whether she used that claim to gain employment at Harvard is a matter of some debate. But one fact is clear: She's lied about her heritage.  The NY Post reported recently that she made a bundle in flipping homes.  While this is common practice, the paper reported she preyed upon some clients. In one case, Warren convinced an elderly widow to sell her home to her for $30 grand.  Five months later, Warren resold the home for $145,000. And while she has a special knack for attacking Wall Street firms, she just endorsed Clinton whose made millions from speaking fees to Wall Street firms (e.g. Goldman Sachs).

So it should not come as any surprise that one pathological liar endorsed another pathological liar. That's the state of the Democrat Party today.