Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Roadmap For Trump---To Beat Hillary Clinton

"Who will you endorse Mr. President?"
"The one under money laundering & espionage investigation."
"We're gonna need another dead gorilla."...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Donald Trump has a tendency to go it alone.  I doubt whether he'd be interested in how I believe he can beat Hillary Clinton.  Nevertheless, if by some strange coincidence he reads this, perhaps he'll take some of it under consideration..

So here I go. Some bold recommendations for "The Donald."

  • Bring on your A game now.  The real campaign began this week.
  • Focus on the fact that Clinton's email and server issues have severe implications for our national security.
  • It's still all about jobs and the economy.  Since Clinton said she is willing to continue Obama's policies, does she mean?---Median income up less than 1% under Obama.  The labor participation rate decreased from 65.7% to 62.6% since 2009. The GDP has never exceeded 3% under Obama's watch---the first president in American history to have such a failed GDP legacy. The real unemployment rate is closer to 23% (includes underemployed adults and discouraged unemployed adults).  The cost of health care has risen over 150% faster than inflation despite Obamacare.  Poverty and food stamp use has risen sharply during Obama's tenure.  And student loan debt has risen almost 70% to $1.2T in the last 8 years.  The federal debt has surpassed $19T. (Sources: DOL, NY Post, Forbes, Townhall, Breitbart, The Federalist and countless other sources).
  • Keep attacking Clinton's lack of trustworthiness, deceit and pathological lying (all substantiated by most polls of the majority of American people).
  • Contrary to what Mr. Obama said today about Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, most observers know it was a total failure from Libya (including the Benghazi fiasco) to Syria to Iran to Iraq to Russia and even to China and N. Korea.
  • Regulatory reform.
  • The makeup of the Supreme Court---for the next 3 decades---is on the 2016 ballot.
  • Always stand up for The Constitution...ALWAYS.
The fact is Trump will never have the media on his side.  The presstitutes will continue to cloak Clinton in bubble wrap as they've done for the last three decades. It's imperative he attacks Clinton on her failed policies as well as presenting specifics about his own intentions.

In 2012, Romney had a chance to beat a failed president. Everything from domestic to foreign policy was "low hanging fruit" yet Romney lost. As I wrote in an earlier post, only Trump can defeat Trump.  Again, now is the time to bring on an A game.  Because, if we learned anything about the Clintons, they won't hesitate to throw punches----most below the belt.

Note: National Security took center stage again with the attack in Orlando. And we now know more about her role in Benghazi---she has blood on her hand.

POSTSCRIPT:  Since this was posted, FBI Director outlined Hillary Clinton's incompetence and pathological lies.  He didn't recommend an indictment, but he did indict her---showing most reasonable Americans she should never set foot in the Oval Office again.
In addition, DNC leaks via WikiLeaks showed the DNC rigged the Democrat campaign from the beginning to screw Bernie Sanders (although there should be no love lost for this socialist).