Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Rhetoric Trips Over The Second Amendment Again

Hillary Clinton Pleasantly Surprised After Finding Old $20,000.00 Donation Check In Her Coat Pocket...The Onion

On This Week With George Stephanopoulos, one of the issues he questioned Hillary Clinton about was the Second Amendment (By the way, what is this Clinton hack doing  interviewing her? He worked for Bill Clinton and he donated thousands to the Clinton Foundation. But let's put that aside for today).  In the course of the interview, he asked Clinton if she believed the right to bear arms is a constitutional right.  She prefaced her response with this: "If it is a constitutional right...."

Get it folks.  That's her belief in a nutshell.  That does not leave any room for debate as far as she is concerned. Anyone who believes she would protect the Second Amendment---for that matter The Constitution---is deluding themselves.  In the interview with Stephanopoulos,  Clinton evaded the fact that gun possession is a constitutional right.  And should become president, you can be assured she will appoint judges to the Supreme Court who believe as she does. 

Last October, I posted a piece entitled, "The Witch Is A Bitch." It was based on a book entitled "First Family Detail" by Ronald Kessler, a former reporter for the Washington Post.  In that book, he summarized Hillary Clinton's bitchy attitude toward even her Secret Service personnel.  In one case, after an agent said to Clinton, "Good morning ma'am," she was reported to have replied, "Fuck Off!" Any wonder so many former agents despise her?

This week, "Crisis Of Character," came out by Gary J. Byrne,  a former Secret Service Officer who disclosed his firsthand experience with the Clintons.  (It's official publication date is June 28, 2016).  In it, he describes Hillary Clinton's "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. He reports how friendly she could be one moment, then a monster the next. Byrne, who was posted outside of the Oval Office, reports he frequently heard Hillary Clinton scream obscenities at Bill Clinton and other White House personnel.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton should never again step foot in the Oval Office. As I've stated on several occasions, her legacy is more stained than Monica's blue dress.