Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Couric Channels Dan Rather As Trump Exposes Media Presstitutes

Massive media investigation giving $6 mil to vets. Clintons do biggest multi billion charity scam ever, media silence...Tweet by Mark Simone WOR radio host NYC

Not long ago, I called out the media for pretending to be honest, ethical and credible.  That was in response to the report that George Stepanopoulos was caught giving thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  This was d a big deal considering Georgie is now the chief anchor at ABC News and is the former White House Communications Director to then President Bill Clinton.

In case many have already forgotten, Dan Rather was exposed for his bogus reporting of Pres. George W. Bush's military record in 2004. As a result of his 60 Minutes deceptive broadcast into the former president's Air National Guard record, Rather was forced to resign and several staffers were terminated.

And now we have Katie Couric's attempted slam at gun owners.  Couric, now chief anchor at Yahoo Global News and former host of The Today Show among other positions, was caught deceptively airing a documentary entitled "Under The Gun." 

All of these and more by the pressititutes in the media follows closely on the heels of the bogus New York Times report two weeks ago on Trump's alleged mistreatment of women (Note:  Many of the women in the article by the Times contradicted the progressive rag's reporting). If you recall, it wasn't long ago when Rolling Stone ran false report about a rape on the University of Virginia's campus.

And today, after weeks of the media presstitutes slamming Trump for his lack of not giving his much publicized donations to veterans groups, he summarized the more than 30 veterans groups that received a total of almost $6 million he gave to them.  By the way, my intention is not to defend Trump. He can do that himself as he usually does. As I've written in the past, he was not my preference for the Republican nominee.  But, this episode, as well as countless others, proves yet again that the media is all to often dishonest, deceptive and certainly unethical.  Their malfeasance manifests itself on a regular basis. As I've written in the past, much of the profession of "journalism" is not reporting the truth---instead it's about deceiving the public for purely political purpose.