Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Too Many College Students Today: A Generation Of Pretentious Wusses

Parents Dedicate New College Safe Space In Honor Of Daughter Who Felt Weird In Class Once...The Onion

Universities and colleges are creating a generation of pretentious wusses.  This is a generation that is offended by everything.  Last March, we witnessed some Emory students who were offended by Trump 2016 chalkings on campus.  A month later, a group of students at UC San Diego felt compelled to call pro-Trump chalkings on campus as racist.

Perhaps the most ludicrous example of college students and their belief in attacks on their fragile sensibilities occurred at Oberlin (OH) last week.  In short, they are feeling so offended by this current political campaign (largely coming from the right for them), over 1300 of them demanded that no student receive a grade lower than a C.  This is the same school that wanted finals for black students cancelled because of what happened in Ferguson last year. (Kudos to the Oberlin administration in denying that absurd request).

And this idiocy is more widespread than you might think. Not long ago, the University of Wisconsin referred to the phrase "politically correct" as a microaggression. There are some institutions of lower education who feel that displaying an American flag is evidence of a "weapon of nationalism."

The fact is this current generation of students appear to be unable to handle the opinions of others especially if those opinions have opposing views.  The irony is their "tolerance" is hollow and meaningless.  As Kyle Smith wrote recently of these twerpy little nitwits: "You can hardly speak to them without creating 'magic circles' to soothe them.'"