Wednesday, May 25, 2016

State Dept: Hillary Clinton Broke Records Rules: More Drip, Drip Or Just More Yawning

Hillary Clinton Broke State Dept Rules: Color Me Shocked...Mia's Tweet

Last week, Michael Walsh of The NY Post listed all of Hillary Clinton's speeches. He pointed out correctly that Ronald Reagan was savaged by the media and democrats for several speeches after he left office to the tune of $2M.  As of March 2015,  Hillary Clinton received a total of $21.6M for about 100 speeches since April of 2013. She made $225,000 for most of the speeches with one totaling $400 grand.  This does not include the almost $27M Bill Clinton received to date. The audiences for her speeches included, but were not limited to, Wall Street, the entertainment industry, pharmaceuticals, health care and a variety of associations and foundations. And I won't even go into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.  As reported, those Clinton initiatives received "contributions" from dictators and some very bad global players (as reported in a new documentary entitled, "Clinton Cash.").

I bring this to your attention because these are the very same people who raise the issue of "economic inequality" as well as attacking those very same institutions that paid her handsomely.  In fact, if you consider those Americans working for minimum wage, it would take them about 15-20 years to make what Hillary made in just one speech.

And today we have breaking news that Hillary Clinton broke government records rules.  This was a an audit report from the State Department's inspector general.  The audit also reported that Clinton's server (private server which is yet another issues) was "attacked." In addition,  the audit found Clinton never sought approval for her personal account nor did her staff seek guidance form the State Department in setting up her account. She also refused to be interviewed for the audit.

Keep in mind, Clinton said on several occasions she didn't break any rules, laws or regulations regarding her private server and emails.  Then again, her first impulse is to always reach for a lie.

So the question remains. Is this another drip, drip or just another big yawner? ---Considering Hillary Clinton never suffers any consequences.

Postscript:  And now we see conspicuous pay-to-play involving the Clinton Foundation and yet---yawns, yawns and yawns and no consequences.