Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Evil Knows Progressives Enjoy Dancing With The Devil

While Pres. Obama is on a rant about gun control, please don't interrupt him by asking him why he's allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

One is inclined to wonder if progressives enjoy dancing with the devil. We've watched as progressives have a long history of a love affair with revolutionaries such as Che, Castro and Chavez.  They've even been charmed and beguiled by many domestic terrorists.

It is for those reasons and many others, it should not surprise anyone that they also genuflect to radical Islamists.  For example, even after at least eight domestic terror attacks by Islamists, the Obama administration still refuses to even name our enemy.  From San Bernadino to Ft. Hood (remember? That was called "Workplace Violence) to Boston to attacks on our military personnel on our soil, the narrative by this administration and its enablers in the media is always about attacking the Second Amendment, Republicans,  conservative talk radio and even Fox News.  In fact, in all of Obama's speeches after these conspicuous Islamists attacks, he spoke more about gun control than defeating the enemy he refused to identify.

Keep in mind, this is an enemy that has a "kill list" with the names of thousands of Americans (the list also includes their addresses---NY Daily News).  And we now know, the LBGT community is on that list.  These radical Islamist scumbags mean what they say. In just the last 6 months alone, more than 60 Americans have been murdered in America by these homicidal maniacs.  Even with this, progressives continue to press for sanctuary cities and "Gun Free Zones."  As John Lott, Jr., author of "War on Guns," pointed out even "the most ardent gun-control advocate would never put "Gun Free Zone" signs on their homes, let's finally stop putting them elsewhere."

A writer to The NY Post wrote recently: "While we weep,...Radical Islam, like Nazism, Communism and other past mercenaries of evil, is on a demonic path for world domination." And even with all of this evidence, we find progressive who apparently enjoy dancing with the devil.