Monday, June 20, 2016

Like Pravda, Obama Administration Attempted To Scrub The Orlando 911 Tape

POTUS will release parts of the Orlando shooter's 911 call. Not the part about pledging allegiance to ISIS.  That's a narrative killer...Josh Earnst Tweet (parody account)
Hat tip to the Tweet above and to Rich Zeoli, afternoon drive host at The Big Talker  in Philadelphia (WPHT 1210 AM), for inspiring the following today.

When the day started, the news broke that the FBI released the Orlando shooter's 911 call but significant parts were redacted.  The noteworthy portions of the redacted tape included the shooter's pledges to ISIS.

As the pressure mounted today, the DOJ and FBI reissued a statement that stated all references in the 911 call would be included.  They added---to be transparent. This from an administration that is as transparent as a mud puddle on a country road.  I'm still laughing my ass off.

But their initial statements should surprise no one.  They wanted the statements referencing ISIS to be redacted so they could shift the narrative to guns---thereby, making the Orlando terrorist attack a gun control issue. It's that simple. I've been observing this administration long enough to know their intent of selective editing is always to drive their warped ideology. If they have to lie and deceive the American people---that's what they will do. Hillary Clinton is a master at doing just this.

The fact is Pravda, the old Soviet newspaper (now called The Pravda Report)), had more credibility than does this administration and its enablers in the American media.