Monday, January 25, 2016

Republicans: A Party Of Political Cowards

Republicans stalling Obama's agenda by speaking, moving in slow motion...The Onion

Last October, I wrote a piece entitled, "The Republican Party Is No Longer An Opposition Party."  Prior to that, I labeled the Party a "mirage.' I don't believe much has changed since then. In fact, even in the middle of a primary campaign,  establishment Republicans continue to appear spineless and feckless. For these reasons and more is anyone surprised Donald Trump is doing so well?

Just take a moment to review the behavior of the establishment Republicans in the last 16 years:
  • They rarely, if ever, came to the defense of G.W. Bush when he was hammered daily by not only Democrats (their job anyway) but when the media slammed him over and over again.
  • The establishment Republicans continually criticized the Tea Party simply because the Tea Party folks were (are) conservative and Constitutionalists.
  • After winning two landslide mid-term elections, they folded up their promises and just walked away. For example, how many times did we hear the establishment proclaim their primary intention was to get rid of ObamaCare?  Never happened with the exception of Ted Cruz taking it on. And when he did, he was slammed by the establishment.
  • During that period, all we got was watching tears streaming down John Boehner's tan-fried face. He couldn't even stand up to Pelosi and Harry Reid, the most miserable prick in Congress.
The examples of this behavior on the part of the Republican establishment are countless. Just as disturbing, the same people are attacking Trump for not being a conservative. Yet, when genuine conservatives do emerge, the elites in the party immediately draw their swords and try to cut them off at the knees. It's the height of hypocrisy----a warped standard they accuse Democrats of being (rightly so).

The fact is genuine conservatives face only one type of opposition----the progressive political class. How else can one explain the behavior of a so-called "opposition" party like Republicans?

It's becoming increasingly clear to me and millions of Americans,  Republicans are a party of political cowards.