Monday, April 6, 2015

Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud Of The American Press Today

If Goebbels had the media we have today, there wouldn't be a Jew left on the planet...My Tweet

Unfortunately, we've seen this story all too often before. 

Yesterday, Rolling Stone magazine admitted its fraternity gang rape story at the University of Virginia was false. It was a hoax. Just as disturbing, the story was initially praised by many other media outlets even though there were many red flags pointing to the lack of credibility throughout the piece. In short, as the media has done on countless occasions in the past, the media was looking for a story that would fit their warped political ideology. On too many occasions, today's media has failed in its mission to convey the truth. All too often, they steer the truth away from the news as well as committing serious sins of omission.

 Let's take a moment to count the ways:
  • Similar to the Rolling Stone hoax, the Duke lacrosse team was also accused of sexual offenses in 2006. We learned the accuser lied and a rape never occurred. Unfortunately, their coach was forced to resign and their season was cancelled. In addition, 88 faculty members (Group of 88) published and signed a statement against the Duke players before the accuser's assertions were proven false.
  • In 2004, Dan Rather tried to peddle a false story about George W. Bush and his military service record. At least Rather resigned after several other staff members at CBS were terminated.
  • Immediately following the Aurora theater shooting,  ABC's Brian Ross implied a Tea Party member might have been responsible for the killing of 12 people.
  • During the period Occupy Wall Street was invading many of our municipalities, much of the media was sympathetic to the punks in the movement even though there were many incidents of terrorizing people, damaging private and public property, sexual assaults and even acts of potential terrorism (five OWS punks were busted for planning to blow up a bridge in Ohio).
  • I've often referred to MSNBC as a haven for lunatics. Fortunately, their ratings barely register, and it very well may be on the back-side of its life. This is the network that employed Martin Bashir who made disgusting, revolting and gross references to Sarah Palin. This is also the same network that continues to have Al Sharpton on its payroll. Even the Baltimore Sun had to admit MSNBC is not a news channel but rather it's a propaganda network for progressives. How can we neglect to mention Alec Baldwin who made anti-gay slurs? The network was forced to dump the nitwit. And then there was Keith Olberman who accused Fox News of being worse than al-Qaeda and as dangerous as the Klan. Note: Since this was first posted, MSNBC cancelled three shows.
  • More recently, we witnessed many in the main stream media perpetuating the "Hands Up; Don't Shoot" false narrative in Ferguson. We saw similar false reporting immediately following the Zimmerman/Travon Martin case. NBC was found to have edited the Zimmerman's 911 call to make him appear guilty.
  • During the period when Hamas was sending thousands of rockets into Israel, a propaganda war by the progressive press would have left Joseph Goebbels smiling in hell. Since 2005, Hamas sent over 8000 rockets raining on to Israeli territory. You wouldn't have learned that fact by reading only the American press.
These are but a few of the more conspicuous examples of how shameless and unethical journalism is today. Their malfeasance is breathtaking. And yet, it appears they really don't care as long as they try to make the news fit their political agenda. We've seen this same unprincipled behavior all too often with the coverage of the Obama administration as well on the coverage of the Clinton's. Perhaps P.J. O'Rourke summarized it best when he described progressives as "sniveling brats."