Thursday, April 2, 2015

While The Middle East Is Spiraling Into Chaos, Progressives Target Bakeries & Pizza Parlors

"Hey, here's a pizza place in Salem, IN! Let's grab the torches and see if they are hiding any intolerant witches...David Burge Tweet

As I write this today, news just broke about two women arrested in NYC who allegedly were exploring using bombs similar to the bombs used at the Boston Marathon two years ago. Al Qaeda is also reported to have released about 300 prisoners from a jail in Yemen. Earlier today, Islamist attacked a university in Kenya and murdered at least 70 and wounded 79 Christians (before people were shot, they were asked if they were Muslim or Christian. Those who said they were Christian were shot). According to report, several hundred hostages remain.

At the same time, negotiations continue with Iran as the AP reports a preliminary deal has been reached. Obama's red line to Iran expired two days ago. Considering Iran has always cheated in all negotiations, no one should be surprised at how mindless and foolish it is to consider there will be a rational outcome. In addition, the details of any deal will not be finalized for several months. We do know this. While ISIS is a genocidal organization, Iran is the leading genocidal nation on earth. And a deal that does not stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb is not a deal. It's a suicidal pact. Also, it's influence has already spread to Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It also remains a threat to Israel considering they've promised to wipe it off the map. For those to young to remember, it was Iran that held American hostages for 444 days from Nov. 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981. They were released after Ronald Reagan took office as president.

While all of this and more is going on, the progressive political class and its media keep obsessing about bakeries and pizza parlors. It's as if we're revisiting 1789 Salem, MA again. The absurdity is both disturbing and alarming. We're watching as the media elevates fake and phony news stories over the real dangers posed by Islamic fanatics who just might have nuclear weapons within a few years if not earlier.

If there is one lesson history has always taught us, it's this: Ignore it at your own peril.

Postscript: Up-date on Iran Deal (there really is no deal yet)

Since this was posted yesterday, the administration is hailing the following:

  • Iran will continue its nuclear program.
  • Sanctions will be lifted when the UN Security Council approves the "deal."
  • The heavy water plant will be allowed to be finished.
  • Iran will be allowed to maintain its current uranium enrichment level for 10 years.
  • It can maintain 6000 centrifuges (far more than the Obama administration demanded in earlier years.
  • Grant inspectors of the Atomic Energy Commission greater access.
  • The "deal" has no legal value. Rather, it's a statement of "intent."