Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Indiana RFRA Reflects "A Perfect Storm Of Hysteria & Legal Ignorance" As Well As Manufactured Lies

Democrats and media want sanctions lifted on gay-murdering Iran, placed on gay-tolerant Indiana...John Nolte

Like most conservatives, I want full civil rights for every American---including gay Americans. But I'm getting my fill of progressive militant bullies. But the intent of this piece today is not to defend Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). No, that would be much to easy. In addition, until the progressive militant gays express outrage for the thousands of gays who have been murdered by Islamist (most recently, ISIS and other savages have been playing a game I refer to as: "Let's throw gays off roof tops"), I'm not lending them an ear. I'd be wasting my time.  They don't listen to reason and deny facts and the truth anyway.

My intent is to point out their conspicuous bigotry and intolerance. The reaction we're witnessing to the Indiana Law, a version that was signed by Pres. Clinton in 1993 and now modeled by almost two dozen other states, should surprise no one. After all, these are many of the same people who:

  • Perpetuated the "Hands Up; Don't Shoot" lies of Ferguson.
  • Blindly follow the lead of race-baiting thugs like Al Sharpton and his ilk.
  • Attacked Chick fil A for its support of traditional marriage---their First Amendment right to do so.
  • Would---as John Nolte above pointed out---rather negotiate with gay-murdering Iran than with gay-friendly Indiana.
  • Would prefer government coercion over the beliefs of Christians but remain silent when it comes to Islamist slaughtering thousands of Christians around the globe.
  • Remained silent when A+E censored Duck Dynasty's family prayers and even attacked the family's religious beliefs. At the time, even Camille Paglia, a leading gay feminist, said the reaction was: "utterly fascist and utterly Stalinist."
  • Proclaimed the noble outcomes of Selma as it related to expanding civil rights and made great strides in human dignity,  yet supported the boycott of Israel's PM speaking to Congress.
  • Had no problem when Pres. Obama was against guy marriage before he was for it. He supported it only for political gain.
  • Forced the CEO of Mozilla to reign because he donated a grand in support of CA's Prop 8 six years earlier. Donating to a political cause is a basic First Amendment right.
These are all a small sampling of the bullying bigotry and intolerance on the left. Their attacks on free speech, people of faith and The Constitution will surely continue. And they will continue to profit from their own divisiveness. As Rich Lowry (editor of National Review) pointed out so well today: " The anti-Indiana backlash is a perfect storm of hysteria and legal ignorance, supercharged by the particularly censorious self-righteousness of the left...Yes, there is intolerance afoot in the debate over Indiana, but it's not on the part of Indianans.