Monday, March 30, 2015

Progressive Ideology Is So Pernicious It Even Embraces Failure

That Hillary supporters are perfectly willing to overlook her lies, and crimes speaks volumes about Hillary supporters...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

I've often written about Hillary Clinton---outlining and summarizing her countless failures as well as her lack of any meaningful accomplishments. I've done the same with the many failures of the Obama administration. Yet, I still find it disturbing how many Americans are NOT dissatisfied, distrustful, wary and even suspicious of these failed leaders (referring to leaders in their political party--for "leadership" is apparent by its absence).

I know I'm not alone in this observation but their warped and toxic ideology continues to have millions of adherents. And while belonging to a particular political party is a basic right for all Americans; in my opinion, a line is crossed when an ideology relies solely on lies, deceit, and intolerance. Progressive ideology meets that criteria and more.

For example, George Will made an interesting observation recently when he said: "The party, adrift in identity politics, clings, as shipwrecked sailors do to floating debris, to this odd feminist heroine.." He was obviously referring to Hillary Clinton. He went on to list her many failures including her own health-care deliberations during Bill Clinton's first term in office. If you recall, those meetings were held in complete secrecy. As we learned last week, Politico and other news organizations reported she wiped her hard drive clean deleting thousands of emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. But, as Will and others have pointed out, many in the Democrat Party still support her.

But even more disturbing are the millions of Americans who still support this administration even as its foreign policy is in complete disarray. For example, if your trying to make sense of its Middle East and anti-terror policies, get the duct tape ready because your head will explode. 

Not only is there a holocaust occurring against millions of Christians throughout the world (while most of Western society remains as bystanders), but we are allied with Iran against Sunni thugs in Iraq and Syria. And this upside-down foreign policy becomes even more bizarre when you know that we've aligned with other Middle Eastern nations against pro-Iranian forces in Yemen. That duct tape comes in handy now doesn't it?

This foreign policy insanity even left Chris Wallace of Fox News asking: "Please explain to me---whose side are we on?" Today, many Americans are asking themselves the same question. And this perplexing foreign policy had the editors of the NY Post writing: "Always a tinderbox, the Middle East is rapidly descending into uncontrollable chaos---with Washington increasingly alienating its time-tested allies, Israel and Egypt, and sending all sides scrambling."

If the intent of the Obama administration is to support more chaos in that region, it's succeeding. Unfortunately, too many innocents are paying an ultimate price with their lives. Sen. McCain even said an Arab leader told him recently: "We believe it is more dangerous to be a friend of America's than an enemy."

So can you blame me and millions of  Americans who keep scratching our heads and wondering how failure after failure continues to be embraced by millions of other Americans? Go figure.

PS> And don't even get me started on the public school system.

Postscript:   Comey's FBI report, as well as the new revelations about the Clinton Foundation, reinforce the main claim of this post.