Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Obama Administration + Congress Tripping Over Their Own Arrogance; ObamaCare Taxes Double Initial Estimates; $10 Grand Of Taxpayer Money On Talking Urinal Cakes; ObamaCare Even Hits Pet Expenses

The Obama's Dog Still Travels In His Own Motorcade. After Hearing This Vice President Joe Biden Said, "Wait, Why Am I Still Taking The Train?"...Conan

  • More Americans are now coming to the realization the policies of this administration and Congress are largely failures. It's just a shame it took them so long to catch on to the incompetence on so many levels. The signs were everywhere several years ago. It now appears---with the sequestration battle---the administration and the Democrats in Congress overplayed their hand. They tripped over their own arrogance.
  • Even the presstitutes at the Washington Post had to admit this themselves when they wrote today, "The afterglow of President Obama's reelection appears to have vanished..." (Well, presstitutes, welcome to the dance).  They go on to point out the polls showing the president's numbers tanking as have Congressional poll numbers. In addition, it's not helping the Democrats when they want an additional $100B in additional spending and $1T in more taxes.
  • No where is this arrogance more evident than in the most recent reports on government waste. Yesterday, it was reported over $1.5 million was spent on researching why lesbians are fat (They are fat because they eat too much. Can I have that $1.5 million now?). Yesterday, Rep. Senator Coburn reported more waste. For example, we spent $1.4 million of taxpayer money every month to keep 2000 dead people on food stamps.  The National Science Foundation spent $350 grand to help golfers.  And get the duct tape out. Washington spent $10 grand on---swear this is true---TALKING urinal cakes. These are just a few examples of the billions wasted not including the fraud associated with Medicaid and Medicare.

  • On many occasions I've written and warned about government estimates. Anytime they make an estimate, double it at a minimum. Today, The Economic Policy Journal reported that ObamaCare tax increases are DOUBLE the original estimates. The original estimate was $569B. It's now been revised to approximately $1.1 trillion. Mark my words: that number will rise yet again.
  • And the misery associated with ObamaCare does not end there. Families USA is reporting the paperwork in just applying for ObamaCare is a major burden. The draft of the application form now runs 15 pages. But hey, that's just the money part. They report actually picking a health plan will take even more time.

  • But ObamaCare will not only impose misery on us, but also on our pets. Vetinarians are telling their customers their costs will be going up because of the ObamaCare taxes imposed on medical devices and supplies. CBS