Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obama's Sequestration Spreads Misery To Troops + Middle Class Americans; Why Are Lesbians Fat?; Fed Employees Owe Billions In Back Taxes; School Hysteria Re: Gun Control; Poll: Most Trust Republicans Over Obama In The Deficit Battle

Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out Of Jail For The Third Time This Year...The Onion

  • As many states consider tuition reduction rates for illegal immigrants (e.g. Colorado for one), Pres. Obama's sequestration (budget cuts) spreads misery to our troops and middle class Americans. Just today, the Air Force announced the suspension of tuition assistance for Airmen. This follows the same for the Army and Marine Corps. Just last week, Obama and company decided to close the White House to Americans. Most Americans who visit the White House are middle-class Americans on vacation and tours. In using his scare tactics for several weeks prior to sequestration, instead of targeting real waste, fraud and corruption, the White House proclaimed teachers, law enforcement and First-Responders would lose their jobs. Again, his target was the middle class. We've seen the middle  class shrink significantly under this administration in the last four years. Pew/Reuters

  • And if you want one glaring example of government waste, you just need to look at the most recent $1.5 million study conducted by the National Institutes of Health. They are doing research on why lesbians are fat while gay men are not. There's a good joke here somewhere but I'll hold my tonuge (no pun intended). Front Page
  • As the middle class continues to shrink, many federal employees appear to be doing well. Personally, I don't have a major problem with that. But I do have a problem with this considering the president's proclamations about everyone paying their fair share. The IRS reported that 40 aides to the president owe almost $335,000 in back taxes. Among all federal employees, it's worse. The IRS reported federal employees owe a staggering $3.5 billion in back taxes.

  • No where is the idiocy more evident when it comes to gun control then with what we are witnessing in our schools. In just the last several months, a five-year old was suspended for simulating the sound of gunfire. Another five-year old was threatened with suspension for shooting her classmates with a gun that fires soapy bubbles. In a Philadelphia school recently, a fifth-grader was reprimanded for bringing into school a paper gun. And just last week, an elementary school student was suspended for two days for making his strawberry pastry into the shape of a gun (he started out by making a shape of a mountain). Folks, the students don't need therapy; their teachers and administrators do.
  • McClatchy-Marist Poll is reporting that most Americans believe Republicans have a better approach to deficit reduction than does Obama--44-42%. On the other hand, the same poll found Americans still blame Republicans over Obama for the gridlock in D.C.---45-37%. The same poll---as others this week---found the president's approval numbers are tanking. With this poll, Obama is now sitting on a 45% approval rating.