Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When Being The First Gay President is Not Enough; Gay Marriage Issue Not Helping Obama In Most Recent Polls; Romney Takes Lead Among Women; 23.4% of Families Now Report No Savings; Obama's Attack Ad on Romney Bogus; Why Can't Liberal Democrats Run Cities Well?

"Obama Criticized  For Living in Lavish Mansion While Most Americans Struggle To Make Ends Meet: 132 Room Estate Includes Personal Chef, 24 Hour Security Detail."---The Onion's economic news

    • This weekend I wrote about Pres. Obama's coronation as "The First Gay President" by Newsweek. That moniker appears to just be the icing on the cake. Yesterday it was reported that Obama had also been anointed "The First Jewish President" by New York Magazine in 2011. And in 2009, AFP asked if Pres. Obama was "The First Asian-American President." And if that's not enough for you, in March of 2009, Geraldo Rivera declared Pres. Obama as "The First Hispanic President the same way Bill Clinton was the first black {one}." I'm left with several conclusions about all of this absurdity. One is the media appears to be blind. I mean in the physical sense. If they think Bill Clinton was black and Obama is Asian, they need to see an optomistrist like right now. But, I think their problem is much more serious. I'll summarize in one word: INSANE (A common definition of insanity: Lacking reasonable thought).
    • As of today, it appears the President's support of same-sex marriage is not translating to better poll numbers. In fact, the most recent CBS/NY Times Poll has Romney edging out Obama 46 to 43%---basically a dead heat when one factors in the margin of error. However, the NY Times polls are generally weighted heavier toward Democrats. So Romney's lead might be a tad larger
    • The same poll shows that Obama's support among women is dropping while Romney's has edged up.(The Obama campaign said this poll is biased---only when it does not favor them).

    • And the economic news is not much better. According to a new University of Michigan report in USA TODAY, more families have had their savings completely wiped out. In 2009, 18.5% reported no savings. In 2001, that shot up to 23.4%. In fact, 60% of workers reported the value of their savings and investments is less than $25 grand. 14.6% of American households reported they have more than $50,000 in savings accounts and other liquid assets.
    • At least most Americans appear to understand the economy is not good. USA TODAY/Gallup Poll reported 71% rated economic conditions as poor, but 2 in 3 believe the economy will improve (yo, it usually does by now and would have if this administration did not implement such hideous economic policies). In addition, in this same poll, Romney's favorability ratings have improved and are in the same neighborhood as Obama's now.

    • Last week, a major newspaper got the story wrong about Romney's alleged bullying of a fellow student in 1965---that's right---1965. I contend that event never happened. But put that one aside, because it now looks like the ad that attacked Romney for being a corporate bad-guy when he was at Bain Capital is wrong. In fact, it's so inaccurate, it's embarrassing. The ad features workers blaming Romney for a loss of 750 jobs due to bankruptcy. There's one itsy-bitsy problem: Romney left the firm two years before it went broke.  In fact, a Johnathan Levine was in charge of the firm when it took a dive.  In other words,  Levine laid off employees, not Romeny. And you know what Levine does now? He's a big time fundraiser for....................Obama. You can't make this stuff up. In fact, a former Obama auto-bailout advisor, Steven Rattner, called the ad "unfair." NY Post and ABC News
    • By the way, have most people forgotten how Herman Cain was knocked out of the campaign? It was reported that several women charged him with sexual harassment. The media jumped all over Cain with very little evidence that anything had even happened.  Whatever happened to those women and those charges?

    • Why is it that almost everything the Left touches turns to sh!t?  Now, Gov. Jerry Brown---a long time Lefty---is reporting that California is projecting an almost $16 billion deficit. All one has to do is look around at all of the other major cities under Democrat control and one sees total disasters. Even looking at what is occurring in Europe today is the direct result of decades of Socialist policies gone berserk.