Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knee-Pad Media Circles Wagons As Obama's Bad Poll Numbers Continue; Is Obama Really That Arrogant; Greeks Running Scared; Catholic University Drops Student Health Care; Say It Ain't So Joe: No More Twinkies and Ho Hos!

President Obama and Joe Biden spent more than four hours playing golf together. Joe Biden's handicap is 20 while Obama's Joe Biden...Fallon

  • In case you didn't notice, there are two significant trends developing. In the first case, polling numbers for Obama continue to tank as Romney's rise. As reported yesterday, Romney's poll numbers among women voters have jumped in recent weeks overtaking Pres. Obama. And this morning, Rasmussen is reporting that Romney leads Obama in N. Carolina 51-43%. There appears to be a shift taking place. Of course, it's only May and anything can happen between now and the election, but the shift is conspicuous.

  • But I also have a theory as to why Romney keeps rising in the polls---his campaign has balls and fights back unlike McCain did in 2008. For example, when the story broke that Romney put his dog on the roof of his car and the knee-pad media ran with the story; his campaign found out Obama's own bio included a piece on the president's taste for dog meat. Romney's campaign flooded social media sites with that revelation.
  • The second trend is the knee-pad media becoming more aggressive in protecting the president. As Michael Goodwin reported in the NY Post and on Fox News today, examples abound. For example, Michelle Goldberg, an MSNBC/Newsweek/Daily Beast contributor, compared Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin.  Newsweek's cover referred to Obama as the first gay president shows him with a halo over his head---a messiah moniker, and, as I wrote yesterday, very creepy. And pundits on many of the knee-pad media sites referred to Pres. Obama's support of gay marriage as "courageous" and "brave." As Goodwin also points out: "What else can the media possibly praise him for?...Certainly not his record. So for now, it's gay marriage---or bust." (And, as I've been saying for many weeks now, it's diversions, diversions, diversions and many, many distractions).
  • And if that's not enough bad news for the Obama campaign, the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows that Americans are still evenly divided on the same-sex marriage issue with 47% saying they approve and 46% saying they do not. And remember, every state---about 30---when they asked voters to vote on it---it's failed.
  • In addition, USA TODAY reported on where the Millenials---those 18-24---stand on politics. 33% say they are Democrats. 23% say they are Republicans. But 45% now say they are Independents.

  • Perhaps the criticism of Obama as arrogant has some merit. The White House web site includes biographies of all U.S. presidents. But the Obama administration has gone a step further in many of those bios. They've inserted Obama's alleged accomplishments into the bios of many of our presidents. They've included Obama in the bios of Calvin Coolidge who made the first public address to the nation on radio. In the same paragraph, they remind Americans Obama was the first president to hold virtual town meetings using social media. In Franklin Roosevelt's bio about the Social Security Act of 1934, they remind Americans Obama continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there. Similar insertions were done with Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ and even George W. Bush. Once again---friggin creepy.
  • How scared are the Greeks in terms of dealing with their tanking economy? NBC is reporting Greeks withdrew $894 million from their bank accounts in ONE DAY. For those of you living in California, Greece is your future.
  • More bad news surrounding ObamaCare. Catholic University in Ohio dropped its student healthcare because of the ObamaCare mandate that student plans include FDA approved birth control. Can anyone say---I told you so?

  • While there is some good economic news in gains in manufacturing and some small gains in retail and inventories, there is some sad news to report. We may never see Twinkies, Hos Hos and Ding Dongs again. Hostess is inching closer to going out of business. I have a friend whose wife has had a life-time love affair with Ho Hos and Ding Dongs. I'm sure this will come as bad news to her.