Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama's Phony Class Warfare Strategy: The Height of Hypocrisy; Bogus "War on Women" Attacked by 14 Congresswomen; Bain Capital is the New Halliburton; Time To Ditch "Minority" Label?; California's Dumb Policies; Another Kennedy Family Tragedy; Rev. Wright Rats Out Obama: Jennifer Lopez Now Most Powerful in Hollywood

President Obama raised $1 million at a fundraiser hosted by Ricky Martin. Obama thanked Martin for his contribution to campaign, while Joe Biden thanked him for his contribution to Menudo...Fallon

  •  The Obama campaign continued its Class Warfare attack on Romney with Slo Joe Biden leading the way this week (using Slo Joe indicates how desperate they are). They keep bashing Romney for his association with Bain Capital. But few Americans have ever heard of Bain. The real target are the rich---rich, white conservatives like Romney. Yet, they've used this strategy during the same period that Pres. Obama courted rich, white liberals, most recently in Hollywood last week raising over $15 million in one night. The lesson here is very clear. For liberals and progressives being a rich, white liberal is OK. But if you're a rich, white conservative---you're a bad, very bad person.

  • As reported yesterday, Romney was two years removed from Bain when they closed a factory resulting in about 800 layoffs. The Obama campaign wants to continue to use the bogus story to hammer Romney about those lost jobs.  This from an administration that still has an unemployment rate of over 8% with an average of over 350,000 new unemployment claims each week.
  • And know this, the Obama campaign is using Bain the same way they used Halliburton against Dick Cheney even though Cheney had not been associated with Halliburton for years prior to being Vice President.
  • And the bogus Republican "War on Women" was blasted by 14 Congresswomen. Rep. Cathy Rodgers, a Republican, said, "The Democrats are creating a controversy that doesn't exist." She added, "What the Democrats recognize...It was Republicans who won the women's  vote in 2010." Politico
  • Is it time to ditch the "minority" label? The Census Bureau reported today that more than half of all babies born last year were members of minority groups, the first time in American history. 50.4% of all births included blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

  • As Gov. Jerry Brown is faced with a major budget deficit of $16 billion, he's considering raising taxes again. But, like all progressives, he fails to understand a basic fact: When you raise taxes on millionaires, they leave. They leave because they can afford to leave. In 2008, California reported 43,000 Californians with incomes over $1 million. In 2009, 34,000 were left in the state.  In short, revenue actually DROPS when you raise taxes. Moreover, most of the income raised by taxes in California will go toward the underfunded teacher pension system. It's now $60 billion in the hole. Stupid is as stupid does. NY Post

  • And it appears Maryland is just as stupid. They just passed a tax hike on incomes over $100,000. Why are they stupid? When Maryland raised taxes on millionaires in 2008, many just left the state. What was the result? Maryland actually experienced a loss in revenue. Instead of raising $106 million, revenue fell by over $250 million. Most millionaires became millionaires because THEY ARE NOT STUPID. Tax Foundation
  • A story not getting as much coverage as it should---I wonder why?---is the leak over the double agent who helped us stop another terrorist attack on American aircraft.  In fact, people are now asking questions like who was responsible for the leak. And it's now clear the CIA had little to do with this operation. It appears the operation was handled by the British MI5 (their FBI) and MI6 (their intelligence agency). This story is still developing.
  • It seems like a few years don't go by when we have another Kennedy family tragedy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary, appears to have committed suicide. Early reports are that she had some personal problems (who doesn't in that family?). In addition, it's alleged Robert had a history of cheating on her (who doesn't in that family?). One thing is clear: the men in that family have a history of treating women poorly.

  • Did the Obama campaign bribe Rev. Jeremiah Wright to keep his mouth shut during the 2008 campaign? According to a new book and an interview, it appears they did. Wright also asserts that "Church is not their {Obama's} thing. It was never their thing...But the Church was an integral part of his politics...because he needed that base." Daily Caller
  • Admit it: Don't you want to see John Edwards go down---hard?
  • Entertainment Culture Watch: I usually don't report on what goes on in entertainment considering the industry is full of so many knuckleheads. But for those who do follow their nonsense, the "Star Power" ratings are out by Forbes. Jennifer Lopez is now considered the most powerful celebrity followed by Oprah, that little prick Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and several others I really don't give a sh!t about.