Friday, May 18, 2012

Rev. Wright: It's 3 Card Monte; We're All Facebook Lab Rats; Fat Tax For You!; Donna Summer's Last Dance

President Obama released his financial disclosure statement today. It turns out he's now worth over $10 million. So at least somebody is doing well in this economy...Leno (I would add: where is Occupy Wall Street? Shouldn't they be protesting Obama's riches? Oh, excuse me. I should have known. Obama is a liberal democrat. He gets a pass.)

  • Regular readers of this blog know I've been writing about the Obama campaign's relentless use of distractions and diversions. There have been too many to even list here (You can refer to my previous posts). But another big one popped up again yesterday: the despicable Jeremiah Wright. Even Romney told his supporters yesterday to stay away from the Wright story. I agree. The media will take that issue up anyway (ironically and perhaps strategically, Romney's distancing himself from the issue actually put a light on it again). I contend the Republicans and McCain blew it in 2008 when this story really had legs. They decided not to go after Obama on the Wright issue (Now we've found out the Obama campaign bribed Wright to keep his mouth shut for 7 months prior to the 2008 election).
  • To give you two classic examples of how the Wright issue diverted the attention of many. Yesterday, Romney proclaimed that on day one he will approve the Keystone Pipeline. That move alone will create thousands of jobs almost immediately. The other example was a vote in the Senate yesterday. Once again, Pres. Obama's budget was not approved. In fact, he didn't get one vote including from his own party. When you take the House's rejection of his budget and now the Senate, he lost 513-0.

  • The Obama's strategy can be summed up in three words: Three Card Monte. They try to trick the "mark"---the voters---into betting on the money card. While the voters are focused on what they think is the money card, they keep the voters eyes off what is really important. In the case of this administration---it's their failed policies. I contend make this battle about policies not about distractions.
  • And mark my words: The Mormon diversion is coming soon. It's ugly head had already been seen peeking out of a rat hole. The good news about Mormon bashing is that the Jeremiah Wright issue can counter it effectively.

  • Regular readers also know I've purposely distanced myself from the birther issue to the consternation of many of my readers and dear friends. Once again, my preference is to focus on Obama's failed policies. Having said that, an interesting story was reported by Brietbart yesterday. Brietbart's investigative journalism has been very good. They reported Obama's literary agent in 1991 listed Obama as being born in Kenya. If true, it would add an interesting twist to a background of a president we know little about. I have a hunch, because of Obama's ego, he might have told the literary agent he was born in Kenya to add some hubris to his already inflated ego. Who really know? However, Breitbart also asked another important question: Why didn't the main stream media pick up on this in 2007 and 2008? Of course, many of us know the answer: they circled the wagons to protect their candidate in 2008 just as they are doing now (see my post of yesterday). Kenya might be a distraction and diversion: DON'T FALL FOR IT---at least not yet.

  • The other diversions being used are actually more important---the race and class wars. Already Slo Joe Biden launched into the class wars this week. However, it's amazing how many "stupids" fall for it considering Obama's net worth is now estimated at $10 million and Biden has been living off the government trough his entire life. In addition, Obama manages to raise millions from his friends in one evening---his super rich friends. Hypocrisy at its highest.

  • Like almost a billion people world-wide, I use Facebook.  It's undeniable it's a revolutionary tool in communication. I wouldn't get the numbers in readership of my blog if it was not for Facebook. And in about 2 minutes the numbers for Zukerberg will be staggering. His employees alone will become multi-millionaires overnight to the tune of about $2.9 million and probably more.
  • Having said all that, I can't help feeling creepy and weirded out when I think of how Facebook uses all of us as their own little lab rats. I always get the feeling Facebook is watching me through a little peephole. They know to whom I write and what I write. And as one columnist noted, we're selling OUR TIME and IDEAS to all those corporations watching us on Facebook. So am I creeped out a little? Yes. But I also know a part of it is capitalism at its best and it's going to make a lot of people rich. But for how long. Because you know there's some little rug-rat punk in his basement or garage right now who will invent something that will make Facebook look like My Space. That time might arrive sooner than you think.

  • If you're a tad chubby, you might be in for a surprise. A trial balloon is being flown for a "fat tax." Indian School of Medicine

  • RIP Donna Summer. I have to give her some props. Had a good time dancing to her music. In fact, so good, I've become a legend (in my own mind).