Monday, May 21, 2012

Double-Standards: Rev. Wright vs. Bain Capital; The Kennedy Men: Pigs in Blankets; G-8 Countries: $29 Trillion in Debt; Myth of Arab Spring Up-Date; Virgins Await Lockerbie Bomber; Facebook

A new J.C. Penney catalogue features a gay couple. This is historic. It's the first time anyone gay has been spotted wearing J.C. Penney clothing. Conan

  • We all know the reality of double-standards---all politicians have them. Most lack any standards at all, so we should be happy they double-down on what few standards they have. However, many politicians have raised having double-standards to an art form.
  • The current debate whether to highlight Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm, versus Rev. Wright's despicable background is one example of many regarding double-standards. For example, the knee-pad media find it perfectly acceptable to raise the issue of Romney's tenure at Bain with largely misinformation and lies. Yet, when some conservatives raised the issue of Jeremiah Wright's hateful speech and Pres. Obama's two-decade association with this divisive man (all well documented and some on video)---well, that's hitting below the belt.

  • And what do you think would be the narrative today if Mitt Romney's religious mentor had said many of the things Rev. Wright said in the last 20 years? You can answer that question, because it's as obvious as that extra 15 pounds you're carrying on your waist.
  • By the way, just for the record, when Romney was associated with Bain Capital, their rate of return on investments was: 113%. Did they experience some losses, you bet. But, on average, they did very well. (The American) And what were some of the companies Bain invested in? Try Staples, Dunkin Donuts, HCA, Dominos Pizza,  Clear Channel and The Weather Channel. Those few companies alone have created a lot of wealth for individuals as well as many jobs. On the other hand, the Obama administration's jobs creation has been dismal by comparison.
  • Perspective: And while our politicians threaten to investigate J. P. Morgan's $2 million loss, our own government borrows more than that in ONE DAY.
  • Perhaps politicians should take the advice we're all heard since we were all children but now paraphrased for this generation: Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted.

  • While I'm on the subject of tweeting others well, I've always been fascinated by the Democrats long love affair with the Kennedy family. As you know by now, Mary Richardson Kennedy, the former wife of Robert Kennedy, Jr., killed herself last week. Who knows why really? But one thing is certain, if you want any example of a war on women, you'll find it with the Kennedy men.  From their old man who actually brought his mistresses (actress Gloria Swanson) to dinner with his wife, Rose, present to Ted, JFK and Robert Kennedy's philandering with women including a one, Marilyn Monroe. Bottom line: many of the Kennedy men were pigs.

  • As Pres. Obama met with the leaders of the G-8 countries at Camp David this weekend, their country's debt was on display. Russia's is now at $126 billion (a pittance compared to ours. We're now approaching $16 trillion). Japan is at $10.5 trillion. France is facing a $2 trillion debt while the Brits are heading toward $2 trillion. So what did Pres. Obama recommend they do?---Spend more money---exactly what got them into their mess in the first place.
  • And how bad is California's deficit woes? In order to cover California's commitments to the unions alone, the Dow would have to be over 25,000 by now. More than 12,000 state and local workers are collecting over $100,000 a year in pensions (For the record, I don't blame them. Their pensions were contracted in good faith. Blame the dumb politicians who approved those contracts. The politicians wanted the backing of unions so badly, they gave unions far more than they could deliver). Kyle Smith, NY Post
  • The Myth of the Arab Spring Update: It appears the Muslim Brotherhood has a good shot at victory in Egypt's elections this week.
  • But there is good news. As many of you probably heard, the guy behind the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am 103 died. He now has a date with his awaiting 72 virgins.(I take a particular interest in that horrific incident considering I flew on Pan Am 103 two months earlier. To say the least, I dodged a bomb).
  • As I write this, Facebook shares have fallen. But did you know that last week, Facebook needed a bank bailout or it would have been a loser on the day?
  • By the way, if you text someone while driving and they get into a car accident---you might be held accountable for the accident. The first case of its kind is now being considered by a judge in New Jersey. A woman texted her boyfriend---knowing he was driving---when he responded to her text, he struck a motorcycle. One of the people on the motorcycle lost a leg due to the accident. NY Post

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) and Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. Veteran of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. Bronze Star Recipient---Hooah!!!