Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Will Obama Dump Biden?; Double-Standard Quicksand: Corey Booker Fell In Head First; Soros Major Player in Private Equity and Major Donor To Democrats; More Evidence of Bad Economy: Less Traffic Gridlock

Experts say more people would have bought the stock {Facebook}, but they were too busy checking their Facebook...Leno

  • Considering Slo Joe Biden continues to be the nation's knucklehead (every word he now utters is pure nonsense), many are asking if Pres. Obama will dump Biden. The odds-on-favorite among some pundits is Hillary. The conventional wisdom is most presidents don't replace their VP. It's a rare event.  But Hillary would almost certainly be a plus for Obama's base. In addition, Slo Joe has become such an embarrassment, Obama might not have a choice. If he is replaced, I know I will miss him. He's better than any comedian on Comedy Central. The only difference between him and comedians is we laugh at him not with him.

  • There's one lesson all politicians and the main-stream media should learn about double-standards and hypocrisy---both can be quicksand. Once you fall into both; it can be hard to get out. Newark Mayor Cory Booker learned that lesson the hard way this weekend. On Meet the Press, he correctly made it very clear that the Obama campaign's attack on Bain Capital and private equity firms was "nauseating." He was right of course. But someone from the Obama campaign took him to the wood shed and Booker backtracked from those initial statements.
  • There was some good news for Booker. He was not alone among Democrats who chastised the administration for their attacks on Bain and private equity companies. Harold Ford, former black Democrat congressman, said Booker should not have backed off. And former gov of Pennsylvania and head-honcho in the Democrat Party, Ed Rendell, also came to Booker's defense. (NY Post and Hot Air)

  • And if you want classic examples of how hypocritical the Obama administration and campaign is regarding this issue {attacking private equity}, why don't they also attack George Soros? He's a major player in that game. In fact, Soros private equity firm is called, "Soros Private Equity Partners." Bet you have not heard that anywhere else but on this blog (because the knee-pad media does not want you to know). Of course, you know why. Soros pours millions into the Democrat Party.
  • Traditionally, many African-Americans have not been supporters of same-sex marriage. So what was Obama to do? Easy. He got the NAACP to endorse gay marriage. Problem solved.

  • One of Obama's promises was he would cut down on the number of lobbyists in Washington DC. The White House visitors log was published yesterday. Lobbyists visited the White House hundreds of times. In fact, 2,600 people a day are given badges to enter the White House, the Executive Buildings and the Joe Biden's residence (a lot of people like clowns). In fact, the data base shows about 2 million visits. For example, a major union lobbyist for the AFL/CIO visited 50 times. Another lobbyists for Comcast visited 30 times. Yet another lobbyists, this time for Warner Cable, visited 31 times (and we wonder why our cable bills are so high). It's so bad it's said you need a lobbyist to get a meeting scheduled in the White House. (Washington Post)
  • USA TODAY had a piece today on the easing of traffic gridlock in many parts of the country.  There are several reasons. But one of the main reasons is the poor economy---less people are driving to work. In fact, those few cities that have seen a jump in employment have also experienced a bump in traffic congestion.
  • My opinion: the three most dangerous countries on earth right now: Pakistan, Yemen and Mexico.
  • A new Washington Post Poll shows both Romney and Obama are virtually tied on who Americans think can fix the economy. Both are tied at 47%. Question: who the f^#k are the 47% who think Obama can fix the economy? Where have they been living for the last 31/2 years? Delusional might explain it.

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