Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama + Elite Political Class Create Alternative Realities With The Aid Of The Complicit Media

Over the weekend, Pres. Obama played golf with Tiger Woods. Tiger said Obama is a very good golfer for a guy who only plays golf five times a week...Leno last year

  • Creating political distractions and diversions is not new for most politicians especially presidents. They all do it. But the Obama administration, the current political class and their complicit media raised the use of distractions + diversions to an art form.
  • In the beginning and for almost 4 years after Obama was elected, Bush was still blamed for most of the problems created by the Obama administration. They used that distraction effectively until the clock ran out. 
  • In the case of the Obama administration, we watched how this was played out in the last election cycle. The Obama campaign threw out all types of cultural war diversions ranging from the war on class to gender to outright lies and deceit. For example,  the most miserable prick in Congress, Harry Reid, charged that Romney had not paid his taxes (Romney later showed that he did). Or the suggestion that Romney abused his dog until we later found out that Obama actually ate a dog at one time. Or the charge of Romney's association with Bain Capital (the company had laid off over 800 employees. There was just one itsy-bitsy problem: Romney had already been two years removed from Bain).  That was followed by attacking those who supported the Second Amendment. All of those distractions and more were aimed at diverting the attention of voters from one of the worst economies in American history including the rising rates of unemployment, poverty and food stamp use.  At the time, even Michael Walsh of the NY Post noted this: "Obama and company actually still play irrelevant culture-war politics than deal with what really matters: getting the economy moving again." By the way, regarding the Democrats accusing Republicans of waging a war on women, allow me to direct you to the image below:

  • More recently, we witnessed the complicit media remain silent for almost 3 years regarding the Obamacare lies until they couldn't avoid the lies any longer. One of the reasons, of course, had to do with journalists themselves, their families and friends experiencing changes in their own health insurance policies as well as changes and cancellations of millions of other Americans. Nevertheless, as more and more Americans were waking up to the lies regarding Obamacare, the presstitutes in the media still couldn't help themselves. For example, when it came to the train of winter storms this year, we heard endless news about the "Polar Vortex." Forget the fact the term has been used for over a hundred years, yet it was news to these nitwits. Then came the ridicule by some in the media---started by MSNBC---of Romney's black grandchild. And don't think the White House is concerned about all the vacations and golf outings of the First Family. Those diversions are gold for this crew. The right side of the political isle eats that stuff up.
  • In the last several weeks---as the Ukraine was slowing disintegrating as a nation---the Democrats tried to divert our attention to climate change. That was John Kerry's bright idea. During the same period, MSNBC obsessed about Bridgegate.
  • As far back as the 2008 campaign, Pew Research reported that 57% of the news stories about John McCain were negative as opposed to 29% for Obama. The good news? More Americans are waking up to the lies, diversions, distractions and outright deceit by both the media and the political elites.
  • The Obama administrations, most Democrats and their enablers in the media know too well how to create alternative realities. If you don't believe that, as yourself: how did this president manage to get re-elected?